Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Elevator (Part 2)

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I rushed down the bottom floor where I waited very impatiently in the lobby. I made sure to get a view of every group of people coming out of the elevators and kept an eye on the stairs as well. The creep who stole my girlfriend’s body and left me stuck in the body of this businesswoman must’ve been hoping to wait me out on the many floors above. As the hours passed, the businesswoman’s cellphone was going off with calls and texts. Her work was furious she hadn’t shown up yet, but I presumed the woman would rather be fired than potentially be stuck in the wrong body forever, so I ignored them.

It was almost 5 o’clock before I finally saw him coming out the elevator in my girlfriend’s body. I grabbed his arm, demanding he swap us back to normal. He shrugged, saying our original bodies were nowhere around to be swapped back into. I almost gave up and let him go in that moment. But I made an alternate demand. He and I would go back into the elevator. He would swap bodies with me and show me how to do it. Then he’d be the one in this businesswoman’s body, and I’d be my girlfriend. It wouldn’t be ideal, but at least I could keep her body safe and prevent this guy from doing anything weird to it. He tried to resist. But I insisted, and ultimately he agreed. And so we headed back into the elevator together.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Funeral Prayer (Part 3)

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As the months passed, I got used to being called Simone and living Simone’s life. Heck, for all intents and purposes, I was Simone now, and I was at peace with that. I used to go visit Luke’s grave with the hopes that somehow I would swap back to my original body, but now I mostly just went out of habit. Luke, in his grandfather’s body, would come along sometimes as well -- though he admitted it was tough due to his old age at times. But he also told me he didn’t mind being old, and he was on bonus time anyway, considering he should technically already be dead.

On one graveyard visit, Luke asked me to marry him. I shot him a look. He quickly explained it wasn’t about love or anything like that, but merely transactional. Luke’s grandfather had quite a bit of money and Luke had been the hopeful heir. That was all off the table now. Through marriage he could pass it off to me, a friend, someone he trusted, tax free. Plus, I could quit my job, and we could just live together and play video games all the time or whatever.

I had to admit that it sounded like a pretty good plan.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Medieval Times

Lord Nigel York was baffled for months as to how his maid, Caroline, had managed to steal his body while placing him into hers. He had been forced to live her life as a servant, preparing meals, cleaning, and sleeping on the floor of the help’s quarters. She must’ve been having the time of her life going on a fox hunt, enjoying a good joust, or even the simple pleasure of sharing the bed with his wife.

But one day, a pestering boy from a neighbor’s popped into the kitchen to ask “if it worked.” Nigel quickly guessed the boy was talking about the body swap and got him to explain all about the wizard, the potion, and the process for mixing it with food.

Sneaking away to get to the wizard was difficult, but Nigel managed to do so and even got to slip some into nightly meal. He looked at the bowl, quite pleased with himself.

He served the bowl to his former body, hoping it would once again trigger the swap back to his own body that night. However, in his horror Nigel watched as Caroline passed the soup to his wife. There was nothing more he could do. His wife would wake up in Caroline’s body tomorrow, and he would be inside the body of his own wife.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

A Better Mom

Everyone in the neighborhood knew the kid in the house living next to me was weird, but few truly appreciated just how weird he was. I didn’t myself until I got a knock at my door at 2PM one Saturday. His mom was in tears and the 10-year-old brat just stood there with a scowl on his face.

“Please, leave Mr. Weiss alone,” The mom begged.

Her pleas went unanswered as the kid started speaking in Latin or something, mist swirled around us, and the next thing I knew I was looking at myself.

“Now, take me to the arcade, MOM, now. You’re a fun mom now, right?” The kid was talking to me for some reason, and it took me a second to realize why. He had swapped me into his mom’s body. Considering the power this kid had, I decided best not to piss him off and agreed to take him.

I just sort of stood there and watched him, feeling awkward being a middle aged mom instead of a 20-something year old guy. I let him play until the arcade closed and even let him have ice cream for dinner.

