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Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of body experience (Part 2)

For part one, click here.

Deborah approached her old body, and sort of horrified at the words she heard coming from her mouth.

"What the fuck's goin' on here?"

"I think we," Deborah paused shocked by the sound of her own now deep voice, which now came from the body of a large black man as a result of the Great Shift, "I think we switched bodies. You have my body!"

"Switch bods? Hells, no! I may have a fuckin' pussy now, but I was never no fat ass like you!"

Deborah groaned. Apparently this wasn't a simple one for one bodyswap. Everyone was all messed up.

Musical bodies

The four friends had just participated in an odd bodyswapping experiment. For the next few hours they would each be in each other's bodies. (From left to right) Steven in Katy's body was extremely happy about the swap, but she didn't want to let anyone know, because he was planning on going M.I.A. and keeping Katy's body. He didn't want to tip anyone off on his plan. Meanwhile, Katy was inside Kevin's body and also pretty happy about the swap. She was looking forward to the next few hours. Next, Kevin was very unhappy about being inside Yumi's body. He felt so uncomfortable; he'd soon learn that Yumi was on her period. Yumi in Steven's body was just sort of indifferent. When Steven didn't show up for the switch back, Katy refused to switch into anyone else's body but her own...resulting in a sort of gridlock for the other two bodyswapped friends.


"Is that text from our girlfriends?" Joe asked, "They were supposed to meet us here two hours ago. I know we agreed to swap bodies with them for the weekend, but they said to meet up to switch back at's dark now! Do they say where they are?"

"It's from them," Dave replied timidly, "But it doesn't say where they are. All it says is 'Have fun with your new lives. LOL.'"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Front page

Brad was watching the celebrities walk down the red carpet on a televised awards' ceremony. He began to masturbate while watching the female actors walk down in their fancy gowns. Then something unexpected happened, he found himself standing on the red carpet wearing a fancy dress in high heels. A mysterious force swapped his body with one of the female celebrities, and he was still horny. The lude acts made the front page of half the papers across America.


Oliver was on a crowded street when the Great Shift occurred, so he and the rest of the crowd all surmised pretty quickly that everyone had switched bodies. Oliver could tell he was a woman now, but it wasn't until he was able to sneak away and see his reflection in a window that he realized exactly how HOT his new body was.

Jersey housewife

"What the hell?" Max asked, "How the hell do I have the body of some broad?"

Max couldn't believe the effects of the Great Shift, turning him from a New York plumber into a Jersey housewife...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy hands

Stephanie was super upset at her father when he brought home an experimental device from worked that caused her to switch bodies with him. When the device wouldn't wouldn't seem to switch them back, she insisted thathe keep her date tonight. Her dad reluctantly agreed--even wearing one of her strapless dresses--however, he was totally unprepared for her date's busy hands.


"It worked!" Billy said calling up his best friend, Sam, on the phone, "Right after I stole my sister's body, I pretended to be just as surprised and disgusted as she was. She didn't suspect a thing. Did you do the same?...Awesome! Now let's say we head down to the mall with our new bodies and try on some clothes! I'm so excited to be in my sister's body! Oh, wait, I think she's coming, I've got to act like I'm upset about this..."


Gregory should've been more concerned about the effects of the Great Shift. He had wound up in a woman's body wearing shorts so short that if he still had a dick, it would be falling out. Though he knew he should be worried, all he could seem to do was laugh about the situation. As he learned about the whole bodyswapping incident, he wondered if the body he swapped into was on some sort of drug, as the slightest thing would cause him to burst into giggles. He wondered what would happen when he started to come down from the high.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Change his life

Vin had come to the Chinatown alley on his moped following the advice of a friend who told him a visit to an out of the way fortune teller would totally change his life. He laughed it off, but the thought kept eating at him. When he entered the shop, he was subjected to a usual tarot card reading, though delivered with a heavy chinese accent, and a look inside a crystal ball. He couldn't figure out why his friend had hyped it up so much, but when he returned to the alley, he figured it out--somehow he had swapped bodies with the fortune teller! He ran back inside to see his own body now lighting incense in the mystic place. With a glare, he was told that if ever wanted to be himself again, he should not return for at least one week. Was this what his friend meant by changing his life? He wasn't sure he wanted to live life as an asian woman for that long...and what guarantee did he have that she's change him back?


Albert was in a for a shock when he woke up after taking a nap on the beach. He had swapped bodies with a woman napping as a result of the Great Shift. While others had freaked out about the changes to their bodies several hours earlier, Albert had been asleep. When he finally awoke, he was shocked at what he saw when he opened his eyes.


Rachel was totally enjoying her bodyswap with her husband. She enjoyed being strong and hairy and everything! Jack was a little less pleased, however. He hated wearing his wife's clothing; he hated how he would just pick him up to show off her new strength. He kept begging to change back, but she kept finding a reason to delay it...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stop looking at my ass!

