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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Swap Night

The invention of the body swapper changed so much about the world. It became common for clubs to have Swap Nights, where everyone in the club would swap bodies randomly at a set time. It wasn’t uncommon for people to sneak out with their new bodies before swapping back. Gordon was pretty sure that’s what happened to him tonight. He couldn’t find his own body anywhere around. Not that he particularly cared since he was certainly enjoying the body of the woman he ended up in tonight. And his body had been stolen at previous Swap Nights; it usually turned up several days later at most. That just meant he could enjoy this body in the meantime, and he was certainly planning on enjoying it to its fullest extent.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Assistant (Part 2)

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In the next few minutes, William watched as his body grabbed its chest and fell over. He knew the signs. Caroline was having a heart attack while in his body. Instead of helping, William just smiled and watched. He wasn’t exactly happy to be in Caroline’s body, but it sure was better than being dead!

Based on how much he paid her, he imagined Caroline didn’t have a lot saved up. But he was sure that with his skills, he could claw ahead. Plus, he had a good amount of blackmail material on some of the higher ups at his company that he could use to get ahead.

Maybe things would turn out okay after all...

Sunday, December 29, 2019


William never treated his assistant Caroline well. It wasn’t just her low pay or the fact that he made her come to work on weekends just so she could carry his clubs on the golf course. And he wandering hands were the absolute worst. It was on one of those weekend visits to the course that she decided to take her revenge.

William heard Caroline mumbling some words under her breath, and the next thing he knew, he was looking down at her chest instead of his own. She had stolen his body, and he was in shock.

Caroline laughed devilishly, and it was weird for William to hear his own voice do that. He couldn’t imagine anything good would happen next...

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Break In

Officer Harvey Cullen had seen a man break into a window on Fifth Street. He drew his gun and entered the premises. Someone inside turned on the light, but the brightness was like nothing Harvey had ever seen. The next thing he knew, his own gun wasn’t even in his hands. He saw it on the floor, and he reached down and grabbed it. However, when he looked up to aim it, he realized he was aiming his own body? He noticed his own hands holding the gun and realized the skin was dark. He wondered if he had swapped bodies with the man he had seen breaking in, but the hands were too slender. They were like women’s hands, complete with painted nails. He hadn’t swapped bodies with the intruder; he must have swapped bodies with the owner, a young woman. Who was in his body? The criminal? The owner? Or someone else? And where was the body of the guy who broke in?

Friday, December 27, 2019

20 to Life

For the better part of his two decades on the planet, George had been a criminal. He had committed countless crimes and gotten away with all of them until he accidentally shot a 40-year-old housewife. In the courtroom, George could’ve sworn he heard the judge say that he was sentenced to “live as the woman” for 20 years to life. It didn’t make any sense. Didn’t the judge mean “live in a prison” for 20 years to live?

Unfortunately, George heard correctly. He was strapped to a table and injected with a shot containing the DNA of the woman he murdered. His body changed quickly. His hair grew out, he grew boobs, he aged twenty years, and soon enough he was an exact copy of the woman he murdered. George wanted to scream and threaten the people that did this to him.

Instead the words only came out, “My goodness! What happened?”

They explained what they had injected him with, a mix of the woman’s DNA and another serum they had invented. He now not only had her body, but he would be unable to act in any way that she wouldn’t.

A few days later, George smiled as he dropped the woman’s kids off at school, wishing them a good day. As he drove off, his smile finally broke, and he took a deep breath. He was finally alone. It was only at these times when he ever felt like himself anymore. Whenever anyone was around, he had to act like the perfect wife and mother; the serum forced him to. But for these few moments when he was alone, he remembered who he was. He remembered George. He wondered if he would still remember when his sentence was over after 20 or so years...IF it was ever over...