I had hoped being nice would convince him to give me my body back. Instead, he told me I was a way better mom than his own mom had ever been, and he was going to keep me like this.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Present (Part 2)

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Ever since Christmas Miles would wake up and check out his new body. Then he’d look over at the gross, snoring man sharing his bed, and he’d want to vomit. He’d make lunch fo the two little girls and drive them to school. He felt like he probably should’ve felt something toward them, but he just didn’t; he simply found them to be annoying. But he made sure his passport was up to date, he shifted some mone in the family’s finances, and then he booked a cheap flgith and waited.

Then one day, after dropping the girls off for school, he drove to the airport. Within a few hours, he was on an exotic island. He hadn’t bought a return ticket; he didn’t bring his phone; he was just making a clean break and starting a new life here. But, he could enjoy the beach first. He marveled how good his body looked in the swimsuit and he began to smile and flirt with single guys on the beach. He never felt bad for the family he left behind; he never felt like they were his family at all to begin with.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Oui, Monsieur!

Becoming a tech billionaire had turned Max into a complete jerk. He loved using throwing his money around to show his power. On a personal level, this didn’t attract many girlfriends, so he often resorted to hiring “escorts.”

Max was actually Roxanne’s first client. When she arrived, Max threw an outfit at her and told her to change. He smiled as she came out of the other room wearing the outfit he picked out. But when she opened her mouth to speak with a thick Brooklyn accent, he was angry. He didn’t think this was the classy escort he had been promised at all! Not that it would stop him at all as he undid his belt.

The Role Exchanger had other plans. The blue glow paused over Roxanne and Max, pulsing through them and a few other people nearby, swapping a number of traits between them all.

Max now stood in Roxanne’s body instead of his own. He felt nervous and shy. He quickly bowed to Roxanne, who was now in his former body.

Max now spoke with a soft feminine voice with a French accent, “What shall you have me, how you say, accompleesh?”

“Better start cleaning, you are my maid, aren’t you?”

“Oui, Monsieur!” Max bowed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Character Creation (Part 1)

Graham had just gotten his hands on the hottest new video game a few days before its release. He was psyched as he immediately started created his character. Much like with previous entries in the series, he picked a female character and went about making his dream babe. He boosted up the chest size and reduced the waist. He put her in the least amount of clothes the game would allow, and tried to make the most beautiful face that he could imagine.

When all was done, he hit START. The screen went blank. In a rather ominous manner, so did the lights in his room. It was pitch black. When the light slowly came back, his was shocked that his entire house seemingly vanished, leaving only grass, rocks, and nature around. But he recognized it. It was like the background in the character creation screen, but...real? He reached down to touch the grass in disblief, but immediately noted his new body -- the perfect skin the large chest, the minimal outfit -- he had become the character he had just created. The game had become real, and there didn’t seem to be a qay to quit!

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Get Out of Jail Free

Hank’s plan was going off without a hitch, as he was now walking out of the jail a free man...or, um, free woman. He had stolen a lot of money over the years, but he didn’t seem to care in the slightest when he finally got caught. He simply hired the most expensive law firm he could find and asked them to send their best. He was a little surprised when the lawyer showing up was a woman, but he realized it mattered little. He simply receited the words he had memorized, and soon enough, he was her and she was him. He simply walked up and left, leaving her stuck. Then he’d resign from her job and the bar. After that, he’d collect the stashed money and make off to some far away place. It was all part of the plan, except for the fact that the lawyer he swapped with was a woman, but he could cope.

Monday, February 20, 2023

The Yoga Class (Part 3)

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After class, Keysha walked back to Ming’s home, which wasn’t far from where the yoga class took place. She began to change and get ready for Ming’s work, taking the time to admire the skinny body she had for now. She worried a little about how she was going to handle Ming’s job, but was interrupted when she heard the door open.

