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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Football Team

The stars of the high school football team were much less intimidating after the effect of the Great Shift. They had swapped bodies with several of the cheerleaders, who were on the field at the same time. Each one had their own difficulties adjusting to their new bodies. Hank, for instance, had troubles like many shifted men-turned-women, with periods, bras, and such; things he never had to deal with as a man. Chuck was annoyed at how men now looked at him like a piece of meat, as if they always wanted to get into his pants. Will had been a linebacker, and now had to cope with the loss of about two-thirds of his mass. He felt so weak and helpless all the time. But poor Graham may have had the worst. Swapped into the body of a black woman, he now had to deal with his conservative parents. His dad was a clear misogynist, and both were somewhat racist. They gave him nothing but grief after the swap, and he just couldn't stand it.

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