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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Brett had started college with the preconceived notion that the liberals and PC police had already hijacked most of higher education, but he never expected anything as extreme as what he experienced in his first week. It started with meeting this chick who was an intense feminist. He figured he could just ignore her, but he groaned after finding out she was in his writing class.

But it soon got so much worse. Two days into class, the teacher gave his first assignment. He was going to pair people up, and of course he was partnered with this ultra feminist chick. Then this teacher brought out a device that literally swapped the bodies of each pair. Now Brett not only had to deal with this chick -- he was that chick!

The first half of the assignment as easy for Brett -- write about how things were different from this different perspective, which for Brett meant complaining about it. The second part was much harder -- identify five positive things about your partner while in their body. This Brett struggled with. He couldn’t even come up with one! He loathed being in her body, yet he was going to be stuck until could complete the assignment. He spent hours coming up with nothing. He lounged in the dorms, he paced around campus, he stood at counters. He still had nothing. Eventually, he was able to come up with a sentence.

He wrote, “I guess I’m a little bit hot.” He felt weird even thinking about that. There was nothing hot about this chick. He was annoying and opinionated...except without her mind in this body, those qualities ween’t really there. He added a second sentence, “I think about how much better this body is with my brain in it instead.”

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