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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Assume (Part 1)

It took Charlie only an instant after the Great Shift for him to realize what happened. The first thing he did was reach his hands around his back to feel his bottom. It was so firm and the material it was encased in was so smooth. He thought about his old behind. He had been an overweight man in bad shape. He could tell already that this body was in fine form. Sure, he was a woman now, but he could deal with that, couldn’t he? It didn’t seem quite so bad, considering the trade-off about how great this body was. He hadn’t even looked in a mirror to be sure, he just knew how he felt. And he felt better about himself already. He didn’t have trouble breathing like he did in his old body; walking didn’t seem like a chore in this body either. He felt great now, and he never wanted that feeling to end.

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