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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Don't Be Surprised

“I bet the last thing you expected was to come from from work to find your girlfriend pointing a gun at your head. But you really shouldn’t be all that surprised, should you, Mark? Or should I say Ivan?

”Yeah, that’s right. We know all about your body swapping tech. In fact, we’ve already taken it. How do you think I’m in your girlfriend’s body right now? Did you think we wouldn’t figure everything out based on what you left behind? No one screws us over, Ivan! No one screws ME over! I own you and all you create. There is no escape!”

Ivan had used his body swapping technology some time ago to escape from the Russian mob, and now his former boss, Vlad, was in his new girlfriend’s body and threatening to shoot him in the head. But he also realized Vlad made a critical mistake. Despite the gun, Emily’s body was no match for him. Ivan could easily overpower Vlad the wrestled the gun away. He might hurt Emily’s body, but it seemed like the best option at this point. He didn’t even know if Emily’s brain was still alive. He needed answers, and Vlad was the only person that could give them.

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