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Friday, June 21, 2024

Monstrous Results

When Desmond first found the magic spell book, it was like a godsend. With it, he generated fabulous wealth for himself. The shy and nerdy young man was finally able to move out of his parents’ house and into his own place -- and not just any place, a fancy mansion with a huge backyard.

And as time passed, Desmond wondered if the book could bring him just as much success with love as it had with wealth. Spells to increase his own charisma or coerce someone to love him didn’t seem possible. But creating a girlfriend using the book? Well, that certainly seemed within the rules!

After speaking various incantations, Desmond looked around to see where his new girlfriend might be. Instead, he began to feel a sharp stabbing pain throughout his body. He soon realized he must have read something wrong. He hadn’t created himself a girlfriend; he had turned himself into a woman! But he hadn’t even gotten THAT quite right, as he also seemed to have some rather monstrous traits like pointed ears and sharp teeth coming up from his lower jaw. He felt a rage and anger like nothing he have ever felt, and he was having trouble containing it. He wanted to rip the book to shreads, but he knew it was also his only hope of getting back to normal, so he continued to read...

Thursday, June 20, 2024


“Fifteen minutes until showtime,” A voice said through a walkie talkie sitting on a makeup stand.

Stewart didn’t know what to do. Mere moments ago, he had been sitting at home alone. Then suddenly he was backstage at a concert in a stadium, and weirder still was that he wasn’t inside his own body anymore. He was now inhabiting the body of a kpop superstar, one of the biggest artists in the world. But he didn’t know any of her songs; he barely even recognized her name; he definitely didn’t speak Korean! He certainly couldn’t go on stage to perform, but how was he going to explain that to anyone? No one would believe he was in the wrong body. Heck, he barely believed it, and he was living it!

“Five minutes until showtime.” The voice said.

He grabbed the walkie talkie. “I can’t do it,” He said into the walkie, but he realized he was saying it in Korean. He began to sit and think. He didn’t know how he did that! It was more like instinct than rational thought. Maybe the songs and dacning would be like that too. Mabe he could actually pull this off...

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Laughing at a Funeral

Ahmed knew everyone was staring at him. Usually funerals were somber occasions, and here he was full of smiles. Of course, he couldn’t tell any of his relatives or friends who he was, that he was alive, and about how he had his brain transplanted into this woman’s body. He had signed all sorts of confidential statements to not reveal any of it.

He thought he’d be showing up to this thing as a way to say goodbye to everyone he knew. He thought he’d be just as sad as they were. But when he saw his former body in a coffin, it felt just so good to be alive! The smiles came, the laughter soon followed.

Eventually it became too much, and he knew he was being disruptive. He left everyone to mourn in peace without him. He still so badly wanted to tell everyone in there that there was nothing to be sad about. But he knew he couldn’t...

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Extended Offer

Angela had only discovered she was pregnant a few days before the Great Shift. Her and her husband were overjoyed; they had almost given up on having children after many failed attempts. They also realized this was probably their last chance of having a child, given their age.

The Shift’s body swapping didn’t offer them any additional hope; they ended up swapping bodies with a pair of neighbors around their own age. If anything, the problems were now compounded as a college student named Jim was now in Angela’s body.

Angela begged and pleaded with him to keep the baby and give birth for them. She offered him a lot of money and gifts to do so, and to treat him properly during the pregnancy. At the eight month mark, she couldn’t wait for him to keep birth. He was so demanding on shopping trips, always asking for more. Angela would always comply, not wanting to risk him doing anything dangerous to the baby inside his body.

Of course, Jim had gotten used to having his every need and more met; he didn’t want to give that up easily. He made a suggestion one shopping trip. “I’ve been reading a lot of mom books and stuff,” He said, “You know, they say the best thing for a baby is lots of breast feeding for the first few months. I’m just sayin’ I have two ample sources of the stuff here that I might be willing to help out with...for a price.”

Angela had read similar things. She cringed as she looked at her body with Jim’s masculine body language. She wanting nothing more than to be rid of Jim forever, and yet she was still seriously considering his offer....

Monday, June 17, 2024

Understanding in a Car Crash

William hadn’t seen the car that hit the cab he was driving. He was too focused on the couple in the back seat. They were talking about their recent wedding, how much they had spent, and how they could’ve easily afforded more. That made the man a prime candidate to swap bodies with when he let them off at their stop downtown. He’d become a rich guy with a hot wife; what could possible go wrong?

But then the crash happened. It triggered an instant swap. There was no “Have a nice day;” no $50 tip; and, most notably, no choice of who to swap with. William was now inside the body of the female passenger! But he was fortunately uninjured, which was far better than he could say for the cab’s other riders. The man was passed out next to him and the driver (whose body William had been in moments ago) was unconscious up front. Both were losing a great deal of blood. William tried to pull them out, but he wasn’t sure if he was no longer strong enough or if they were pinned by twisted metal.

He hoped out and began to approach passerbys. “I need help!” He exclaimed, “He needs help! They need help!”

New Yorkers seemed oblivious to his pleas. Maybe it was just that New York stereotype or maybe they were avoiding this taxi for a reason. It took him a while to realize he had a purse with a phone inside. He quickly dialed 911.