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Saturday, December 31, 2022

New Year's Eve (Part 2)

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Tyler was pretty amused as he watched the crowded of people freaking out about their new bodies. It was even better as the police started to open up the barricades and usher people to go back home. Soon enough, the massive number of swapped people were overcome by people who weren’t swapped just trying to get out of there.

His amusement only lasted so long before he realized just how cold he was now without a coat on. He began to walk and seemed to be able to go where he wanted without being stopped by police or anyone else.

Finally, a man with a clipboard approached him. “Thank goodness, Miss Chen, we’ve been looking for you. We need you to introduce the next band.”

“Uh, no problem,” Tyler said, “Can I get my coat? Who am I introducing?”

“Come with me,” The man with the clipboard said.

And so Tyler followed, quite sure that he was going to have a very interesting life from here on out.

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