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Monday, August 31, 2009

Head Swap

Just calling people's attention to this site:

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Boy Toy

For his age, Charlie was a genius. He had developed a new nano technology that he could control someone's mind with. He implanted the nanites in a shirt with the words "Boy Toy" across, as anyone wearing the shirt would instantly be his toy, to do with as he pleased. He didn't know how he was ever going to trick anyone into wearing it, however. Until one day, a notification came across his computer that the nanites were active, someone was wearing the shirt! He placed the headband from his computer onto his head and ZAP! He found himself in a new place, controlling the body of the shirt's wearer, which apparently was his older sister. She was looking for something to wear while doing laundry. Charlie could not pass up the opportunity to test his experiment out, so he finished by taking some laundry out of the dryer and changed, careful not to remove the shirt at all. He went outside, drove to the mall, even went to the bathroom! The nanites seemed to give him perfect control of his sister's body! After several hours, he decided to take the shirt off, but when he did so, there was a problem--he was still his sister! He tried to snap his old body out of it in his own room, but as he looked at the computer screen, he realized the problem--the nanites had embedded deep into his sister, forever trapping him in her body!

Wish upon a star

After his girlfriend cheated on him, Bill made a wish upon a star that she knew how he felt. He certainly never expected the wish to come true, and certainly not in the way it did! She knew how he felt alright because she was him, and he was now her!After examining himself in the mirror, he called his own cell number to hear his own voice answer. Both were releaved to hear their own voice, but Bill never fessed up about making the wish that caused his girlfriend to TRULY know EXACTLY what he felt (literally), nor did they ever find a way to switch back.

Test your strength

It was the weirdest carnival that Robert had ever been to. Inside of one of the tents, a gypsy used a crystal ball to swap his body with that of a young woman's. They were both told to return to the tent in two hours in order to swap back, as it would take time for the ball to recharge. Robert wasn't taking that chance. He grabbed the mallet from the "Test Your Strength" booth and headed back to the tent. He smashed the crystal ball, ensuring that he would keep the young woman's body forever.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special ops

It was a special ops mission in North Korea. Kim Jong-il was rumored to be working on a new top secret weapon, and John and his team were sent in to investigate and stop it. The nature of the weapon became quickly apparent upon landing outside of Pyongyang when a strange beam was fired at the men. John and the others expected instant death, but were surprised to find themselves waking up several hours later. The first part of the mission was complete, they discovered what the weapon did. It was apparently some sort of bodyswap ray, which had switched the bodies of the special ops men with a few hookers. Now the second part of the mission was to destroy it, even if that meant being stuck like this forever. It was a sacrifice that John was prepared to make as he picked up his gun.


Josh wished that he never told his girlfriend that she had an easier life than he did. She used some weird voodoo to swap her body with his, and now he returned home from her job each night, exhausted, and collapsed on the bed. Her job as a saleswoman at a department store put her on her feet all day long, and in three inch heels that wasn't easy! And for three days it had been Josh in those heels in her body! He wasn't sure he could take it any longer!


Tyler and Eric were two troubled kids who had gotten in trouble one too many times. They were enrolled in a special program to set them straight. They were going to trade lives with two straight A goodie-two shoes students in hopes that the experience would rub off on them. The boys couldn't be more upset that they were going to be trapped in the bodies of some nerdy Star Trek geeks or something--they weren't even allowed to see who they were going to be until they swapped. They were shocked when the bodyswap was over and they ended up as girls! No one had told them they'd be girls! Apparently, the only volunteers for the experiment were two sisters looking to escape their overbearing asian parents. After two weeks, Tyler and Eric were still getting into trouble. However, compared to bringing guns to school and selling drugs, their new mischief of spray painting graffiti seemed almost cute and harmless in comparison. Maybe the experiment did have a good influence on the boys-turned-girls.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

In hiding

Jeremy was simply walking down the street one day when he bumped into a middle aged man who seemed to be running from something. Before Jeremy could ask what was wrong or apologize, the man pulled out a strange ray gun and hit Jeremy with it. The next thing he knew, he was sitting on a lawn chair wearing a bikini...and he was NOT in his own body. In the distance, he could see some more people running down the street, presumaly chasing the man he saw earlier. Jeremy quietly snuck inside a nearby house. He didn't know how or why that man's ray gun swapped his body with this sexy woman, but it didn't take him long to know that he did not want to swap back. He peaked out the window as the group of people in pursuit passed.


