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Monday, December 28, 2015

Work in Peace

Devin was wondering how he had gotten himself in this situation. He thought he had kept his body swapping secret, but a man knocked on his door one day inquiring about it. The man laughed, explaining he was rich and money could buy anything (even finding out secrets). He made an offer. He wanted Devin to use his machine to swap bodies with his daughter for a day. She was out of control, and he wanted a full report of her activities. Devin didn’t want to do it, but he could really use the cash. He brought the device to the man’s mansion, and aimed it at the daughter. The next thing Devin knew, he had swapped bodies with the twenty-something Asian woman and was about to head out on her date. The woman’s boyfriend was aggressive; he often moved before Devin even had a chance to say no. All he wanted to do was get through the night, report back to the man, and collect his money. Then he could continue working on his inventions in peace.

1 comment:

  1. wickedly funny, OOOPS I wonder what the daughte ris doing & i more happening then he knows.