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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Magic wand

TG Magic Caption
Usually when Bill called Norm to hang out, it was because he wanted to grab a few beers or something, but this time was different. Norm was surprised to see Bill’s sister, Natalie, sitting quietly in a chair. Norm hadn’t seen Natalie since high school, so he was a little surprised. Before he could strike up a conversation, Bill instructed Norm to sit down. Norm unconsciously complied. Bill then showed off a wand, which he claimed was magic. Norm laughed, but Bill soon proved it by switching Norm and Natalie’s brains. Norm verbally objected, but Bill simply responded by using the want to morph Norm’s clothes into a pink dress, black corset, and very tall heels. Norm objected again, and this time, Bill used the magic want to shrink Norm’s waist to an impossibly small size. Norm decided he’d sit down, shut up, and least for now.

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