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Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Deal

“Look, Elise, you’d better learn to act properly in my body for as long as we’re swapped unless you want everyone to see this,” George threatened as he stuck his finger in his nose.

“I’ll do my best,” Elise said nervously, “But you need to act like me, too.”

“Then we have a deal. We need to pretend to be each other until we can figure out a way to swap our bodies back.”

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Girlfriend in a Coma

Using the Medallion of Zulu to swap bodies with Zoe for twelve hours seemed like a decent idea at the time. After all, it was a once in the life time opportunity for Jared to spend time experiencing what it felt like to be a woman, and he’d be back to his own body in no time. He didn’t expect his own body to fall into a coma in that time, and to make matters worse, Zoe hadn’t told him where she put the medallion for safekeeping. He realized he was going to be her until his own body woke up...

Friday, May 29, 2020

I Agree

Jacob was up late one night when he stumbled across a site called “Body Roulette.” He laughed at the pitch about dreaming to be someone else. Thinking it was some sort of role play chatroom, he clicked a bunch of buttons marked “I agree.” Eventually, an image of a busty woman came on screen with the words “You have been matched.” Jacob chuckled, thinking he was going to have to pretend to be this woman. However, one final click and he felt a pain stinging through his body. The next thing he knew, he felt a giant weight on his chest. He felt a moment of regret, placing his hand to his head for a facepalm. But then a smile crept onto his face. This wasn’t pretend; this was going to be a whole new, strange experience.

Thursday, May 28, 2020


Byron awoke with hair in his face. He couldn’t figure out where it came from. He brush it aside, but it seemed to follow him as he moved his head. The mystery was solved when he looked in the mirror to see the face of his ex-girlfriend looking back at him. He screamed. This was a nightmare. He had broken up with her because she was clingy and needy, but now he was stuck with her in way that was much closer than he could have ever imagined. He had her body! He had her stupid long hair hanging from his head -- her head? He was a her! He was her! He couldn’t stand it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

French Class

On the night before what should’ve been his last day of high school, Kyle prayed for a way to fix his grade in French. He was failing and needed a miracle to pass and graduate. A miracle is exactly what he got when he awoke the next morning inside the body of his teacher, Miss LaSalle. He immediately opened up her grade book and pushed his scores just a little bit higher. Feeling like this fulfilled his prayer, he expected to immediately swap back, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he ended up going to school in Miss LaSalle’s body. It was weird for him to be sitting in the front of the classroom with forty eyes staring at him. He was glad not much was expected on the last day of school, because failing one year of French wasn’t exactly a great experience for being a French teacher. It also gave him the whole summer to get back to his own body. After all, he was expecting to start college in the fall, and he was pretty sure he couldn’t go like this! Plus, if he was still like this, he might need to actually learn French for real.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Conor was just an average white guy from the suburbs. He would never admit it, out loud but walking through certain neighborhoods in the city made him feel a little unsafe. He tried to fight these internal biases, but he could never fully do it. It wasn’t until the Great Shift happened that he was forced to face these feelings head on. Suddenly, instead of sitting on the couch of his four bedroom house in the burbs, he was in a one bedroom apartment in exactly one of the neighborhoods he felt unsafe. Then he looked in the mirror and realized neither the word “white” nor “guy” properly describe him anymore. He grabbed the purse by a hook and put on the high heeled shoes that sat by the door and ventured onto the street. Despite this new body, he was no less nervous. And, in fact, the chaos of everyone screaming about being in a different body made him even more stressed out. He quickly retreated back into the apartment, hoping it would all sort itself out somehow soon.

