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Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Orbs

On Friday mornings, Andrew usually arrived early to the office. The only one who regularly got their there first was Maria, the receptionist. An odd silver orb sat in the front desk; Andrew asked Maria about it. She shrugged, telling him she didn’t know where it came from or why it was there, but there was another one out back by the printer. Andrew touched it and felt a calming sense of contentment. He was excited to explain it to Maria, but he couldn’t quite find the words. He suggested she try it for herself. She walked back to the printer and placed her hand on the orb, feeling the same calm contentment.

Andrew looked at her and decided to try it again, but as he placed his hand on one orb while Maria had hers on the other, they both felt a zap. The calm contentment became a sense of overwhelming happiness. Andrew knew he was smiling but also found it hard to focus on much else. He didn’t want to, but he eventually pulled his hand away from the orb. But instead of standing by the front desk, he realized he was now out back by the printer. And his hand was now thinner and more delicate. His mind took a minute to catch up the realization that when he and Maria touched the orbs at the same time, they had ended up swapping bodies! He was now in Maria’s body, and she must be in his! He looked back up to the front desk, and sure enough his body was standing there with a look of confusion...

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