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Thursday, December 31, 2015

After Class

No one in school knew why Miss Patel was so mean. Many thought it was because she was the youngest teacher and felt the need to prove herself to her colleagues. All the students wanted her fired, but none ever came up with a plan. None, that is, until Henry. Henry was, quite frankly, a genius. He always aced everything, but Miss Patel threatened to give him his first B. This wasn’t acceptable. He hadn’t tested out his latest odd invention yet, but figured Miss Patel would be the perfect test subject. Right at the end of class, he aimed it at her and shot. Miss Patel would’ve yelled about the distraction in her class, if she was still in control. But Henry’s invention allowed him to possess his teacher as his own body felt limp at his desk. There was a feeling of power he now had, and his original plan had been to ask to see his nerdy friend Kevin after class, he decided instead to ask a popular, unsuspecting student, Luke. As the other kids filtered out, Henry began to put the moves on Luke, thinking the indiscretion would get her fired. He hadn’t counted on Luke being into it, and soon the two started making out. As things got really out of hand and Henry found himself straddling Miss Patel’s desk, he wished he had asked Kevin as planned instead. He just got so carried away. Then as Luke began to caress his body, he realized why Miss Patel acted the way she does, she simply liked the power.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As Rick was working out at the gym, his eyes kept focusing on a woman running on a treadmill. He watched her ass in tight leather shorts and was practically hypnotized by the way it moved. After staring for a good twenty minutes, a bright light engulfed everything and he lost his footing. He soon found himself falling on his ass, but it felt strange. It was like he was more cushioned. He started to lift himself up an the strange feelings continued. There was a weird brushing on his shoulders, which he soon discovered was long hair. There were dangling earrings and large breasts hanging from his chest. And then there was the ass. Then he realized, he was now the woman he had be staring at. They had swapped bodies; everyone in the gym had swapped bodies. In fact, everyone in the world had. It was the Great Shift, and his stare had a consequence. He would probably now be the one stared at by many men who would want to get into these tight leather shorts.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

All This

“I know you’re watching, Maria,” Tony said into the security camera, “When you swapped bodies with me, you thought I wouldn’t have the guts to get your body dressed and head out into the world. You thought you could control me. Well, I’m not afraid to be you, or to be seen in public as you. In fact, I’m actually enjoying my time as you. Once I leave here, you’ll never see me again. I’m taking your body. You wanted my body. Fine. But that means you lose all this!”

Monday, December 28, 2015

Work in Peace

Devin was wondering how he had gotten himself in this situation. He thought he had kept his body swapping secret, but a man knocked on his door one day inquiring about it. The man laughed, explaining he was rich and money could buy anything (even finding out secrets). He made an offer. He wanted Devin to use his machine to swap bodies with his daughter for a day. She was out of control, and he wanted a full report of her activities. Devin didn’t want to do it, but he could really use the cash. He brought the device to the man’s mansion, and aimed it at the daughter. The next thing Devin knew, he had swapped bodies with the twenty-something Asian woman and was about to head out on her date. The woman’s boyfriend was aggressive; he often moved before Devin even had a chance to say no. All he wanted to do was get through the night, report back to the man, and collect his money. Then he could continue working on his inventions in peace.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cycle (Part 3)

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Several hours later, and the woman in the cabbie’s body still hadn’t returned. Nathan was getting tired and bored. He was starting to think that leaving the taxi might just be the best option. Sure, it was possible that someone might steal it, but then if they used it to pick up a passenger, the cycle would end up just starting over again with that person, wouldn’t it? He hoped so, he didn’t want to just sit here anymore.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cycle (Part 2)

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It had been about an hour since the swap, and Nathan was still waiting by the magic taxi. He couldn’t wait to go off on his own somewhere to enjoy his new body. He smiled as he thought about it, but he still couldn’t leave the taxi. He figured it would be very dangerous to just leave it there. The keys were still inside. Maybe he should take it, but then would he feel compelled to pick up more passengers? Could he potentially lose this body? He could wait just a little longer, right? Just a little longer...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cycle (Part 1)

Nathan was trying to figure out what was going on here. This wasn’t how the magic taxi was supposed to work; he had read the journal. He was supposed to say “Have a nice day,” swap bodies with the passenger leaving, and then the passenger (now in the cabbie’s body) is supposed to drive off to continue the cycle. However, instead of driving off, the woman he swapped with got out of the cab and ran away with the cabbie’s body. Nathan had no idea what to do. He couldn’t just leave the magic taxi here for someone to steal. The magic should force her to come back, shouldn’t it? She had to continue the cycle, didn’t she?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Brand New Life

