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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Funeral Prayer

All of my friends and I were in disbelief when Luke died. He had been my college roommate, and we stayed close after school. He ended up getting cancer and passed at the age of 35. Cancer sucks. That’s for sure.

I went to the funeral home to pay my respects. I knelt down in front of his coffin and began to sort of pray -- I wasn’t all that religious, so it was more just like thinking a few thoughts in my head. An old man knelt down next to me, and a young woman soon knelt down on his other side.

The man prayed quietly, but loud enough for me to hear on my right side. “Dear Lord, it should be me in that box,” He said, “I should be in there! I’m old! Not him. Swap our places! Take me instead! Please!”

I know you’re supposed to pray with your eyes open, but I had been peaking (again, not religious), so I saw a weird light dance around where we were knealing. I could swear that I could literally touch and feel it.

“Holy shit!” The old man said, but his voice now seemed to be coming from my left side, “I’m alive? Oh, my, God, I’m alive! How is this possible?”

It would seem that someone or something had, in fact, did answer the old man’s prayers, who turned out to be Luke’s grandfather. Luke was now in the body of his own grandpa. I guess the woman and I had been too close to all of this. The weird light that swapped Luke and his grandfather also swapped the woman (it turns out her name was Simone) and me. I couldn’t believe I was now a woman! We tried praying again! We tried wishing. We tried whatever, but we both appeared to be stuck. We were glad Luke was alive, but we were more than concerned about its effect on us!

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