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Saturday, May 2, 2020


Emanuel took a deep breath in before walking across the room to stand between the two women. He took another breath before opening his mouth to speak.

“I’m sure this is going to sound absolutely insane,” He said, “But I woke up this morning in this body. I’m not even sure who I am. I found instructions to put these clothes on and come here. So, basically, yeah, did either of you wake up this morning in a ballerina’s body?”

“No,” The woman to his left sighed before taking a long pause, “It happened to me six months ago.”

“And she’s got it lucky,” The other woman said, “I’ve been like this for three years. They dangle hope about getting our bodies back if we get good enough, but I’m skeptical. I’ve been on tours, gotten big bookings, and yet every day I still wake up with this body to come to practice.”

“So why do you keep doing it?” Emanuel asked.

“Either I’m overly hopeful that I will someday get my body back, or I’ve realized that I’m not sure what I would do with myself in this body if I didn’t do this...”

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