Monday, May 25, 2020


Nick felt quite proud of himself. It hadn’t been hard to use the old magic books he found to cast a spell that transformed him into an exact copy of his former classmate, Amanda. He hadn’t seen Amanda since high school, but even two years later he still had memories about how she had been completely mean to him. He teased and mocked him, found ways to humiliate him, and was just generally cruel. Now he had a chance for a bit of revenge. The first step was done; he was her! Next he had to track her down. For the third step, he was going to use the books to turn her into him then the tables would be turned! He could make fun of her just like she had done to him. But it wouldn’t stop there! With the books, he could do so much worse to her. While he had never been all that attractive, he could cast a spell on her to make her especially ugly or age her rapidly or just cause some extra pain. This was going to be good!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Unchartered (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Nigel eventually took up the resort’s offer, and got an assortment of clothes for this body and one of the nicest suites in the hotel. But his problem was a little more complicated than just swapping into the wrong body. He had planned this trip because he was old and sick; his doctors hadn’t given him long to live. He had heard rumors that if your original body died while vacationing on Exchange Island, you kept the body you swapped with. And that’s why he scheduled this trip to be a year long, and that’s why he chartered that flight with a very exact group of young men. He wasn’t even sure if could leave early, and if he did, he wouldn’t have time to pull this off again before he passed. The other option would be to just stay here in this body, and let his former body pass. Then he’d be stuck like this, stuck as a woman.

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Nigel Brooks had planned his trip to Exchange Island perfectly to ensure an optimal result. The 80-year-old billionaire chartered a personal flight with only a handful of young professionals just out of college, all of them handsome, fit young men. It would ensure he would swap with one for the entirety of this expedition. But after he arrived, instead of swapping with one of the men as planned, he found himself on the beach with dried salt in tangled hair and holes in tattered jeans. The most shocking aspect of it all was that he was a woman! He could only presume that she was in some sort of boating accident off the coast at around the same time his plane had landed.

Well, this wasn’t what Nigel had signed up for at all! He stormed to the front desk of the resort, demanding a different swap. The staff were helpful, but they explained it didn’t matter how this other person came to the island; they couldn’t control the swaps. They offered Nigel some clothes and insisted  he take one of the nicest rooms. Nigel was furious. He talked about how much money he paid to be a young man again for a time. The last thing he wanted was to be a woman! He began to cry.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Change the Plan

Bruce thought that swapping bodies with a woman would be an instant turn. Yet once he actually built up the courage to steal a woman’s body, he was disappointed. Something about having a feminine body so accessible just wasn’t the same. 

He quickly adjusted his plan by going into a women’s locker room. This too came up short. Now that estrogen and other female hormones were running through him, the idea of women in various states of undress just wasn’t exciting him.

But he wouldn’t give up. He pulled out his phone and started taking pictures. No one would think twice if he pretended to take some selfies while actually quietly snapping photos of other women. He might not be enjoying this sight right now, but when he was back in his own body he certainly would!

Of course, what Bruce hadn’t thought of was how exactly he was going to get his own body back now...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Business as Usual

“Quite frankly, I don’t care that I swapped bodies with Aida. I don’t care that the entire world swapped bodies. These reports need to be finished, and no one is going home until they’re done.” With that, Dan put his glasses on and leaned over the table in the conference room. Then he sighed and took the glasses off, knowing he no longer need them since he had the eyes of Aida, his administrative assistant.

The rest of the office looked on awkwardly, a few noticing that Dan was about to give a free show thanks to Aida’s short skirt. Others just wanted to go home. Work had been tough enough after The Great Shift struck earlier that day, and the fact that Dan, the head of the company, was pressuring to continue on with business as usual was tough to accept.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


The last thing Harold remembered was turning on his invention that was supposed to enhance traits to “make him cool.” It was a device he had envisioned in high school, but never acted on creating, thinking college would be better. College was no better. He was still made fun of daily for being a scrawny, nerdy loser. But waking up and getting to his feet, he realized something had gone wrong. He wasn’t a cool version of himself -- he was a woman!

“Hey, Bro, you’re up!” Harold heard a voice say. He turned to see  a vaguely recognizable version of himself enter the room. The guy was buff, tan, and -- simply put -- cool.

The other Harold continued, “Just so you know, our invention actually worked. I’m everything we dreamed of. Unfortunately, there was a side effect. All the super lame parts of my personality became, well, you.”