Thursday, December 26, 2019


When the body swapping virus first appeared, people were freaking out. No one wanted to be randomly swapped with someone else on the street. Many demanded a cure or at least a vaccine. Dr. Ernie McCormick was on a team that researched the virus heavily. It didn’t take long for them to determine that swapping could be prevented by simply wearing a surgical mask in public. Most people adopted this behavior almost instantly, including Dr. McCormick.

However, after several months, Ernie found himself walking down the street where he ended up swapping bodies with a young woman. The strangest part of it was that they were both wearing surgical masks. He didn’t need to panic. He theorized exactly what had happened, and he immediately texted his colleagues.

“It’s what we feared,” He wrote, “The virus had mutated.”

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Weaponized Bimbofication

The Army had started to experiment with a device that they hoped could be developed into a powerful weapon, but they needed test subjects. The lead researchers asked for volunteers among a elite unit known for excellent discipline. Officer First Class Josh Riggs agreed to the experiment, insisting his determination was stronger than anything they could test on him.

Josh was shocked when the test transformed him into a gorgeous woman, but he quickly retained his composure as an attentive soldier. However, the researchers informed him this was just the start of the test and observations would be continuing on a regular basis. He was instructed to go on a short leave and report back in two weeks.

“Yes, Sir,” Josh replied with a salute.

Except two weeks passed, and Josh didn’t return. Researchers had to track him down. He seemed quite as ease with his female body with high heels and full make up, with the only hint of his military self were the camouflage pants he wore. They asked why he hadn’t reported back, and Josh seemed genuinely confused.

“I guess I like forgot and junk,” He said, “I had like a SUPER important appointment to get my nails done.”

The researchers seemed pleased. Josh Riggs had been one of the toughest, hardest troops in the unit. Yet with one treatment of their test, he was reduced to a vapid bimbo in less than two weeks. Further funding for additional research would be quickly approved.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Math Class

Mr. McLaughlan had always been known as the toughest math teacher in the school. Students always used to avoid getting put in his class, but these days the exact opposite was true. Why? Well, about two years ago when the Great Shift happened and everyone in the world swapped bodies with someone else, Mr. McLaughlan swapped bodies with Chloe Andrews. Chloe had been set to graduate that year and was easily the hottest girl in school. Time passing had been even kinder to Chloe’s body, and Mr. McLaughlan kept excellent care of it. There was something the male students just seemed to love about being lectured at in math by an attractive 20 year old. Mr. McLaughlan used this to his every advantage.

Monday, December 23, 2019


Greg couldn’t believe how excited he was to be shopping; he tried hard to fight back a big smile. He never enjoyed shopping this much before. Of course, this was his first time shopping since the Great Shift. Maybe there was something about shopping as a woman that was just more exciting, or maybe it was the fact that he needed a brand new wardrobe and could style it however he wanted. As he continued to look, his smile just got bigger and bigger.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

What Have I Done?

Dr. Carl Yunger had just developed a machine that could swap two people’s brains, and he was overjoyed to be running the first tests. Two people sat across from each other in his lab sitting in large chairs with a dome over their head. Thick wires connected the domes and chairs with a central computer in the middle. That’s where Dr. Yunger stood with his assistants. As he carefully monitored the progress of the swap, there was some sort of power surge. Suddenly the swapping was out of control. The participants swapped with each other, then began swapping with Dr. Yunger and his assistants. Before he could stop anything, Dr. Yunger found himself outside of the lab. He seemed to now be in the body of a woman who came by every night to clean the facility. He rushed back to his lab, but the door was locked. He saw the keypad next to it. He knew the code, but this woman’s fingerprints wouldn’t be registered in the system. Both were required for access. He cursed, knowing that if he couldn’t get in to stop it, there would be a chain reaction; it wouldn’t be long before everyone on the entire planet started swapping bodies with each other. He only hoped one of his assistants was still inside one of the bodies in there, and that they could figure out enough to shut it all down. As he found himself swapping bodies again into someone several miles away he asked aloud to himself in a high pitched feminine voice, “What had I done?”

