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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As Rick was working out at the gym, his eyes kept focusing on a woman running on a treadmill. He watched her ass in tight leather shorts and was practically hypnotized by the way it moved. After staring for a good twenty minutes, a bright light engulfed everything and he lost his footing. He soon found himself falling on his ass, but it felt strange. It was like he was more cushioned. He started to lift himself up an the strange feelings continued. There was a weird brushing on his shoulders, which he soon discovered was long hair. There were dangling earrings and large breasts hanging from his chest. And then there was the ass. Then he realized, he was now the woman he had be staring at. They had swapped bodies; everyone in the gym had swapped bodies. In fact, everyone in the world had. It was the Great Shift, and his stare had a consequence. He would probably now be the one stared at by many men who would want to get into these tight leather shorts.

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