When the spa told Francis that the goopy, brown liquid had rejuvenating properties, he was skeptical. They told him going in would make him feel like a brand new person. Of course, once he was in the small pool, he knew they certainly weren’t lying; however, he now had an entire new set of concerns. He was, in fact, a brand new person. He was not only a few decades younger, he was now a woman...and an Asian. At the same time, he didn’t have an identity anymore, did he? What would he do? The spa tried to address his concerns; they told him they’d take care of everything. He sure hoped so!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cold Feet (Part 2)

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Throughout the entire wedding, Sean stood next to Brianna. From Ashley’s body, he watched her marry Ashley, who was now in his body. He kept asking himself if he made the right choice by switching bodies with Ashley. It wasn’t until he returned to the city that he began to smile, realizing he made a fantastic decision. After all, he was single again. He could hook up with anyone he wanted to; he could go hang out in bars and pick people up. Of course, this time, now that he is a woman, he probably wouldn’t even have to pay for a single drink. He could probably get movies and meals paid for too. And one day, maybe he’d be the bride, walking down the aisle at a wedding of his own...and hopeful he wouldn’t get cold feet next time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cold Feet

It was supposed to the perfect wedding, out in a remote field far from the City. However, with only about an hour left, Sean was getting cold feet. That was when Brianna’s maid of honor, Ashley, came up to him. Ashley made a strange confession and an even stranger offer. She could tell Sean had cold feet; she also told him about her secret crush on Brianna. Of course, it would be impossible to turn her into a lesbian, but she did have a magic spell that could swap two people’s bodies. Ashley offered to swap with Sean. She’d be married to her crush, and Sean would be free to be single again. Of course, it meant Sean would be a woman; she wasn’t sure if he’d be cool with that. He thought about it; it really was a tempting offer. He agreed. A few magic words later, and he looked down to see that Ashley’s body was now his. Sean was already wondering if he agreed to the swap too quickly. Perhaps he overreacted to his cold feet, but there was no going back now, was there? So much back and forth in his head about this wedding, but he decided to switch into Ashley’s body in a mere few seconds?

Monday, December 21, 2015


After the Great Shift, Martin never thought he’d get used to being a woman. Yet a mere week later, and he found himself in a department store gawking over dresses. In fact, he was even feeling downright giddy inside. Is this just something women felt about clothes shopping? He wondered, but he didn’t really care. He was sure he was going to buy out half of this store...or as much of it as he could afford! Maybe this body was a shopaholic or something, and that trait had been passed on to him now that he had this body.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


‘This has to be the best week of my life,’ Jim thought, ‘I always thought I was a man trapped in a woman’s body, but I never expected to do anything about it. Then I was on that airplane and saw this couple on their honeymoon. I envied the woman more than I could’ve ever imagined, and somehow after we landed and started to exit, I swapped bodies with her. I didn’t tell this man who I really was; I was just...happy. I’ve loved every minute of this so far. I hope I never swap back to my own body. I suppose I figure out what this man’s name is; he is my husband after all. Of course, I never met him before we swapped, but does that matter? This just feels so right.’

Jim then jumped into the man’s arms and gave him a kiss. The man didn’t suspect that the beautiful woman he held was not actually his wife. Sure, she was acting differently than usual, but he had simply assumed her new carefree, happy attitude was the bliss of being married.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Two Spells

“Maybe we should get jobs in Hollywood,” Troy laughed, “I can’t believe that we actually convinced our wives that we were upset to be stuck in their bodies!”

“Oh, come on, that’s not the half of it,” Ryan retorted, “We tricked them into thinking this whole body swap was their idea! They thought they were punishing us!”

While Troy and Ryan continued to laugh, thinking they had gotten what they wanted from their wives, the truth was far different. After their wives had cast the spell to swap bodies with their husbands, they realized it couldn’t be reversed. They tried a second spell, one that made the two husbands happy and quite delusional about the swap. Of course, when Troy and Ryan continued to pretend to be upset, the wives thought the second spell had failed.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Like a Dream

