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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Social responsibility

When the Great Shift hit while Jason was at a concert, he ended up swapping with the show's star. From his new position on stage, he could see the chaos in the crowd and anticipated a riot might break out soon. Feeling a bit of social responsibility with the microphone now in his hand, he decided to overcome the discomfort of the immodest leather outfit he now wore and spoke to the audience. He told them that he assumed they were swapped, just like he was, but that panic wouldn't get anyone anywhere. The masses slowly calmed as people began to sort out who was who.

Dear Journal

"Dear Journal,

"It has now been sixteen days since the Great Shift. I have adjusted to being in a woman's body quite well up until today, which was the day of my first period. I had cramps; I felt bloated...everything people told me it would be. I hadn't missed being a guy up until this point--I had adjusted to other things, like make-up and women's clothing. Heck, I even caught myself checking a guy out the other day--A GUY! It was weird! But now, I just wish things could go back to the way they were; I wish I could be my old, male self again. But I know that's impossible...I need to learn to live with this."


Dylan knew that the woman he had been dating was a witch, but he hadn't expected her to take the breakup so bad. She cast some weird spell to swap bodies with him...even worse was that she put another spell on top of it so that he could not tell anyone who he really was. Feeling frustrated, he would write things in a vague manner to express his state, hoping someone would figure it out...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Dwayne didn't know what he was going to tell his coach. He had gone to bed next to his wife, and everything was normal. However, when he woke up he was in his wife's body and neither she (nor his body) was nowhere to be found! There would be no way he'd be able to quarterback a professional football game in his wife's body! He just hoped he wouldn't be sued for his his multi-million dollar contract!

A good deal

"Not bad..." Larry muttered while pulling down his shirt to check out his new tits.

He had paid a gypsy a cool grand to swap his body with a woman's. The gypsy told him that for another thousand she could be more specific and let him pick his target. However, Larry didn't have that sort of money and desperately wanted to be a woman. He decided to take the risk by allowing the swap to be random. He prayed he didn't wind up in an elderly woman's body as the gypsy cast her spell. Once finished, Larry was pleased with the results and came to the conclusion that he got a good deal.

Fictionmania is coming back!

I have heard news that Fictionmania will be returning to! Oh, Happy Day!

Thousand miles away

After a night of heavy drinking, Lars felt like a truck had run over him. What he did
not know was that those feelings weren't from the alcohol but from a magic potion his ex-girlfriend slipped him to steal his manhood and effectively swap her body with his. Once the headache passed, Lars would realize he possessed his ex's body but she'd be a thousand miles away by that point...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Playing spaceman

Before the Great Shift hit, Jeremy would wrap tinfoil around himself and run around the house pretending to be a spaceman. His mom would always yell at him for wasting the tinfoil. After the Great Shift, he thought his mom couldn't yell at him anymore...after all, he was in his mom's body, so he was the mom now! He dug into his mom's closet and pulled out the shiniest clothes he could find. He couldn't believe that his mom STILL yelled at him! She said he had to learn to act "like a lady." Jeremy groaned! He just wanted to have fun!!!


Kristen couldn't believe it. Her had had been tagging along with her everywhere ever since a freak electrical storm caused him to switch bodies with her best friend. He claimed he needed to go along to observe her so that he'd be able to know how to act like a college aged girl correctly. However, she suspected that he was using the opportunity to spy on her to make sure she wasn't getting in any trouble, because he didn't seem to be picking up on any of the finer points of womanhood. He still readily flashed a crowd when doing something simple like getting out of the car. She was just glad that their outing today was too the beach, and no one saw anything but a swimsuit...last time they went out her father had gone commando--THAT was an embarrassment!

Watch where you're going!

While walking out of her cab, Karin wasn't looking where she was going, nor was Bruce while he was talking on his cell phone. That's how the supermodel and the stock broker ended up swapping bodies. It was like something out of a Japanese movie, and neither could believe what was happening to them. Karin insisted there was nothing hard about being a stock broker, and Bruce laughed about how easily modeling must be. So both agreed to pretend to be the other until they could figure out a way to switch back, but both would learn how difficult the other's life was.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Gregg was truly impressed with the weird appliance he found at the department store that claimed it could do anything. For a little experiment, he transformed his twins into dolls to keep them from crying, and then he swapped his gender with his wife. He smiled. The device even changed his business suit into something more gender appropriate. His wife was a little weirded out by the power of the machine, but Gregg brought it to the register to inquire about the price.

