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Friday, August 7, 2009

Male heir

Using a mystic Japanese secret, Ren had been alive for nearly a thousand years, swapping his soul into the body of his first born male grandchild. Part of him felt a little guilt about trapping a young soul in his old body, but his selfish nature always won out. In 2009, Ren was once again getting on in years, but all of his three daughters each also gave birth to three daughters. Knowing he had only days left to live, he ultimately decided to swap bodies with the eldest of his nine granddaughters. She had moved to America for college, so she would cause the least suspicion among the family. Once the mystic spell was complete, Ren found himself in her body, practicing with the school's other cheerleaders. He knew so little about her life--having always hoped for a grandson, but did his best until a male heir could be produced.

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