After the experiment, James woke up more than a little disoriented. He knew who he really was, or who he was supposed to really be. After all, he still had all his own memories. But he also had all the memories of Rachel, the woman whose body he was now in. He remembered her first kiss, her marriage and divorce, and even going to bed last night as her. That meant his own memories felt a little bit like a forty year long dream, pushed to the side of the thoughts, being overwhelmed by the evidence of looking down and seeing Rachel’s body, that told his mind those were the correct memories. He had the continue to tell himself that he was really James, that all those thoughts had happened. After all, he had a mission to accomplish.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Tim had hoped the latest text from Zoe would be good news. It wasn’t. She still hadn’t figured out a way to switch their bodies back. He was hoping they’d find a way back soon. He had a good time at first, but when he woke up the first morning in her body, she was a little shocked by how messy his hair was. Usually Amber had very straight hair, but it seemed naturally it was a big, curly mess. He couldn’t seem to do much to tame in, and he wondered what she did every morning to get it under control. In fact, many of the daily routine activities of being a woman just seemed to take so long that he suddenly couldn’t wait to get back to his own body. However, until Zoe could fix this, he was stuck.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Perfect Man

“Wait, wait, wait, don’t go, Kelly. Let me explain. I know I look like some strange woman, but it’s actually me, your husband, Ted. I didn’t want to freak out the kids at home, but I knew you’d be here tonight. I knew you wouldn’t miss this. I swapped with this woman a week ago. I don’t know how. I passed a few days just thinking it was a dream or that I’d wake up the next day in my own body. I need you to believe me, Kelly.” An exasperated Ted explained.

“Are you crazy? Body swapping? You expect me to believe that you are my husband? Wouldn’t he have told me? Or rather, if there is a woman inside his body? I’ve certainly heard zero the past week. In fact, he’s been a saint, picking up the girls at soccer practice, taking me out to dinner twice...” Kelly paused thinking about this. Her husband was never so selfless. Maybe this woman was right, maybe she had swapped bodies with her husband. Then again, the woman now in her husband’s body seemed like the perfect man, better than her husband ever was. Did she even want them to entertain the idea of helping them swap back?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Change of Mood

When Heather arrived on Exchange Island with her husband Thomas, she could tell he wasn’t happy with the body he ended up with. The entire first night, he didn’t say a word about the fact that he was a woman; he just had a grumpy look on his face. He woke up the next morning with a groan, telling Heather that he’d get ready and meet her outside. She sighed. It didn’t take her long to shower and change, leaving her husband as a gloomy lump under the sheets in the room.

It was about an hour later when Thomas finally arrived to meet up with Heather at the resort’s open air restaurant. She was surprised. She had expected him to come down wearing jeans or sweatpants, but instead, he wore a beautiful white dress with heels and makeup. He walked gracefully over to his wife, gave her a kiss, and sat down. Now it was her turn to be speechless.

Thomas apologized for his behavior up until this point. He just needed some time to get used to this new body. From this point on, he was going to embrace it. He was finally starting to enjoy himself. In fact, he confessed he might actually be a little sad when the vacation was over and he’d have to switch back. Heather wasn’t sure what suddenly changed his mind, but she was glad he was happy!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Spy (Part 2)

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Sure enough, the mission was a breeze thanks to the device and this body, but after it was over, all James wanted to do was change back to himself. However, as he looked through the device, the photo he was supposed to use to change back to himself was gone. In fact, all the photos on the device were wiped. For the time being, it looked like he was stuck like this. At least until he was able to return to HQ. Of course, proving who he really was and getting through security was going to be a big challenge. Then there was the matter of the device itself. If it had malfunctioned by wiping the photos, who knows what might happen when they try to use it again.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Technology had certainly changed the spy game in the past ten years. James was looking at the device he had just gotten that would allow him to go undercover quite effortlessly. He simply called up one of the photos on the device, and it soon transformed his body within seconds into the person pictured on the device. He knew a young Asian woman would be the perfect cover for this assignment, but he felt a little weird. The device wasn’t some sort of hologram, it didn’t just change your visual appearance, it altered you very form, your DNA. That meant all of the hours that James had spent at the gym didn’t mean much on this mission. He had his spy skills, but not the muscles to back them up. Of course, with a disguise this good, he was sure he wouldn’t need them.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Deal with That

“Go ahead and tell him,” Jeff said as he looked up and fluttered his eyes, “See if he believes you. I doubt it. When he looks at me, he’ll see his loving bride. When he looks at you, he’ll see the weird uncle that his mom forced him to invite to the wedding. I didn’t intend to switch bodies with you, Sarah; I was actually aiming for one of your bridesmaids. I missed and ended up hitting you instead. There’s no way to undo this, so I suggest you get used to it. I know I am going to love living your life as a young newlywed, happily in love. I hope you can someday learn to enjoy being me. I know it will be tough. Heck, that’s why I researched body swap magic on the web for so long. That’s why I was able to do this. We’re each other now. You’re just going to have to deal with that.”

