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Friday, August 7, 2009


Miguel couldn't help but notice the odd smile that the barista at the coffee shop gave him as he ordered his drink. It was if she had some sort of devious plan or something, but he tried his best to smile back without calling any attention to the situation. When she handed him his coffee, he felt a jolt of electricity run through the cup, and the next thing he knew he was in the barista's body! It was confusing to see his own body standing in front of him for a moment, but then it smiled and ran off. Miguel ran after it, screaming. However, his new smaller, daintier female legs were unable to keep up with his old, athletic male body. He made it out to the street before he lost track of his old self. Then the manager came out of the coffee shop, feverishly mad that his staff would just run after a customer like that!

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