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Hours Later (Part 3)

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While most people had swapped bodies with someone else in the local area, it turned out Adam had swapped bodies with someone clear across the country. He was pretty grateful that he had gotten an offer for someplace to stay until they got planes back in the air. Borrowing the clothes of this man’s girlfriend was an awkward experience for him, as she seemed to mostly wear dresses and skirts. He would often put on an outfit in the morning and stare at himself in the mirror for a long time. Seeing the face of a woman stare back at him was still so strange to him. He figured it was probably pretty weird for the guy he was staying with too. Adam offered to help find the man’s girlfriend (she hadn’t made contact since the swap), but it was hard to imagine what else they could do but wait. Waiting seemed to be the name of the game on a lot of fronts.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Hours Later (Part 2)

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It was all still so baffling to Adam, and even though he was just a few hours behind everyone else on adjusting to a new body, he felt like they had all come to a place of acceptance so much faster. As the helpful crowd dispersed, one woman stayed behind.

“Do you live around here?” The woman asked.

“I’m not even sure where here is.” He replied.

“Well, if you need or want someplace inside to figure this all out, you’re more than welcome to stay for as long as you need. I’m sure my girlfriend won’t mind us wearing her clothes.”

“Yeah, okay,” Adam said flatly.

It was dawning on him that he was now a woman, and it was likely this woman talking to him hadn’t been a woman a few hours ago either. In fact, the idea of no one actually being who they appeared to be was really messing with his mind. It was hard to take this all in, and he was feeling like he had to do it all by himself even though he knew everyone else went through it as well...

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hours Later (Part 1)

While most people only lost consciousness for a mere moment during the Great Shift, Adam had completely passed out for several hours. Emergency services were mostly useless in that time as streets were jammed with cars that had been driven by people surprised to suddenly find themselves behind the wheels.

Luckily, several kind people had gathered around Adam to care for him as best they could until help could arrive or he awoke. The latter happened first.

Much like they had been a few hours earlier, Adam was confused to find himself in a new body. Those around him were able to explain the Shift as best they understood at this time. No one really knew why Adam had been passed out much longer than everyone else, but it didn’t seem to have harmed him in any way.

Adam asked plenty of questions about his new body, such as who is belonged to, but no one seemed to have any answers for him in this regard.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


As Nathan continued to flip through the pages of the book, he contemplated how completely insane it was. There were magic spells in here to control someone’s thoughts and actions, to stop or reverse time, and to change the weather. He had already picked one spell at random to cast, just to see if this book was legit. That had been a body swap spell, and seeing how he was presently inhabiting the body of Lily Chang, he was pretty sure the entire book was real. It was all still so hard to believe, yet all he could think about was which spell he was going to cast next.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sister's Date (Part 2)

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After ordering, William sat on one side of the table while his sister’s date sat on the other. There was an uncomfortable silence for a good number of minutes. William had no idea what women talked about on dates. When he had been on dates, he mostly just talked about guy stuff like video games and comic book movies -- which never seemed to go over too well with any women he went out with.

Finally deciding to break the awkward silence, William mentioned a game he had been playing a lot lately. The date perked up. He hadn’t expected a women to be interested in video games. They discussed a lot about the latest systems and DLC.

When William finally arrived home, he explained the date actually went fairly well. There was only one catch; if William’s sister wanted to continue to date this guy, she was going to have to learn a lot about video games...

Monday, December 16, 2019

Sister's Date (Part 1)

The fact that he had swapped bodies was bad enough, but the fact that William now had to go on a date in her body seemed absolutely nightmarish. After swapping bodies, she told him about the date, and he initially refused. But she kept begging more and more, explaining that it hadn’t been easy for her to get this date. William eventually relented.

In preparation, William’s sister made sure he was dressed perfect, that his hair and makeup were perfect too. Even before leaving the house, he regretted agreeing to this.

When William arrived at the restaurant for the date, he was nervous. It wasn’t the kind of nervous he usually was for a date...more like that he would discovered for who he really was. When the guy finally came, William stood up and introduced himself. He almost said his own name instead of his sister’s! He knew things could get awkward very easily...