Friday, December 11, 2015

Consider Yourself Lucky

Jane jolted up shocked. She looked down at herself to see her breasts seem to have shrunk to almost nothing. Another woman was standing above her. The woman seemed to emphasize her chest. Jane recognized those breasts; they looked like hers, but that seemed impossible....until the woman spoke.

“I bet you miss these already,” The woman said, “You actually got off pretty lucky that I only stole your breasts. I have the ability to switch parts of my body with anyone I wish, you see. I’m not even Asian; I simply stole the facial features from a woman who I found quite attractive. I’m not even a woman, well, not originally; I took the required parts for that gender from another young woman. I suppose she is technically a man now. So, as you see, you should be glad that I ONLY took your breasts. I could’ve taken a lot more, or left you in a lot worse condition. In fact, I rarely even extend the courtesy of telling my victims. So just think about that; consider yourself lucky.”

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Single Radish and a Piece of Bok Choy

A single radish and a piece of bok choy, it didn’t seem like very much food. Danielle had given Nick strict orders about what he could eat for each meal as long as they were stuck in each other’s bodies. This was lunch. He knew he’d be hungry soon after, but he smiled as he told himself it would all be over soon. In a few days, they’d return to the lab that did this, and they’d swap back. He didn’t think switching bodies would change much, but living the live of someone else actually proved to be quite challenging. Danielle’s daily routine was just so much different from his. It ha been part of the experiment; he had to spend his time as she would. That meant getting up early to go workout, eating the meals she would eat, and even doing her job. Another smile came across his face; she probably had a harder time with his job than he did with hers. Doing Danielle’s job felt almost like a vacation to him; if only he was able to chow down on just a little more food!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Was It Worth It?

Jason turned to look at Jessica one last time before getting into his sportscar. “Don’t looked so surprised,” He told her, “When I offered you a million dollars to swap bodies with me, you had to expect this. You had to know how hot your body was, you just never showed it off like I am I plan on continuing to do. You have a fortune now, and my old body isn’t all that bad. I was a pretty attractive young man. Now that body is yours. I hope seeing your former body teaches you a lesson: Don’t waste your looks. Though I doubt you’ll learn.”

Jason sighed. Jessica was just looking at him with her mouth wide open. She couldn’t speak. At first she just stared at her former ass in the tight leather pants Jason wore. She continued to just stare as he drove away. She realized her body was gone. She’d never see it again, but she had a million dollars. Was it worth it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


“The Great Shift was the best thing that could’ve happened to us,” Robyn told her husband, “I never imagined how awesome being in the body of a supermodel could be! I can’t believe how skinny and hot I am!”

“I guess,” Malcolm replied, “I guess it could’ve been worse for me, but I would’ve preferred if I stayed a man. At least if I am a woman, I’m a hot one. I do miss making love the way we used to...”

“But we still do...”

“I know, but it’s just not the same. Let’s not dwell on it and just ignore our night out.”

Robyn smirked, “And with these bodies, we can get in anywhere we want to go.”

Monday, December 7, 2015

Assume (Part 3)

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It really was a fantastic body. Charlie felt a little bad keeping the fact that he was swapped into it a secret, but he still thought the risk was too great to tell the truth. This was his body now; he loved how it felt. He loved how he felt. His confidence was higher than it had ever been. He finally felt good about himself for a change. All it took was to be an entirely different person. He thought about that for a minute. What a strange thing he would never have asked for or even thought about it, but how happy he was that it had happened to him. He was sure other affected by the Shift were much less pleased. Probably many of them were trying to get their bodies back, and people like him keeping secrets wasn’t helping them. He didn’t care.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Assume (Part 2)

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At this point, Charlie didn’t know that the fact that he had swapped bodies was widespread across the whole globe, but he was already contemplating his options. He didn’t want to tell anyone about the swap. He wasn’t sure if anyone would believe him if he did. Besides, if there was a way to swap bodies, there would also be a way to swap back. From his position, he really got a great deal out of this swap and had no interest in giving up this body. His strategy didn’t change much after he learned of the extent of the Great Shift. He decided to pretend like he was one of the people that didn’t swap. Of course, that meant he’d have to learn a lot about the person who he now was in a covert manner. He thought this was a good plan. While there wasn’t any way for people to swap back yet, he was always fearful that someone would discover one and force him back to his old body.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Assume (Part 1)

It took Charlie only an instant after the Great Shift for him to realize what happened. The first thing he did was reach his hands around his back to feel his bottom. It was so firm and the material it was encased in was so smooth. He thought about his old behind. He had been an overweight man in bad shape. He could tell already that this body was in fine form. Sure, he was a woman now, but he could deal with that, couldn’t he? It didn’t seem quite so bad, considering the trade-off about how great this body was. He hadn’t even looked in a mirror to be sure, he just knew how he felt. And he felt better about himself already. He didn’t have trouble breathing like he did in his old body; walking didn’t seem like a chore in this body either. He felt great now, and he never wanted that feeling to end.

