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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sam, Tony, and Robert had a problem. The three frat brothers had all developed a crush on the same woman. She was a hot sophomore by the name of Maria. But Maria wanted nothing to do with any of them. One day, Sam brought home a device from his studies at the engineering school that he thought may solve their problem. It was a device that allowed could transform anyone’s body in any way imaginable. Tony and Robert didn’t understand. Sam explained that they could find girls that were willing to sleep with them and use the device to transform their bodies into copies of Maria. He hypothesized that if they were drunk enough, the girls wouldn’t even notice their new bodies. Tony and Robert agreed, and the three put their plan into action at the next frat party. Sure enough, they found three victims. Sam brought them into the basement with the device, but something went wrong. It must have been aimed in the wrong direction, because instead of transforming the girls, it changed Sam, Tony, and Robert! The girls ran upstairs screaming. The guys certainly noticed, but they had been drinking. Instead of being freaked out, they were fascinated and started checking themselves out. Sam suggested an idea as he was checking out his own ass. The three frat brothers would take turns transforming, and the other two would stay as Maria. Each one would get their way with the other two. They were a little skeptical, but drunk enough so that Sam talked them into it. He tried using the device to transform himself back first, but it wouldn’t work. They were stuck! They were all freaking out about it for a while and drank some more beer to calm themselves down. As their drunkenness grew, they became less and less concerned and more and more curious. After an hour, they ended up in a lesbian threesome.

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