“But I’m a woman!”

“You know we always used to get shit on for being girlie. You probably got whatever chick hormones we had too.”

“You mean estrogen?” The female Harold asked. He paused thinking abut that exchange, realizing he didn’t truly get the short end of the stick. Yes, he retained his effeminate nature and the bodily hormones had made this form a woman’s; he was still scrawny, pale, and nerdy. But his had unwittingly considered his intelligence a “nerdy” trait, and retained that as well. His male counterpart, while now buff, attractive, and totally masculine also seemed to be relatively dumb. The female Harold knew he could fix it and merge them back together but also had a hunch the male Harold might object.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Orbs (Part 4)

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The days passed; Andrew and Maria kept trying to use the orbs, but they never worked. Eventually, much like the orbs mysteriously appeared in the office, they went away. Maria seemed mildly upset, but Andrew took a deep breath. 

“I think I can do this. I can be you,” He told her, “There’s just one thing I need to know about. Kyle keeps calling. I need to know what to tell him.” 

“I guess it’s all up to you now,” Maria sighed, “But here’s the deal. He’s my husband, but he cheated on me. So we separated; we were trying to see if could reconcile when all this happened. I don’t know what else to tell you.” 

Andrew took a deep breath before leaning in and smiling. “I got this,” He said.

Monday, May 18, 2020

The Orbs (Part 3)

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Both Andrew and Maria made it through the day without any incident. They tried to orbs one last time before leaving to no avail; that meant they were going to be stuck in each others bodies for at least the weekend. They spent the rest of Friday giving each other instructions on how to dress and act, mostly in preparation for returning to work on Monday. The weekend certainly helped Andrew adjust to being in Maria’s body. By the time Monday rolled around, he effortlessly slipped into a blue dress and put on some makeup. It wasn’t until he arrived to work on Monday that something threw him off. There was a large vase full of flowers on Maria’s desk with a note, “I don’t know what I did wrong, but I missed you on Saturday. Love, Kyle.” Andrew guessed Kyle was Maria’s boyfriend, but she hadn’t mentioned him. She certainly didn’t tell hi to show up to any date! He wasn’t sure he would’ve gone, but he also began to wonder what else Maria hadn’t told him.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Orbs (Part 2)

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Andrew and Maria tried touching the orbs at the same time together several more times. The orbs didn’t swap them back, nor did they provide the same calming feeling they did earlier. Eventually, Andrew sat down in Maria’s seat and took of her blazer, and suggested they try later. Maybe they needed time to recharge or something? Maria sighed as she agreed as well. She told Andrew that, luckily, Fridays weren’t busy at the front desk; he should be able to handle it. Andrew told Maria he’d try to covertly do his work on her computer and send some reports she’d need to forward throughout the day to her email. It seemed like a reasonable enough plan to pretend to be each other until they could use the orbs again to switch back...

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Orbs

On Friday mornings, Andrew usually arrived early to the office. The only one who regularly got their there first was Maria, the receptionist. An odd silver orb sat in the front desk; Andrew asked Maria about it. She shrugged, telling him she didn’t know where it came from or why it was there, but there was another one out back by the printer. Andrew touched it and felt a calming sense of contentment. He was excited to explain it to Maria, but he couldn’t quite find the words. He suggested she try it for herself. She walked back to the printer and placed her hand on the orb, feeling the same calm contentment.

Andrew looked at her and decided to try it again, but as he placed his hand on one orb while Maria had hers on the other, they both felt a zap. The calm contentment became a sense of overwhelming happiness. Andrew knew he was smiling but also found it hard to focus on much else. He didn’t want to, but he eventually pulled his hand away from the orb. But instead of standing by the front desk, he realized he was now out back by the printer. And his hand was now thinner and more delicate. His mind took a minute to catch up the realization that when he and Maria touched the orbs at the same time, they had ended up swapping bodies! He was now in Maria’s body, and she must be in his! He looked back up to the front desk, and sure enough his body was standing there with a look of confusion...

