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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

French Class

On the night before what should’ve been his last day of high school, Kyle prayed for a way to fix his grade in French. He was failing and needed a miracle to pass and graduate. A miracle is exactly what he got when he awoke the next morning inside the body of his teacher, Miss LaSalle. He immediately opened up her grade book and pushed his scores just a little bit higher. Feeling like this fulfilled his prayer, he expected to immediately swap back, but that didn’t happen. Instead, he ended up going to school in Miss LaSalle’s body. It was weird for him to be sitting in the front of the classroom with forty eyes staring at him. He was glad not much was expected on the last day of school, because failing one year of French wasn’t exactly a great experience for being a French teacher. It also gave him the whole summer to get back to his own body. After all, he was expecting to start college in the fall, and he was pretty sure he couldn’t go like this! Plus, if he was still like this, he might need to actually learn French for real.

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