Sunday, December 15, 2019


It had been ten years now since Theodore made the biggest discovery of his career. With the proper electrical stimulus, it appeared to be possible for two subjects to completely transfer thoughts. Essentially, he could build a rudimentary device to hit just the right frequency and two people would be able to swap brains. The potential seemed promising, and he worked to develop it with his young research assistant, Melinda.

Both Theodore and Melinda were eager to test out the theory, so they agreed to use the device on themselves. They simply put their hands on the device and turned it on. It began to buzz and the next thing Theodore knew, he had Melinda’s body. His amazement was short lived as he saw his own 70 year old body having a seizure on the floor.

After watching his own body die (and feeling guilty about Melinda being inside it at the time), he destroyed the device and burned his notes. And each month for the past ten years, he came by where his body was buried to place flowers. All that he had accomplished and all he gained had come at such a great price that he knew he nothing could ever be enough to say sorry...

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Dog Day Afternoon

Henry was always tinkering around with something in the garage, and his latest invention of a body swapper was quite impressive. His girlfriend Angelica begged to be allowed to use it. She wanted to experience being in the body of an animal for a while and suggested swapping with Henry’s dog, Rex. It took a few days to talk Henry into the idea, but he ultimately just couldn’t say no to Angelica.

As soon as she got into Rex’s body, Angelica wanted to run around the neighborhood, to feel what it would be like to be wild and free. Rex, on the other hand, just continued to do weird dog stuff despite his now human body. When he saw his girlfriend’s body licking just about everything, he got concerned. He knew this would probably make her sick and decided it might be best for him to swap himself into Angelica’s body and Rex into his own body. If anyone was going to get sick, it was going to be Henry’s body.

So sure enough, he did just that. Henry then waited, feeling the uncomfortable weight of breasts on his chest and heels on his feet. He did his best to keep Rex from doing anything too bad with his body, but he really hoped Angelica got home soon...

Friday, December 13, 2019

No Reason

It honestly made no sense to Adam. As a middle aged man, he knew he was a few pounds overweight and so he started to go for walks in the park. On one such instance, a female jogger bumped into him, and something about the impact caused them to swap bodies. She smiled devilishly at him with his former body before sprinting away. Knowing the body he was now in must have been much more athletic than his original one, he knew he could catch up. However, after a few steps, he got an incredible cramp in his leg. He needed to sit down to tend to it. He could feel that it would pass, but, wow, did it immobilize him in the short term, allowing his body to get away. But what could she possibly want with his body that was worse than this one in every way Adam could imagine. In fact, the only reason he even wanted it back was because it was HIS!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cold Outside

Whenever winter came around, Hal had to admit that he got a little jealous of his wife. While he had to work outside in the cold, she worked inside where it was nice and warm. He often complained about this fact loudly.

But one morning right before they both left for work, the oddest thing happened when the couple swapped bodies. Hal was elated, but his wife worried. How would they be able to do each other’s jobs?

Luckily, it seemed with a little bit of testing, they figured out that they not only swapped bodies but also skill sets. Of course, once Hal arrives at his wife’s work, he began to wonder if that even mattered. She seemed to spend so much of her day sitting around and not really doing anything. This was so much better than his own job! Not only was it warm, but he wasn’t having to lug around anything heavy or worrying about anything dangerous. While he certainly has misgivings about being a woman, he was starting to think that he could really get used to this!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Raymond had been minding his own business when he was drugged and kidnapped off the street. He was now reading a ransom note into a camera off a teleprompter.

“Dear Mister and Misses Haven,” Raymond began, “As you can see, your daughter’s body is fine, but there’s a catch. Her ransomer is nothing less than a genius and has invented a body swapper. He has placed the mind of an innocent person inside her body. My name is Raymond, and I don’t want to be inside your daughter’s body anymore than you want her harmed. Time is running out. You have already been given instructions on what to do with the money.