Friday, December 4, 2015


Luke had always considered himself a pretty shrewd businessman. If there was a way to make a profit, he was sure to find it. Body swapping technology proved to be a new way for him to increase his profits. A young woman visiting from a foreign country offered him a great sum to switch bodies with him. She didn’t want to be deported and swapping was a valid solution, as court rulings made it difficult to swap the original body of a citizen or a citizen swapped into a foreigner’s body. Luke did the math. She was sure offering him a lot of money. Plus, she was probably twenty years younger than he was. That would give him a longer lifespan to profit even more. He made sure his financial affairs were in order before the swap. Soon enough, he found himself in her body. He changed from her clothes into a skirt suit he had brought with him and smiled at her. He hoped she knew what she was getting herself into. She smiled back, thinking the exact same thing about his decision...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Consequences of Sneaking

Wendy had dragged her boyfriend Brian to the ballet. He hated it. He was so bored that he decided it was best he just ditch her during the intermission. He knew she’d give him hell later that night, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t until he got to the train station and sat down that he noticed something odd. He reached down to tie his shoe laces and noticed something strange about them. They weren’t his usual shoes; they were dainty white slippers that laced in the back. And why was he wearing tights? His eyes followed his legs up his body with horror. It wasn’t just that he was wearing a ballerina’s outfit, he had swapped bodies with one of the ballerinas! He began to think about how it happened. He could only think of one time. As he was making his way out, he had bumped into one. She was sneaking a cigarette at the time. They had both been trying to sneak, but could it be possible that they swapped bodies? The outfit seemed right, but he needed a mirror to be sure. How was he ever going to explain this to his girlfriend now?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Twerk It Out

The afternoon had started with Victor on the phone with a friend, making a flippant comment about how hot Asian women were. He hadn’t expected his girlfriend overhearing the conversation, nor could he anticipate her retaliation. Using her powers as a witch, she swapped Victor’s body with their upstairs neighbor, Ming. He tried to remain calm; he figured he’d just go downstairs and calm his girlfriend own. However, he couldn’t seem to do that. Instead, he found himself going to Ming’s closet and changing into a black and white top and some tight leather shorts. He couldn’t seem to stop himself. He realized his girlfriend hadn’t just swapped his body with Ming; she was also controlling his mind. He had limited control, but he knew he was going to have to do the things she forced him to -- even if it was something he didn’t want to do, like wear this outfit. She was also preventing him from doing things as well, like going down to apologize. It wasn’t long before Victor felt compelled to go to a nightclub. Despite trying to fight the urge, he found himself twerking on the dance floor. When guys started coming up to him, he wanted to run. However, instead of doing so, he felt the urge to get closer, be sexier, and flirt. He wanted to cry; he just hoped his girlfriend would release the grip on his mind before his did anything he would REALLY regret.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bottle

Peter wondered how long he had been stuck in that bottle? A week? A year? A decade? He wasn’t sure, but it seemed like forever. He had discovered it on the beach and found himself sucked inside. He was aware he was stuck, but he couldn’t really move. It was like being stuck in that moment between being awake and being asleep. Still, as he sat stuck in the bottle, some knowledge filled his head. There had been a person trapped in here before him. That person now had his body; freed when Peter had found the bottle. Peter would now be stuck until someone else stumbled upon the bottle. The person before him wasn’t the first; this bottle had existed for centuries. The only thing he could do to pass the time was think about all this until one day a full range of sensations bounced back to him. He could feel the warm sun beating down on his skin. He smiled as he looked down to see the bottle. He didn’t even care about the body he had now; he was just glad to be free. Of course, once he take notice of his new body, he realized it was going to be a lot to get used to. He had apparently swapped into the body of a woman, something he hadn’t expected as he passed the time thinking. He tried to just focus on the fact that he was now free and ignore how strange it felt for him to now be female.