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Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Walk in the Park (Part 1)

It was gorgeous day out, so Jake decided to take his dog for a walk at the nearby park. He walked by the playground, and there was one kid playing with this weird plastic raygun that looked like it was some vintage 1960s sci-fi prop. He didn’t think anything of it when the kid aimed it at him, but the next thing he know, he was knocked out cold.

When he awoke his head was pounding. He pushed himself up so he could sit against a tree. People seemed to be in an outright panic. They were screaming and running. Once Jake was able to look down at his own body, he realized why. He now had dark skin, he was wearing a pink top with two clear breasts pushing it outward. It was very obvious he now had a body that wasn’t his own, and (to be more specific), he had the body of a woman! He told himself he wasn’t going to panic like others seemed to be doing. He just wanted to find his dog and get out of there.

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