”Any attempt to have the police try to rescue her is foolish. The man who is holding me hostage has a device that switches brains. If you try to kill or arrest him, it might actually be your daughter inside that body. Even if you free me, you won’t really have your daughter back. You’ll have me, Raymond. Please do as the ransomer demands. For your daughter’s safety, for her husband, for her small child.”

The camera clicked off. Raymond looked to see his own body with an evil grin; it was really the man who kidnapped him and this woman. Raymond knew he needed to find a way to escape, but it was going to be difficult...

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Physics (Part 3)

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As the weeks passed, Howard became more comfortable being in Anne’s body, and his outfits slowly became more and more revealing as well; he depended much less on the other girls in Anne’s dorm for advice; and he finally let his hair down. In between classes, he’d hit up a salon or the mall. At night, he’d go out to the clubs. He wasn’t crushing on Anne anymore; now he was hoping a guy would crush on him as Anne. It was all so totally different from what he would’ve imagined when he first swapped.

There didn’t seem to be much hope in swapping back. The teacher didn’t have any answers about the malfunctioning demonstration, and some of the students started to think about revealing the truth about who they were and what happened. Howard didn’t want this. Part of the fun of being Anne was actually being Anne; if people knew he was actually simply Howard in Anne’s body, it would ruin everything...

Monday, December 9, 2019

Physics (Part 2)

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After class, Howard made his way back to Anne’s dorm (the entire class seemed to be in agreement on keeping the body swapping a secret for now). He arrived to find Anne’s roommate Kelly inside. Howard asked for a few beauty tips, and Kelly got a burst of excitement. She called in a few other girls from down the hall, and the group became giddy as they thought about they were going to spruce up Anne’s mousy appearance.

One girl did Howard’s makeup, another got him a pushup bra from her room, one more offered to give Howard a dress or two. It was a lot to take in, but the by the end of it, he admitted that Anne’s body was looking pretty hot. The only thing that was bugging him was her long hair. He insisted on pulling it back, to a few groans from the girls. He asked if they’d continue to help until he got the hang of it himself; they all quickly agreed.

As he walked back out onto the quad, he did feel a bit more confident -- even though the short skirt was tough with the cool fall air. He knew he had transformed himself into the woman Anne could’ve always been, yet a nagging feeling told him he could still do more...

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Physics (Part 1)

Ever since he first met her in his Advanced Particle Physics class, Howard had a huge crush on Anne. She was just so nice all the time with a welcoming smile. He was fairly convinced she had a nice body under her large glasses and that big coat she always seemed to wear. To top it all off, she was obviously smart. He often thought about asking her out, but he was just a shy nerd himself.

Things got weird when a demonstration in class went horribly awry. Everyone in the classroom ended up swapping brains with someone else. As luck would have it, Howard ended up in Anne’s body. He realized it would be an extremely bad time to confess his secret crush, but he could use the opportunity to spruce up Anne’s style. He figured doing so might give him the confidence he needed...

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Texting Again

“God, I can’t believe Meredith is texting me again,” Jim laughed.

“You told her you don’t plan on giving her body back, right?” Arturo asked.

“Not explicitly, but she knows if both parties don’t agree it’s not going to happen. And I do NOT plan on ever agreeing.”

“Being swapped into these bodies by that strange accident was literally the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us.”

“I know. We were such loser dorks before, but look at us now! I mean, we’re total hotties!”

“I never thought I’d enjoy being a woman, but here I am.”

“Me too!”

