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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Third Test

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It didn’t take long before students were talking about Dr. Wong’s experiment as well. Though the lab may have been restricted, students were resourceful. One frat even decided to declare a unique test for their pledges. The pledges had to sneak into the lab and select one of them to swap. They could be selected by voting, force, or whatever. The pledges were surprised when one of them volunteered, Derek. The swapper (in this case, Derek) would then be hooked up to the machine in order to trade bodies with a pledge at a sorority forced to go through a similar challenge. The final step was to return Derek (now in the body of a sorority pledge) to the frat, where the brothers would now do to his now female body whatever they wanted.

Derek had other plans.

He had plotted with Madison (the sorority pledge he swapped with). They had a plan to fight back right after the swap. As Derek removed the helmet from his now blonde head, he ran. The frat pledges gave chace. While they did catch Derek, and they even began to drag him to the frat house -- a well-timed call in advance meant public safety and the police were waiting. Derek screamed for help, and the boys had to let him go. Derek knew it was a risk to pretend to want to join the frat and risk his safety, but he had to see if the rumors about Dr. Wong’s lab were true (of course they were), and he couldn’t see anyway in on his own. Madison had a similiar longing to be a guy, and the two began dating.

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