A woman with dirty blond hair stood in the entrance. “Thank goodness you’re okay, Ming,” The woman spoke with an unexpected chinese accent, “I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m your husband. I’m Yuhang. Something weird happened when I arrived at work, and I swapped bodies with this woman.”

Keysha smiled. This was an opportunity. She had Ming’s body, but she could also have her life. For good. Her smile got bigger, and she knew she needed to say something to Yuhang to stop any suspicion. She opened her mouth, “It doesn’t matter what body you’re in; I still love you.” The two embrace and then kissed for quite some time.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Dictator's Sister (Part 2)

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Escape wasn’t easy, but thankfully being in the body of the dictator’s sister had certain privileges. It meant Scott could set up a diplomatic meeting in the South. The guards were often reluctant to follow his orders, but he also knew they had to -- allowing him to give them the slip. This allowed him to get to the American embassy in Seoul.

He was sure his story about body swapping wouldn’t go well, and they’d think he was crazy. Instead, they told him about the Great Shift, and how everyone had swapped bodies. They asked how it affected North Korea. Scott replied that they all seemed to pretend like it didn’t happen.

They held Scott for a while as they examined him. Apparently they had worked on all sorts of ways to be able to track where and if someone had been swapped. They gave sparse to no details on how it worked, but Scott realized he must have passed when they flew him back to DC and let him go.

Scott could finally enjoy his life again. He could wear what he wanted and go where he wanted. He went out to a club; he danced! It didn’t matter that he had the body of Kim Yo Jong, the sisterof a brutal dictator. He was no longer under his thumb. He was free!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

VR Malfunction (Part 2)

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There didn’t seem to be anyway to reverse this. It’s not like I could select my original body in the game as a character and hope for another power surge. I resigned myself to the fact that I was stuck, but I did ask if someone could pick me up some normal-looking clothing. A bunch of guys at the arcade quickly volunteered to get stuff for me in the wider mall (I’m guessing they thought they’d be able to see me change in front of them or something). But when they returned with some sweats and yoga pants, I was lucky the arcade had a back room where I could put them on. Marvin asked if I wanted to head back to our apartment, but I told him I could make my own way. I just wanted to be alone for a bit. I ended up just wandering in the mall. I checked myself out in a few mirrors. My reflection was still so weird to me. I suppose I was thankful that without the outfit, I did just look like a normal woman. Granted, I still had a great figure and was quite attractive, but I wouldn’t be drawing the same kind of attention I had in the arcade. Small favors, I guess.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Going Home

Sean was pretty happy to finally be going home. The Great Shift had happened over a month ago now and while most people swapped into bodies that were a few feet away, Sean swapped into a body on the other side of the planet. He had a lot of trouble convincing anyone who he really was. For starters, he didn’t speak the language, and it was hard for him to find someone who understood him. He was also tired a lot. The woman whose body he now had was more than twice as old as he had been -- apparently old enough to be a grandmother, which she was! He wasn’t sure if the tiredness was due to her age or if she just had lived a tough life. Regardless, he was pretty happy to finally be at the airport and about to take a flight home. He couldn’t wait to see his own family again -- even if it was going to be awkward to see his parents in bodies younger than he was; they ended up in the bodies of a couple of college student -- and his girlfriend, who was still in her late 20s but now a man insted. It was all going to be very weird.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Waiting Outside

Evan hated his stepmom. He hated her ever since his dad started dating her ten years ago. She was nagging him all the time about being more perfect or doing better in school. By the time he hit 18, he just wanted to move out. In fact, he told himself he’d do just that as soon as school was over for the year. He just had to wait three more months.

But the day after he made this decision, something truly awkward happened. He woke up inside the body of his own stepmom, and she was now in his body too! She told him she’d handle school for him, and be sure to ace all his tests for him. He groaned. She told him to meet her outside after. He agreed and had a pretty easy day.