Friday, May 15, 2020

Best Job Ever

The job didn’t pay much, but Rufus happily enjoyed the perks. He had signed up on a website to take care of houseplants and pets at homes while people were away, but the fact that he had the Medallion of Zulu made going to these places much more interesting. For about a year, he was almost exclusively picked any males in the homes he helped tend. However, he eventually came upon a home where only a sole woman lived, and he decided to take the plunge on the other side of the gender fence. It was at that point, he decided to always pick women if possible. It was amazing what he’d find in the house after transforming himself. Sometimes they’d look like mousy librarian types in photos -- or be a mother of four -- and then in the back of the closet, he’d find all sorts of leather stuff. He certainly never complained. It was too much fun; this was literally the best job ever.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Worth the Money

It had been two long years since Arthur’s vacation to Exchange Island, a vacation that was cut short due to an emergency. As a result of the evacuation, all the guests visiting ended up trapped inside the bodies they had been swapped with at the resort. Communication from the tour company went dead soon after. It didn’t take Arthur long to get on his yacht and go looking for the island. He spent a small chunk of his fortune dedicated to the search. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy his current body -- heck, lounging about on the deck of his yacht with a drink wearing a bikini was a blast -- but he still wanted his body back simply because it was HIS. It was worth the money.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Don't Be Surprised

“I bet the last thing you expected was to come from from work to find your girlfriend pointing a gun at your head. But you really shouldn’t be all that surprised, should you, Mark? Or should I say Ivan?

”Yeah, that’s right. We know all about your body swapping tech. In fact, we’ve already taken it. How do you think I’m in your girlfriend’s body right now? Did you think we wouldn’t figure everything out based on what you left behind? No one screws us over, Ivan! No one screws ME over! I own you and all you create. There is no escape!”

Ivan had used his body swapping technology some time ago to escape from the Russian mob, and now his former boss, Vlad, was in his new girlfriend’s body and threatening to shoot him in the head. But he also realized Vlad made a critical mistake. Despite the gun, Emily’s body was no match for him. Ivan could easily overpower Vlad the wrestled the gun away. He might hurt Emily’s body, but it seemed like the best option at this point. He didn’t even know if Emily’s brain was still alive. He needed answers, and Vlad was the only person that could give them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Brett had started college with the preconceived notion that the liberals and PC police had already hijacked most of higher education, but he never expected anything as extreme as what he experienced in his first week. It started with meeting this chick who was an intense feminist. He figured he could just ignore her, but he groaned after finding out she was in his writing class.

But it soon got so much worse. Two days into class, the teacher gave his first assignment. He was going to pair people up, and of course he was partnered with this ultra feminist chick. Then this teacher brought out a device that literally swapped the bodies of each pair. Now Brett not only had to deal with this chick -- he was that chick!

The first half of the assignment as easy for Brett -- write about how things were different from this different perspective, which for Brett meant complaining about it. The second part was much harder -- identify five positive things about your partner while in their body. This Brett struggled with. He couldn’t even come up with one! He loathed being in her body, yet he was going to be stuck until could complete the assignment. He spent hours coming up with nothing. He lounged in the dorms, he paced around campus, he stood at counters. He still had nothing. Eventually, he was able to come up with a sentence.

He wrote, “I guess I’m a little bit hot.” He felt weird even thinking about that. There was nothing hot about this chick. He was annoying and opinionated...except without her mind in this body, those qualities ween’t really there. He added a second sentence, “I think about how much better this body is with my brain in it instead.”


With businesses and offices starting to open back up again after The Great Shift, Justin thought about how things had been for him in the past few weeks since he found himself in a woman’s body. When he shifted, he luckily wasn’t far from his own home, so he made it back and just sort of stayed put. He had quite a bit of canned food, thought he also ordered delivery. For clothes, he sort of had to piece outfits together from things old girlfriends had left behind -- he actually had a considerable stash that he had never bothered to throw away. It was probably good that it was mostly things like workout pants, t-shirts, bras, panties, and even a pair of sneakers. Some things fit better than others, but it was still all mostly fine and reasonably comfortable. He had no idea what his actual size was, so he was hesitant to order clothes off the internet, and no stores had really reopened yet. That was tomorrow, when people like him would be back at work. People would see him and his new body for the first time. It was a little bit scary, but he was ready, wasn’t he?