Bodyswapping orb (Part 2)

For part one, please click here.

"Dude!" Kyle yelled, "I thought you said if we used that bodyswap orb again that we'd wind up back in our own bodies! Not the bodies of these fat cows! Had I know, I would've insisted we stay in those sluts bodies!"

"Relax," Mike said with a smile, "We'll just return to the wood again."

"But what happens if it swaps us into someone even worse? Plus, hiking through the woods, Mike? That's so much exercise...and all I feel like doing is sitting on my ass and eating!"

"No, that's just your body's instinct. Come on, let's go back and try again!"

Have fun walking home!

Nathan and his wife, Carol, were always arguing about one silly thing or another. Recently, Nathan had urged Carol to wear high heels more often, telling her how sexy he thought she looked in them. She spouted off that he just didn't understand how uncomfortable they were. The pair came to such blows that Nathan ended up sleeping on the couch that night. When he awoke, he was shocked to find himself sleeping on a park bench, miles from home, surrounded by people. But that wasn't the weirdest part of it...he was in his wife's body, and wearing impossibly high heels! He discovered a small note next to him, "Have fun waking home."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bachelor party

It was the morning after Steve's bachelor party and he just didn't feel right. His head and stomach felt strange. Did he have a hangover? It didn't FEEL like a hangover. He couldn't place it, but he just It would take him a while to figure out that he had swapped bodies with the stripper his friends hired for the party last night. Worse still was that the stripper in his body was already at the chapel, waiting to marry his fiance and steal his life.

Confusion and chaos

The Great Shift understandably caused much confusion and chaos in its wake. Carl, for instance, found himself with a terrible headache, and unable to walk with the impossibly high heels now on his feet,crawled over to a neighbor mirror. As he propped himself up on the heels br grabbing the mirror's sides, he was taken aback by the reflection of the beautiful, young woman staring back at him...the beautiful, young woman he now was!

The more things change...

In a way, Richard's life was greatly affected by the Great Shift. He had been a nerdy college student who enjoyed playing video games. He had been walking home from class when he swapped with a woman competing in a swimsuit competition. After shaking off the strange feeling, he just continued on his way until he got back to his dorm where he plopped down and played some video games. In a way, Richard's life didn't really change much as a result of the Great Shift.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Delaying the swap

After an accidental bodyswap right before their wedding, Diane promised her husband, Simon, that they would swap back before their honeymoon. After a rush to the airport, she promised they'd swap on the trip, and now that they've returned home, they still haven't swapped back. Simon was really getting annoyed with Diane delaying the swap. He was sick of her shoes pinching his feet and her pants being way too tight. What he didn't know, however, is that Diane was happy with the swap and had tossed the medallion into the ocean while they were on their honeymoon.

New clothes

It had been about a month since the Great Shift had swapped John into his older sister Jenny's body. He was begging to go to the mall, since he was sick of wearing Jenny's clothes, which consisted of dresses and skirts. Finally, his mom (who was incidentally now in John's body) and Jenny (now in the body of en elderly neighbor) agreed to let John take a trip to the mall all by himself. Jenny nearly had a heart attack when he returned and she saw how he had dressed her old body--a skimpy see-through top that exposed her bra and leather pants that were way too tight. John's mom wasn't happy with his selections either.

Just checking...

Jack was in a state of disbelief. He had boobs! And was wearing a bikini! And he just had to check...yep, he had a vagina!!! Which meant his penis was gone! He didn't yet know yet tha it was caused by something called the Great Shift, and it could've been a lot worse. Whereas he was stuck in the body of a sexy woman wearing a bikini; his best friend was now in the body of an 80 year old woman.