She didn’t have a job, so he just watched TV for the most part. Her closet was filled with dresses, but he luckily found a pair of yoga pants in the back. When it was time, he threw them on with a sweatshirt and a coat, and went outside the school. All of the other kids passed by, but Evan didn’t see his stepmom with his body. She came grumbling out two hours later, complaining about her how her stupid teacher gave her detention. Evan chuckled before asking if she knew of a way to get their own bodies back. His stepmom said she might, but she wanted to show Evan’s teacher a thing or two tomorrow as revenge. Evan groaned again; he’d stepmom wouldn’t give this up any time soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

No Longer at the Country Club

The last thing Bradford remembered was being on the country club when he saw a flash of bright light. He wondered if he had been struck by an errant golf ball because his head really hurt. When he began to look around, he realized something was off. He wasn’t at the country club anymore. He was surrounded by houses that were so...small! And was that one on cinder blocks? He wouldn’t have dared step his foot in this part of town! But he soon discovered his feet (and his entire body) were no longer his own. He had swapped into the body of a poor woman! It disgusted him. He could stand the woman part but being poor? THAT was a bridge too far as long as he was concerned.

He was more than relieved when he learned the body swapping was a mass event called the Great Shift, and they were setting up ways to reclaim your own life. Of course, Bradford didn’t know much of is own personal information to prove his identity; he always hired other people to remember that sort of stuff for him. As a result, it seems he would stuck living the life of a poor woman for a while.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The Potion

Professor John McQuinn was proud of his latest invention, a potion that could swap someone’s gender! He had added a few extra enhancements with his latest batch that would go beyond a simple genetic swap, but also transform body parts themselves along with many stereotypical gender traits as well, such as hair length, height, weight, and so on. It was the talk of the lab and many of his colleagues joined him with testing it.

The result was a pretty wild night in the research lab with many people exploring their new genders. Of course, in the morning, people were asking for another dose in order to go back to normal. John was the first to down a second dose, but he stayed a woman. He quickly promised to work on a reversal for everyone else as soon as he could.

As everyone else went home, worried about adapting to their new genders until John could figure out the reversal, John stayed behind. He didn’t get to work, however. He didn’t need to. He already had a potion to reverse the gender swap. He just didn’t want to drink it, and he did not want to admit to his colleagues that he wanted to stay a woman. So he briefly looked at the reversal potion and dumped it down the sink. He could pretend to be just as unhappy as everyone else.

Monday, February 13, 2023

The Merge (Part 3)

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Of course, the students weren’t the only ones affected, teachers got caught up in the merge as well. Jake, the class slacker, merged with Mrs. Stoll, and ended up insisting the students call her by her new first name, Jane.

The new Jane seemed closer in age to Jake but was a woman like Mrs. Stoll. She still ended up teaching classes but was a lot more laid back in the way she did. She’d do things like wear baggie hoodies with professional pencil skirts, and loved drugs just as much as Jake had. She stayed married to Mr. Stoll, however, there were a lot of rumors about how she now insisted on an open relationship. In fact, Jane even showed up to prom with Alana, who had been absent on the day of the merge and had previously agreed to attend with Jake. And when fall rolled around, Jane continued to teach while also taking night and weekend classes at community college as Jake had planned to do.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Switcher

Irving and Wesley were a little surprised when their friend Nathan just walked by them without saying a word. They had all gone to the carnival together, but Nathan had insisted on going on a new ride called The Switcher. They thought he was angry at them for not coming along and were about to try to smooth things over when a woman approached them.

“I told you guys,” The woman said, “You REALLY missed out.”

Irving and Wesley stared blankly for a few minutes.

“Oh,” The woman finally added, “It’s me, Nathan. The whole deal with The Switcher is that you swap bodies with someone else on the ride. Not bad, right?”

Irving and Wesley were even more speechless now. Wesley began pointing to the ride and then pointed at Nathan.

“I’m thinking of giving it anothe try,” Nathan continued to add, “I mean, this body is good -- and, trust me, it feels good -- but have you seen some of the people currently in line? I mean, damn! I’m going for another attempt.”

