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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Who Is With Me?

In the ancient past before nations existed, tribes roamed the land, often fighting with each other. The latest battle for Berthun’s tribe was brutal. He was sure he was one of the few who survived, and likely the only one to escape. When he arrived back at his village, he was met with skeptiism and confusion.

“I report bad news,” He announced as people began to gather, “I may not appear it, but I am Berthun. The enemy used some sort of magic. We all became women almost instantly. I quickly realized this body was just as strong, just as quick, and just as able as my male one had been. This was not a realization many of my fellow warrior were able to come to. I tried to explain we could still succeed, but the pantic of being a new gender in the midst of battle was too great. Many were killed; many more were captured. I suspect they will arrive here in three days time. Man or woman, it does not matter; we all defend our home. With their magic, man or woman probably doesn’t matter anyway. But we can prepare. If we do not let their magic confuse or distract us, we are sure to defeat them. Who is with me?”

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