"Screw you, Mark!" Gerald exclaimed while flipping the bird to his best friend, "You said you'd use that transformation ray to turn me into a chick with big boobs. While I guess you TECHNICALLY did that, but you made me a freeking whale! I thought you'd make me hot, and not some fat chick! Either try it again and make me hot this time or just change me back! NOW!"


Only a few moments earlier Clyde was relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, and the next thing he knew he was outside in a snowy Alaskan landscape. Unlike many swaped in the Great Shift, Clyde ended up miles away from his original body. He had never seen snow before in his life! Of course, he had never been a woman before either, it didn't mean he wasn't enjoying more than the other.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Begging Kasey for his old body back didn't work, Michael had to resort to trickery. He was convinced that she was still keeping the medallion responsible for back in his hotel room, so he did a rather odd thing and attempted to seduce his own body. It was awkward, but he managed to sneak the room key away. At the next possible opportunity, he went into his old room to look for the medallion, turning the room inside-out. It was still nowhere to be found. He heard a knock at the door. "If you're looking for the medallion, I threw it away," he heard his old body scream.

Homeless heiress

Greg had been homeless for the past five years. He was searching around some alleys pushing his shopping cart looking for cans when he spied a strange blue light out of the corner of his eye. The next thing he knew, he felt different. He wondered why he was even pushing a shopping cart. Why did he even think of himself as a he? SHE was a rich heiress who should be inside the nearby building, not in an alley behind it. Of course, inside the building, a crazy old man was being apprehended by the police. No one knew how he got by security, and certainly no one could have predicted that it was all the work of a mysterious force called the role exchanger that had switched the bodies and personalities of a homeless man and a rich girl.


Bill had loved his vacation last year to Exchange Island, but he just didn't think he'd be able to afford the flight out this time. Luckily, he had just heard they opened a new resort closer to home called "Exchange Mountain." He had wondered if his luck would as good this time and was overjoyed when he arrived and swapped bodies with the sexiest snowbunny on the mountain. Sure, he wouldn't be able to show off in a bikini this time, but he was excited to have guys hit on him in the lodge, zoom down the slopes, and even enjoy some special alone time with his temporary body in the bathroom.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dream Body

Charles had never been an attractive man, but he certainly got by on his charm. After being rejected by a woman at a bar, he was approached by a rather handsome man who told him that he had a strange item that would give him a dream body. He brought Charles to a hotel room, showing him a strange orb with a bird on top. The man told Charles to lift up the orb and imagine his dream body. Charles initially pictured himself with rippling muscles, a full head of hair, and a ten inch penis; however, when he felt his body shifting, he could tell something was wrong. His body fel like it was getting softer, shorter. Hair grew out of his head, but it kept going, cascading down his back. He started to gain height again, but only because insanely tall red heels were appearing on his feet. His suit slowly morphed into a sexy red dress. When the changes were complete, he screamed, "I thought you said this orb would give me a dream body!" "It did," the man replied, "I never said YOUR dreams."


When Ryan discovered a bodyswitching machine in a shed outside of his parent's new house, he tricked his sister into switching bodies with him. Apparently, there was something wrong with the settings, and while he remembers who he was, she thinks that she's always been him. Now he has been trying to figure out a way to trick her into switching back. However, so far he has been unsuccesful in being able to do so.


Rob was scared and confused when he was swapped into the body of a beautiful woman in a fancy gown. Various radio reports were dubbing the mass bodyswap as "the Great Shift," but Rob was just concerned about finding some more comfortable clothes and getting back to his home. He figured first things first and entered a laudromat. He casually grabbed an unattended basket and sifted through a few dryers for clothes that would fit his new statuesque body. He picked a few bras and panties, both of which made him feel uncomfortable, then got to work on some things like shirts and pants. Settling on a blue button-up shirt and jean shorts, now all he needed was a place to change...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Before the Great Shift, Alan loved pigging out on fast food, junk, and other things that probably weren't so good for him. However, inside his new body, he took one bite into a McDonalds meal, and he just wasn't hungry anymore. Maybe the tastebuds of his new body were just different or something. He supposed that this was just another one of those things that he'd have to get used to, like the fact that he had to wear women's clothes now, or that he was only a week away from having his first period. Being a woman was just too weird.