This time Irving and Wesley followed Nathan without question. All three waited in line to see what bodies they’d get from The Switcher.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

A Bad Choice

It had all happened six months ago on a warm summer night. Darrell saw the woman standing alone on the train platform. Being ina rather desperate place, he decided to snatch her purse. It didn’t go as planned. The woman fought back. In the struggle he grabbed a loose stone and hit her. As she lay there with blood coming from her head, he grabbed the purse and ran. There wasn’t much inside and only about $10 in cash. He cursed his misfortune and was mad with himself for what he had done. He wished he could make amends.

That’s when he saw a mysterious glow coming from the train station in the distance. It shot up into a beam, and that beam headed straight for Darrell. As it hit him, he wanted to vomit. It was like his bones were breaking and reforming. And in an instance, it went away. But what it left behind to Darrell was significant; it had transformed him into the very woman he just killed! He realized living her life would be his penance. He opened up the purse again and looked for her ID to get his new address. He then walked back to the train station to go to his new home.

He hadn’t returned to that train station until today. Now in winter, it was cold. He stood there and watched the trains pass, thinking of his life these past six months. He had to learn about how to be a woman; he had to learn about this woman’s life; and he had to adjust accordingly. She was better off than he was, with a stable job but single. He hadn’t tried dating yet, but as another train whooshed by, he thought about it. He still wished he hadn’t made that bad choice six months ago.

Friday, February 10, 2023

Toughest Professor (Part 2)

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“This just sucks,” Doug said to the college’s counselor, who had certainly been working overtime since the Great Shift swapped the world’s population. Students like Doug, who were now in the bodies of teachers, were some of the toughest cases.

“You keep saying that, but you also keep avoiding saying why you think it sucks,” The counselor retorted.

“Because it’s obvious! I’m ancient! I’m like what? 50? 60 now? I might as well be dead.”

“Many people in their 50s and 60s live very active lives, Doug. You’d be surprised if you went out to some of the bars and clubs by campus.”

“I’m also a freeking chick!”

“And maybe you should embrace your new femininity. At least try it out. In fact, that’s your assignment before we meet next week. Go out and act young while embracing your feminine side. Have a few drinks -- no one would stop you now. You might hate it all, but you won’t know that unless you try it!”

Thursday, February 9, 2023


Luke hadn’t been expecting a package, but there was one waiting for him when he came home. It seemed to be the correct address, but there was no name and no return sender. Shrugging he opened it up.

Inside was a blue remote with a touch screen and a camera on the back. He thought it was some sort of smartphone, and the instructions were written in a language he did not understand. He tried to feed them into an online translator, but they didn’t make sense. They talked about taking a photo with the device and changing yourself into that person. He was sure it was a mistranslation.

Figuring it was just some sort of advanced camera, he just started taking some photos of some things. He didn’t see anything too special about the photos the device took. After a while, he made his way to the mall where he saw a pretty Asian woman in a blue dress. He snapped a photo and the device made a loud whirring noise, which drew the attention of the woman. He felt embarrassed and felt like a creep for taking a photo of someone without their permission. He started to apologize profusely as she walked over.

“No, no, I get it! We’re like twinsies! Right on down to the dress! We could be Parent Trap sisters! Let’s get a real selfie together for my Insta!” The woman said as she put her arm around Luke and lifted her phone. Luke was floored to see the pic. Two identical woman in identical clothing stood next to each other with one holding their arm around the other. The device had literally transformed into this woman’s exact double. It wasn’t a mistranslation at all!

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Doctor's Visit (Part 2)

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“We’ve run a few tests,” My doctor explained, “And there’s certainly nothing wrong with you. But I think you should have called your therapist instead.”

“What? Why?” I exclaimed, “I’ve had fantasies about being a girl, sure, but up until yesterday I was a guy! There’s a mountain of evidence for that. I mean, even look at the name I scheduled this appointment and every single other appointment I’ve ever had!”