Monday, May 11, 2020


Sam waited as the trains arrived in the station. He was waiting to see his wife one last time. He knew she wouldn’t recognize him. She’d never even know anything was really amiss. While she was away on a business trip, he underwent a secret procedure. His thoughts were removed from his head and placed inside a new body, a woman’s body. His former body would continue on, without realizing anything had even happened, but with the desire to be a woman removed from his now former body’s head. Meanwhile, Sam would get to continue in his new life, in a body he was able to design himself. He was the woman he always dreamed of. He didn’t feel gay, just sort of wrong, but he didn’t want to hurt his wife. He knew she would never accept this. It’s why he had to do it in this way, in secret. Part of the agreement was that he was never supposed to contact her. He considered this a loophole. He wasn’t going to “contact” her, but merely be in a place where he knew she would be. Just so he could see her one last time, to think a fond goodbye as she walked away.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Wedding Guest (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
With all the chaos the night of the wedding, Jason didn’t get the name of the woman he swapped with. He quietly went back to the hotel he was staying at. He slept in the cocktail dress, which was uncomfortable and kept him up. But the real problem happened the next morning. He tried to change into some of his male clothing, but couldn’t get the pants over his butt, his large breasts made it impossible to button his shirts. He reluctant continued to wear the cocktail dress and called his sister. She was distraught and didn’t want to talk, so he spoke to her new husband (who had swapped with the maid of honor). He connected Jason with his friend and his date. Her name was Lucia, and she seemed nice enough when she agreed to bring over some clothes. Unfortunately, everything about her style flaunted her sexuality. She mostly wore dresses with plunging neck lines. The only pair of pants she had were leather ones. The only shoes she had were heels. Jason felt her outfits were only moderately better than the cocktail dress, but at least they were clean. But after twenty four hours or so, the strangest thing began to happen -- Jason started to feel comfortable like this. This body stopped feeling strange and began to feel more natural. He wondered if others affected by the Shift were starting to feel the same way.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wedding Guest

Jason understood why everyone was focused on his sister. After all, today was her wedding day. When the Great Shift struck in the middle of the reception, people were concerned with how the new bride was coping -- especially considering she swapped into the body of their father. But the Shift didn’t just affect her, everyone there was also now in a new body! Jason, for instance, stood nervously and quietly by the side of the room. He swapped with the date of one of the groom’s friends. Her figure seemed to practically defy gravity in this tight dress, and now this figure was now Jason’s. He kept looking down, still not used to what he saw. He realized he didn’t even know her name -- something he should probably try to figure out before the end of the night. But he didn’t want to insert himself into the commotion. He just stayed a wallflower, occasionally looking down, and still being surprised by the view each time. He wasn’t sure he was ever going to get used to this...

Friday, May 8, 2020

No Refunds. No Exchanges.

Edgar took a look back at his wife. Coming to Exchange Island for a week had been her idea. Now he was in the body of a young Asian woman, and she was in the body of an elderly, mute, wheelchair-bound man. She had no way of communicating with him, he just guessed she wanted him to have a good time. He wheeled her down to poolside to let her enjoy the view as he went swimming. As he turned to walk away, he swore he saw her grin as she checked out his ass. He felt bad for her, but there was nothing he could do until their time was up. The rules of the island were clear -- the body you got for the duration of your trip was it. There were no refunds and no exchanges. But he still couldn’t help but think it very unfair that his wife couldn’t enjoy this vacation as much as he would...

Thursday, May 7, 2020

The Middle of Nowhere

“I told you this view looks gorgeous,” Allan sighed as he leaned his head back.