Friday, December 6, 2019


Barry awoke in the morning with an intense pain in his stomach. He could barely focus on anything else, and the fact that he was now in a different person’s body was barely even a secondary concern. In fact, he hadn’t even noticed he was now a woman for quite some time. He was more focused on the uncontrollable pain emitting from the center of his being. He tried calming it with all sorts of over the counter medicines he found in the bathroom, but nothing seemed to quell it in the slightest. It was an after effect of the swapping, as it turned out, but this is something he would never be the wiser of. And it was a feature, not a bug, as Zoe would be far away by the time he was able to focus on his new body instead of the pain. It would mean her plan was perfect.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

On the Other Hand

Kenneth wasn’t the only one of his friends to find himself in a woman’s body after The Great Shift, but he still considered himself pretty lucky. Almost all the other guys in his same situation claim they were saddled with a wardrobe filled with skirts and dresses, skimpy outfits, and revealing clothes. Kenneth, on the other hand, seemed to have no shortage of sweatshirts and yoga pants. He wondered if the whole thing had been unplanned karma or a bit of calculated revenge. He knew some of his guy friends had been stereotypical jerks to women. The women they swapped with were generally well aware of this, and might selected clothes to share that they knew would be absolute torture to those guys. Kenneth, on the other hand, was generally considered a nice guy. He imagined the relaxing, comfortable clothes from the friend he swapped with were a bit of a “thank you” for being such...

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


While Nicholas was happy to have a job right after graduating college, it didn’t pay a lot. When it came time for a vacation, he needed to do everything he could to save. He downloaded an app that paired his available dates and desires with a destination. He simply picked his week off and selected “tropical island resort.” He picked the cheapest option and booked the trip.

He probably should’ve paid attention to the details.

The app had booked him on a trip to Exchange Island, and when he arrived he immediately swapped with a woman around his age. He didn’t expect to be spending his time off in the body of a woman. Mostly, he just tried to kill time at the bar. He had booked the trip because he wanted to spend time on the beach, but the last thing he could imagine doing right now was prancing along the sand wearing some sort of bikini. It all felt so weird. He cursed his limited vacation time and that stupid app.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

New Aisle

“Ugh, carrots,” Deshawn groaned as his picked up a bag from the produce section.

He had never bought carrots in his life. In fact, vegetables in general weren’t his thing. But they were on his list; the list of groceries that Marcia was allowing him to buy. He had swapped into her body as a result of the Great Shift, and she was doing her best to control him. She was already giving him grief for dressing in a way that she called “too trashy.” That was an argument Deshawn won, but he did promise to buy things from the grocery store as she had instructed.

But he began to think about it. It’s not like she was here looking over his shoulder. She couldn’t really tell him what he could and couldn’t eat; it wasn’t her body anymore anyway. He gentle placed the carrots back and opted for some thick steaks instead. Then he really started going wild in the snack aisle...

Monday, December 2, 2019

Build Confidence

“Did it work?” Arthur asked his best friend Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t even have words. He couldn’t believe Arthur didn’t seem to have a clue what had happened to him after Sheldon zapped him with the transmographier. In a way, Arthur had some resemblance to the nerdy college student he once was. He still wore his bow tie and collared shirt, only now these clothes fit on the body of a shapely, beautiful woman.

“You don’t notice any changes?” Sheldon finally blurted out.

“I can’t figure out a thing,” Arthur replied in a perky, sing-songy voice that Sheldon found very attractive.

“And we’re still friends?”

“Best friends!”

“Would you like to more than friends?” Sheldon was a little nervous. Normally a woman this hot would be out of his geeky league, but the hot woman standing before him was actually Arthur.

Arthur blushed, “I’ve always wondered why you never asked me sooner.”

“I guess I just needed to build my inventi -- I mean -- build my confidence...”

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

David had been somewhat overweight most of his life, and he enjoyed fast food, sugary drinks, and such. When the Great Shift struck, he was shocked to look in the mirror and see the face of a woman who looked like she could be a fitness model.

He soon discovered he swapped into a body hundreds of miles from his home. News reports indicated most transportation would be shut for days, along with things like grocery stores and restaurants. He realized he’d have to just eat what was in this woman’s house, which to David’s horror was mostly fruits and veggies.