Monday, May 25, 2009

White room

They locked her in a white room inside of a psych ward. The pale woman screamed in a thick Hispanic as they locked her away, insisting that her name was Jesus. The doctors thought she was clearly suffering from some sort of mental breakdown. What they would never be able to figure out is that she was telling the truth. A freak astronomical occurence caused the woman to swap brains with a Hispanic man halfway around the world. His name was, in fact, Jesus de la Cruz, and he was having a bit of a breakdown, though not for the reasons the doctors suspected. He was having one because of the fact that he suddenly found himself inside the body of a white woman.


During a visit a strange island off the coast of Brazil, James met a woman named Iara, who he fell madly in love with. The two went to a temple for a bonding ceremony and were both shocked when they ended up swapping bodies! Iara told James that there was a shaman near the beach on the mainland that might be able to help them. The pair quickly sailed back to visit him. James was taken a little aback by how modern the shaman's place seemed--more like a doctor's office. He took a seat as the doctor and Iara started talking about the situation and how to fix it. James slumped down, bored, as the conversation seemed to go on and on. Finally the doctor turned to James and said to him in english, "I'm sorry, if you hadn't left the island, it wouldn't worn off in twenty-four hours, but as you did...well, you two are stuck!"


Jeremy never wanted a life of fame, but got forced into after bumping heads with a model on the street resulting in the pair swapping bodies--yeah, he knew it sounded like something out of a bad Japanese film. After it happened, he told her that he wanted to maintain his low profile life, but she threatened him with physical harm if he didn't continue her highly visible lifestyle. Besides, he really didn't want to ruin her life or her career if they were able to somehow swap back one day--they tried bumping heads again multiple times to no avail. At photoshoots, he was so disinterested, often slouching or gazing off into the distance. The fashion world went crazy over his "I don't care" approach, launching his modeling career towards superstardom. He never wanted to be famous, but now he was...for simply sitting around in underwear and not caring.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beach Exchange (Part 2)

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Melissa had finally caught up with the glowing blue ball that had swapped her hair and physique with that of a bodybuilder. She had seen numerous other changes it had made on other people, which made her a little nervous about trying to change back. But before she could think twice, it engulfed her and the bodybuilder once more. When the glow went away she was releaved to see her body was back to normal....but could she see that? She wasn't looking in a mirror or anything...she looked down to see a muscular MALE body; she had now completely swapped with the bodybuilder! Gross! As she looked over, she was shocked to see the bodybuilder in her body looking down and playing with her boobs! She had said she wanted her body back to normal, but she also meant that she wanted to be the one inside of it!

Bodyswapping Orb

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The Football Team

The stars of the high school football team were much less intimidating after the effect of the Great Shift. They had swapped bodies with several of the cheerleaders, who were on the field at the same time. Each one had their own difficulties adjusting to their new bodies. Hank, for instance, had troubles like many shifted men-turned-women, with periods, bras, and such; things he never had to deal with as a man. Chuck was annoyed at how men now looked at him like a piece of meat, as if they always wanted to get into his pants. Will had been a linebacker, and now had to cope with the loss of about two-thirds of his mass. He felt so weak and helpless all the time. But poor Graham may have had the worst. Swapped into the body of a black woman, he now had to deal with his conservative parents. His dad was a clear misogynist, and both were somewhat racist. They gave him nothing but grief after the swap, and he just couldn't stand it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

That bitch tricked me!

"That bitch tricked me," Quincy mumbled, "I told my cousin about my secret desire to be a woman, and she offered to swap bodies with me. At first I thought she was bullshitting me, but she insisted she could do it. All she needed was someone who was willing; I quickly agreed. Now I know why she was so eager to swap. Shortly after she left, the cops came and slapped on some handcuffs and arrested me! I'm not sure what she did, but I'm pissed off she did this to me!"

Private school

Many people enroll their children in private schools with the best hope for their children, and the Jones family was no exception. They wanted their boys, Jay and Zak to go to the best school in the county. Unfortunately for the boys, it happened to be an all girls school. The boys parents, unwilling to take no for an answer, forced their sons to dress as girls for the admission test. When they passed with flying colors, their parents forced them to attended, dressing them up as convincing girls in school uniforms each day.