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Friday, December 4, 2015


Luke had always considered himself a pretty shrewd businessman. If there was a way to make a profit, he was sure to find it. Body swapping technology proved to be a new way for him to increase his profits. A young woman visiting from a foreign country offered him a great sum to switch bodies with him. She didn’t want to be deported and swapping was a valid solution, as court rulings made it difficult to swap the original body of a citizen or a citizen swapped into a foreigner’s body. Luke did the math. She was sure offering him a lot of money. Plus, she was probably twenty years younger than he was. That would give him a longer lifespan to profit even more. He made sure his financial affairs were in order before the swap. Soon enough, he found himself in her body. He changed from her clothes into a skirt suit he had brought with him and smiled at her. He hoped she knew what she was getting herself into. She smiled back, thinking the exact same thing about his decision...

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