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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Perfect Man

“Wait, wait, wait, don’t go, Kelly. Let me explain. I know I look like some strange woman, but it’s actually me, your husband, Ted. I didn’t want to freak out the kids at home, but I knew you’d be here tonight. I knew you wouldn’t miss this. I swapped with this woman a week ago. I don’t know how. I passed a few days just thinking it was a dream or that I’d wake up the next day in my own body. I need you to believe me, Kelly.” An exasperated Ted explained.

“Are you crazy? Body swapping? You expect me to believe that you are my husband? Wouldn’t he have told me? Or rather, if there is a woman inside his body? I’ve certainly heard zero the past week. In fact, he’s been a saint, picking up the girls at soccer practice, taking me out to dinner twice...” Kelly paused thinking about this. Her husband was never so selfless. Maybe this woman was right, maybe she had swapped bodies with her husband. Then again, the woman now in her husband’s body seemed like the perfect man, better than her husband ever was. Did she even want them to entertain the idea of helping them swap back?

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