“It feels pretty gorgeous, too,” Chuck added, “It’s too bad we have to give these bodies back in 24 hours.”

“Do we?”

“Yeah, that’s when the magic spells expires, and we have to meet back up with our girlfriends to swap back.”

“Oh, it doesn’t expire,” Allan grinned, “If we don’t swap back within 24 hours, it just means we’re stuck in each other’s bodies forever.”

“So if we don’t meet up with them, we’ll be in Angela and Marcie’s bodies permanently?”

“Uh-huh. And we also happen to be miles away from civilization at the moment. If we camp out and stay here, there’s no way anyone would find us for a week.”

“I think I can stand a night out here. They better not find us. I don’t want to swap back either.”

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

By Monday

“What the hell?” Robert exclaimed softly in shock as he fell back into a chair and pulled a long strand of hair from the side of his head.

“I need a favor,” His roommate Todd asked, “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend Allie for me for a bit.”

“Dude, maybe you should’ve asked for the favor BEFORE you turned me into a copy of her? This is unbelievable.”

“I couldn’t risk you saying no.”

“Yeah, well, now I am going to say no. This is insane.”

“You can’t. You don’t even have to talk to me. She just needs to be...well, around...for the next few days. And since you have nowhere else to’ll be here and be her. It’l work out. You’ll be yourself by Monday.”

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Live Stream

It had only been a few days since Raj had stolen her body, but so far no one suspected he wasn’t really Karen. If he hoped to keep it that way, he’d have to keep up her routine. Every couple days, she posted a live video of her workout routine to Instagram, so he got her phone ready to stream.

He was thankful that he had figured out hacking her accounts in advance. Heck, the security on websites was child’s play for him. After all, he figured out how to hack into people’s minds, which is, of course, how he was able to become Karen int he first place.

He was loving being her so much that he was pretty sure that he was never going to go back to his own body after this. Being a woman was just too much fun!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

In Vegas

Jenny nervously walked the floor of the casino. She was visiting Las Vegas and had seen an ad for a service where you could spend the night in someone else’s body. She selected a guy’s body, thinking it would be interested to be treated as a man for a little while. The swap was quick and painless, but getting used to being a guy was weird. She was taller now, and the feeling between her legs as she walked was truly strange.

She had fun at a few games, and felt like she was being treated with more respect -- thought she honestly realized she couldn’t be sure of that. Then a sight at the casino bar caught her eye. It had been hard to recognize it at first because of the outfit, but that was her body sitting there! She approached feeling indignant.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Jenny asked.

“Getting a drink. What does it look like?” Her body retorted.

“But you’ve dressed me up like a slut! Where did you even get those clothes?”

“They aren’t THAT bad! I went shopping. Well, YOU went shopping. You also got a brand new tattoo.”

“But you can’t DO that to my body!”

“What are you going to do about it? Unless you want me to keep it.”

“I’l report you to your boss?”

“Ha! Do you think they hire people to swap for their business? No, they find two people both shelling out dough to swap with each other. The way I see it, I paid for this body; I’m going to do what I want with it.”

Saturday, May 2, 2020


Emanuel took a deep breath in before walking across the room to stand between the two women. He took another breath before opening his mouth to speak.

“I’m sure this is going to sound absolutely insane,” He said, “But I woke up this morning in this body. I’m not even sure who I am. I found instructions to put these clothes on and come here. So, basically, yeah, did either of you wake up this morning in a ballerina’s body?”

“No,” The woman to his left sighed before taking a long pause, “It happened to me six months ago.”

“And she’s got it lucky,” The other woman said, “I’ve been like this for three years. They dangle hope about getting our bodies back if we get good enough, but I’m skeptical. I’ve been on tours, gotten big bookings, and yet every day I still wake up with this body to come to practice.”

“So why do you keep doing it?” Emanuel asked.

“Either I’m overly hopeful that I will someday get my body back, or I’ve realized that I’m not sure what I would do with myself in this body if I didn’t do this...”