The doctor sighed, “Sam, it’s short for Samantha, not Samuel. I know you’ve always had slight struggled with gender identity, but this is a pretty strong break. Now, I’m no expert.”

“Are you saying I’m crazy? No, you’re saying I’m trans?”

“I think you should speak with your therapist about that.”

“No, I mean, even if I was...I mean, I am a guy. I was a guy. But guys are kind of gross. Why would I want to be one? Why would I choose that?”

“It’s not really a choice.”

“You’re right. I WAS a guy. I’m not going to deny that, but right now, I AM a girl.”

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Sister (Part 1)

Jeremy had always been annoyed by his family. His father was a weirdo inventor and his sister Kelly was obsessed with her appearance. He was thankful when she went away to college, but he groaned when she came back for the summer. He’d be starting himself in the fall, and he hoped for an internship to completely avoid his family.

As a for instance, his father was testing a weird machine in their basement. Jeremy had hid inside one of the machine’s pods just to get some time away from everyone when Kelly came looking for her yoga mat. She looked in the machine’s other pod and must have hit a button to activate it. The next thing Jeremy knew, he was inside of Kelly’s body, and Kelly was inside of his.

Their father, hearing the machine, quickly rushed down with a fire extinguisher. He was happy his body swapper had worked, but it hadn’t been quite ready. It was damanged, leaving Jeremy and Kelly stuck in each other’s bodies until he could repair it.

Jeremy groaned, because he was pretty sure he knew what was coming. Sure enough, Kelly commanded him to start her workout routine. It began with some light yoga, but quickly got more intense. But the end, he was exhauted and starving. Kelly prepared him his lunch, three lettuce leaves.

Jeremy took one look at it and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

Kelly only scowled, telling him if he didn’t follow her exercise and diet, she would make things very unpleasant for him. Jeremy sighed and chewed on the lettuce.

Monday, February 6, 2023

Rural Route (Part 1)

My grandparents had owned a parcel of land in a remote part of the state, and when they died it was passed down to me, their only grandson. I didn’t know quite what to do with it, so I went to scope it out. I hadn’t seen the place since I was a kid, there was a small barn and farmhouse, but not much else.

As I drove down the rural road, I saw a woman standing there. Considering how empty the area was and with no vehicle in sight, I figured she was in some sort of trouble. She had looked innocent enough, I figured I could give her a lift to wherever she needed to go.

As I pulled over and rolled down my windows, she shot me a death stare. I wasn’t even able to get any words out before I heard rubber burning on the pavement and saw my car drive off in the distance.

At first I was mad that she had stolen my car somehow, but a few seconds later I realized she had stolen much more than that. I was now the one standing on the side of the road. I was wearing the clothes she had been just moments ago. And sure enough, she had swapped me into her body and stolen mine!

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 3)

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“How about those two?” Melissa pointed to an old man being attended to by a hispanic aide. They were often seen on campus. The rumor was the old man used to be a genius professor who had gotten senile or whatever.

“That seems almost cruel...” Neil mused.

“Consider it an experiment. Does the disease only affect the body or does it fundamentally change the soul? There’s nothing stopping you from swapping them back to normal right after we do an observation.”

Neil eventually gave him and swapped the pair. He briefly passed out from exhaustion. When he came to, he asked Melissa about where the old man and his aide had gone, wanting to immediately swap them back.

“They left,” She explained, “But it was pretty interesting. For a very brief minute, they were both quite lucid. But aide in the old man’s body faded fast. The professor was able to escort her away. It’s a shame his brilliance is now restored, but it’s unlikely anyone will take him seriously as that cody hardly hasthe degrees or credentials associated with all those smarts.”

“But we have to...” Neil was going to insist on finding them, but he was so tired that he could barely stand. Swapping people was taking a lot out of him.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Another Jolt

“This seems dangerous,” Elizabeth whined.

“A jolt of electricity swapped us into each other’s bodies,” Isaac snapped turning his head back to look at Elizabeth, “Maybe another jolt will swap us back.”