"Hey, Buddy, stop staring at my sister's ass and help me find that medallion," Jacob screamed to his friend from his sister's body, "She used that thing to steal my body and stick me in hers. She hid it somewhere in this room, and she threatened that if I can't find it by the time she returns in my body that she won't switch us back! Now that I'm my short sister, I can't reach the top shelves, so I'm going to search down here and you look up top. And stop looking at my--I mean, my sister's ass! It's kind of disturbing! It's still me, Jacob, inside of this body and don't you forget it!"


After getting cursed to drive the magic taxi, Gary knew that he too would eventually have to steal someone's body, just as his had been stolen. He had told himself tonight would be the night, and he had been driving all around looking for fares. Guilt usually got to him, and he didn't buld up the nerve. It was approaching dawn and he picked up a young woman from a bar. She wanted to travel way out to the burbs. After saying, "Have a nice day," he swapped with her and watched the cab drive away before peparing to start his new life...

Circus performer

Steven probably had one of the scariest Great Shift experiences when all of a sudden a knife was flying towards his face, but then his head spun out of the way, causing the knife to hit a board behind him. He was spinning on a large wooden circle...he had swapped bodies or something from what he could tell...with a circus performer? He figured he should consider himself lucky that he didn't swap with one of the members of the freak show...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Eugene found the spell swapped him with the sexy librarian's assistant at his college and was sure the reversal had to be in one of the other books in the same section. What he didn't know was that the librarian's assistant had already snuck out with reversal, which was actually in the book that caused the swap in the first place.


Patrick had called his old body three times since the Great Shift deposited him in a new body to no answer. At least his buddy Aaron had also swapped into a nearby body...also a girl's. He tried to call his own body was well, but also seemed sort of distracted by the sexy, new body he now had, often looking down, tugging on the clothes or poking his new boobs.

Passed out

Mick had passed out from the shock of seeing his own body after Heather had used a magical spell to swapbodies with him. After seeing her old body pass out, Heather checked up on it, but quickly made a getaway, she didn't want Mick catching her in his body when he awoke. She had stolen his body and hadn't planned on ever giving it back. Mick was in for another shock when he woke up in Heather's body. Sure, he had always thought she was sexy, and he had even tried to get into her pants at times...but not like this!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning to live with it

"I can't believe how well you've taken this whole Great Shift thing, Matt, I mean, I'm totally angry and pissed but you're so calm. It's like you don't even mind being a woman."

"I mind, Nate, but I just don't see any reason to get angry or upset over it. It's not like there's anything we can do to change it now, so we might as well learn to live with it..."

A new P.O.V.

Doug when minding his own business when a flash of white light hit him hard. He felt all woozy and looked down to get the shock of his life. He saw two smooth legs encased in nylons. He reached his hand down to confirm the legs were now his own. As he began to run his fingers up his thigh, he paused before he reached his crotch where he confirmed his worst fear--he had been put inside the body of a woman!


Everyone was having fun at the frat party until one girl started yelling about how one of the brothers in the house stole her body. Another member escorted her out kicking and screaming. Weird thing was that she was telling the truth. Amanda was failing out of college and hatched aplan to steal Max's body. After making a scene at the party, Max in Amanda's body made his way back to her dorm room where he calculated that he might be able to save her grades and her college career. If he did that for her, maybe she's give him his body back...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gossip swap (Part 2)

Click here for part 1.

"Dan, I'm surprised how well you've adjusted to having my body below your neck! I mean, look at what you're wearing! Showing off those legs and even those breasts!"

"Yeah, well, Serena, I mean, I figured I might as well embrace it. Besides, you seem to have been doing fine as well. You don't seem to be covering my body as much as I thought you would..."


Candice was horrified at the things she had to watch her old body since she swapped with her own 7-year old son. He said he didn't have to listen to her now that claimed, "He is the mommy!" Right now he was sliding down a railing; at least he finally put her clothes back on--that was becoming the most humiliating experience.


Sally groaned when an accident in the asement caused her to swap bodies with her younger brother Nick. She couldn't figure out how to swap back, and she simply HAD to be seen at the part of the year that night, so she gave him strict instructions on how to act. Sadly, she didn't give him instructions on how to dress, assuming he'd just go as is. However, after their mom put what she thought was Nick to bed at 8PM, the real Nick in Sally's body started to look through her closet. Finally, he found it! A dress like he saw the girls in his first grade class when they went to a birthday party or something else fancy! Green and pretty--he though the dress was stunning. When he arrived to the party he sure turned heads, but simply because no one could believe the sort of thing they saw Sally arrive in! It certainly didn't fit the laid back fashion of the other teenagers.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out of body experience (Part 1)

Deborah couldn't believe quite what she was seeing. It looked her! Was she having an out of body experience of something? It was weird, but she could see her own body wearing her pink dress. Soon she saw her body look down at itself with surprise. Before long she saw that it was feeling itself up! She started to storm over, and that's when she noticed the feelings to her own body. It felt...sluggish. When she finally looked down, she saw that she was now apparently in the body of a rather large black man....