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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Art Gallery

Ever since he was a young man, Howard enjoyed walking the halls of musueums. They reminded him of his wife, who had passed two years ago. They used to go on many dates seeing the new exhibits and revisiting some great art. He had headed to the museum today because he missed her dearly. Despite having been here countless times, he ended up in a hallway he couldn’t ever remember seeing before. The paintings were tightly crammed on the walls with a sculpture at one end. He didn’t recognize any of the work, and they all seemed to lack name plates. He paused briefly at the sculpture before continuing back to more familiar halls. He didn’t notice the weird glow of the sculpture as he turned to leave.

A few moments later, he found himself back in front of the sculpture. Something about it had changed, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on it. Of course, something about Howard had changed as well. The sculpture’s magic had swapped him into the body of another art patron. No longer the old man he once was, he was now in the body of a young woman. He had an entire second lifetime to explore museums and find love. He’d be doing it from the other side of the gender divide this time, once he realized all this that is...

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