This is from a site called Manbabies; I think some of you may be interested...


All of Rudy's female friends would always tell him what a jerk his brother was, but he looked up to his brother, Jim, and just couldn't believe it. In particular, Rudy's girlfriend, Joy, would try to explain this to him, but he wouldn't listen. Finally, Joy found a magic spell to swap bodies with Rudy, so that he could experience his brother's pigheadedness firsthand. In Joy's body, Rudy couldn't believe what sort of jerk his brother was! He attended a party in her body, and Jim spent the entire night making passes at him! Jim thought he was hitting on his brother's girlfriend, which bothered Rudy to no end. He knew he'd have to tell him everything and get him to change his ways, but how?

Better off

With a mysterious green cloud heading towards him, Jake did the smart thing and ran in the other direction. However, he simply couldn't outrun it, and before long the cloud engulfed him. It morphed his body, lengthened his hair, inverted his penis into a vagina, and even changed his clothes. Once it was once, it simply lifted from him, leaving a very shocked young Jake below. He realized that being a woman wouldn't be so bad. Things could've been worse. At least both arms and legs where were they should be, and he only had one head. That's better than he could say for a few of the other victims of the cloud that he saw milling about...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video games are stupid

Craig couldn't believe it. After scoring a million points on his video game, a beam came out of the TV that transformed him into a woman! A message on the screen said that he needed five million more points to change back. "Easy," he thought. However, as he continued to play, he started to become less and less interested in stupid video games, and more and more interesting in going shopping for new clothes...or trying on makeup...or dating boys!


Having just hit his rebellious teenage years, Tyrone was acting out after his mom's insistance that he "act like a lady" in the wake of the Great Shift, which placed him into a woman's body. He certainly was't the only boy acting out in response to some of the gender issues of the Shift, but his mother was still very concerned. As a result, she signed him up for a finishing school in the fall that would teach her son to act like the lady he now appeared to be!


When John made the idle wish to be his dad's secretary, it was originally because he just wanted to see his dad more often, but now that the wish had been mysteriously granted, he was beginning to see many other reasons why this was a good wish. He just felt sexy inside of the body of his dad's secretary. In fact, most of the days, John is so distracted by his own body that he doesn't get work done that needs to be done. It isn't long before he is called into his dad's office, and is promptly fired. In a way, John was puzzled by this twist of fate. Now, he might never see his dad again, all because of a wish he made wanting to be closer to his dad. Still, he just didn't feel sad about it; he was too enamored with his new, sexy life.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Go Cowboys!

Rick was sitting on the couch watching the game when a bright light engulfed him. He stood up before he regained his vision and could tell something was strange. The first thing that slowly started to come into focus was his Dallas Cowboys poster. He was still interested in the team, but his interest felt different somehow. He felt more invested and strangely aroused. But even his arousal felt different, almost like he had peed himself. When he became fully aware of what had happened to him, he was shocked! He looked like one of the cheerleaders on the television...right down to the uniform! He had no idea what he was gong to do! Here he was in his living room in the body of a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader! No identification! Not even any normal clothes that would fit his new body! His mind was in a state of panic! However, he quickly calmed down and did what most men would do in that situation...Strip naked and explore his new sexy body!


"Keep calm, everybody!" State Senator Terrence Jones motioned to everyone in the back of his limo, "We can figure out who's who in this mess that the liberal media is calling 'The Great Shift.' First off, I'm my own daughter. Next to me is my driver in the body of her best friend, Samantha. Gus, my bodyguard, is in my body, and Sam is now Gus. Okay, I'm going to assume that my daughter is up there in my driver's body. If not, we need to fan out; we need to find her. She's still the most important thing in my life, and Shift or not, I need to make sure she's safe."

Fixed a caption...

As pointed out in the comments, this caption was messed up. I have fixed it!


"'Ey, Morty. Ya sure are wearin' that new body well. Them is some fancy duds."

"Thanks, Mickey. You ain't looking too shabby yourself. At first I was a little worried when that Great Shift stuck me in this broad's body, but I'm adjusting."

"Hell yeah, you are! I love your dress an' your shoes. You gotta let me borrow them sometime."

"Sure thing. This whole thing was a great deal for us two Brooklyn sleezeballs."