“But standing outside like this in a thunder storm? Even if it works, we’re going to end up in the hospital.”

“Better a few weeks stuck in a hospital for a few weeks than to be trapped in the wrong bodies for the rest of our lives. You probably can’t wait to go back to spending hours each morning on makeup and hair, getting hit on by guys all the time, and dealing with uncomfortable clothing, but I...wait, Elizabeth...where are you going?”

“You’re starting to make it sound like I might not want to go back to being a woman. At least not under this sort of risk.”

“Okay, okay! We’ll find another way...just don’t run off to leave me stuck as you, okay?”

Friday, February 3, 2023

The Pink Dragon (Part 2)

View Part 1 of The Pink Dragon.

And so Yorick assumed the life of the princess. He didn’t exactly know too much about her, but it was pretty easy to blame any abrupt personality change on the trauma of being captured by a dragon. It was basically a life of doing whatever he wanted while also being pampered. All the while, he watched as the memory of his true self become a legend. Yorick was, after all, the man who saved the princess from the dragon. He sometimes thought about revealing who he truly was for the glory of it all, but being a princess was still probably better.

As it turned out, he was able to use the truth of who he really was at least on one occasion. As the king talked of marrying the princess off, Yorick interjected, “I spoke with the man who saved me. I believe I was promised to him.”

The king tried to object, but Yorick explained that the king had not added that condition. In fact, Yorick added, “And when we spoke, he told me if he were not to make it, he would free me of our bond. Not to another man, but to myself. It is best we honor the wishes of a hero.”

And so the king relented.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Marriage Counselor

Noah and his wife, Alana, had been seeing a marriage counselor for abotu a decade now. It had helped keep their relationship stable and strong. In their latest session, the councelor had recommend a brand new technology that they could use to further enhance their bond, a body swapper.

Noah questioned it. He never heard of it before, but Alana jumped on the idea. Noah didn’t want to seem like he was holding back, so he soon agreed as well. The counselor pulled out a device, and soon Noah was in Alana’s body and Alana was in Noah’s. The counselor told them they should spend a week as each other, doing whatever the other would do.

This meant Alana was now going to Noah’s job, and Noah was going to the grocery store and making dinner. As he walked through the aisles, he didn’t mind it, but he missed working. He guessed this was how Alana had felt when they divided the responsibilities this way.

After the week was up, he couldn’t wait to be back in his own body. But that morning, they got a phone call. The receptionist told them the counselor had gone missing. They asked about the body swapper, but the receptionist had no idea what they were talking about. It looked like they’d continue to be stuck as each other!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Kpop Star

Jason was a big fan of Kim Soo, the kpop star going on her first American tour, but tickets were through the roof and sold out faster than anyone could imagine. All he could do was hope there would be a next time.

However, shortly before the show, he was at the mall and spied a store he had never seen before that had an advertisement for Kim Soo tickets in the window. It didn’t seem like the type of store to sell tickets; it was mostly filled with old junk. Jason became even more skeptical when the white-haired man behind the counter said he only had one ticket left, for the final day of tour, and that it was only $10. Jason was pretty sure it was a scam, but for $10? He threw it down and entered his email, with the assurances from the man.

Each day Jason waited for an email that never arrived. The final night of Kim Soo’s tour came, and there was still nothing, but Jason oddly felt himself tired quite early and collapsed asleep on the couch. He awoke to cheers and shouts. He was backstage at a concert, Kim Soo’s concert! He hadn’t remembered seeing the tickets or traveling to the venue, but somehow he was here! And backstage on top of it all! He was psyched! He decided to take a selfie of the experience, and pulled out his phone. In the phone’s frame was Kim Soo! He looked behind him, thinking she’d be there, but he soon realized she was in his selfie because he was in Kim Soo’s body! Panic began to set in. How did this happen? How was he now Kim Soo? He was sure he knew the lyrics well enough to perform this concert, but the dance moves? Could he pull this off?