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Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Single Radish and a Piece of Bok Choy

A single radish and a piece of bok choy, it didn’t seem like very much food. Danielle had given Nick strict orders about what he could eat for each meal as long as they were stuck in each other’s bodies. This was lunch. He knew he’d be hungry soon after, but he smiled as he told himself it would all be over soon. In a few days, they’d return to the lab that did this, and they’d swap back. He didn’t think switching bodies would change much, but living the live of someone else actually proved to be quite challenging. Danielle’s daily routine was just so much different from his. It ha been part of the experiment; he had to spend his time as she would. That meant getting up early to go workout, eating the meals she would eat, and even doing her job. Another smile came across his face; she probably had a harder time with his job than he did with hers. Doing Danielle’s job felt almost like a vacation to him; if only he was able to chow down on just a little more food!

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