Reluctantly, he nibbled on a strawberry. It actually wasn’t bad; he took a big bite. In fact, as he tried more and more, he realized he enjoyed broccoli, avocados, and even kale! It seemed impossible; he never enjoyed this sort of stuff before. But he began to wonder. He had a different body, which also meant he had different taste buds. It sort of made sense to him as he popped another strawberry into his mouth....

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Perfect Relationship (Part 2)

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Sam quickly realized he made a foolish mistake by removing the notecard from the book so quickly. It talked about the spell on “this page,” but with the card removed, he had no clue what page that could be. The book seemed to be written in a strange language. He could pronounce things phonetically, but he had no idea what he would be saying. He realized that meant he was stuck as Evelyn -- which honestly wasn’t the worst thing ever -- but it wasn’t what he would have ever wanted.

He best guess of how to move forward was to go through the book page by page to learn how to cast each spell and figure out what each one of them did. It seemed like a big task, but the idea that he was going to learn actual magic seemed sort of exciting at the same time...

Friday, November 29, 2019

Perfect Relationship

When he turned 40, Sam began to worry that he was never going to be in a fulfilling relationship. But then he met Evelyn. They hit it off instantly. She was around his age, seemed to be interested in a lot of the same things, and was easy to be around. After a few weeks of dating, he went back to her place. He fell asleep with Evelyn in his arms, believing he had finally found the perfect relationship.

However, that wonderful illusion was shattered the next morning when he awoke. For starters, he awoke alone. Instead of Evelyn in his arms there was a book. A notecard was placed inside, which he immediately removed to read.

“I’m sorry, Sam,” The note read, “I stole your body and left you with mine. I know it wasn’t fair, but I couldn’t stand being a woman for another day. Don’t worry though. This book is full of magic spells, and the one on this page will allow you to swap bodies with anyone -- just like I did with you.”

Sam was trying to grasp what this note was even telling him. Swapping bodies? But that meant...

He rushed to the mirror shocked to see Evelyn’s reflection looking back at him. She had, in fact, taken his body, and he was now her! It seemed impossible, yet he couldn’t deny what he was seeing. She must’ve woken up in the middle of the night, gotten dressed, and cast the spell. Now he was now her, and she had run off with his body!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 5)

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Over the course of the week, Jason really began to relax in his new body. He mostly stopped checking the website at all about the ETA of when he could return. In fact, he only went back to confirm the extent of the bug. It seemed bad enough that the company had no idea who was really who, and were depending on the honor system in order to get people back to their original bodies.

Of course, by the time he was able to get back, Jason no longer cared to. He decided he was going to keep this woman’s body as his own. And he loved wearing all sorts of revealing outfits to show it off. His favorite was hitting up the nearby beach in a skimpy bikini. He hoped that the bug destroyed any records and any possible proof of who he really was. He hoped enough people didn’t want to go back to their own lives either to further confuse who he could really be. For whatever reason, the woman didn’t seem to be demanding her own life back either, so maybe it all just worked out perfectly fine for everyone...

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 4)

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For the first days, Jason did little more than refresh the website to see when he could return to his own body. But he began to get a little bored. He thought about going out, but he didn’t want to be seen with this body . Even though no one would know who he really was, he just wasn’t comfortable.

But maybe he could kill two birds with one stone? He opened up the closet and opted to try on some skirts and dresses. Modeling a few of the looks killed a bit of time, and with each one he tried on, he got a little more comfortable. As he looked at himself in a cute little green dress, he stopped thinking about checking the website even if it was just for a little bit...

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 3)

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When Jason finally got a call back from customer service, they weren’t much help. They simply recognized the problem, said he wasn’t the only one affected, and told him to check the website for updates. Even the info on the site was sparse at first. For the first few days, the bug was mentioned with no ETA of when people could use the service again to be restored to their own bodies. Two days passed, and Jason finally got an estimate -- it was over a week! He couldn’t believe he was going to be stuck int his woman’s body for that long! It felt like it was going to be forever! He only wanted to download himself into someone else’s body for a few hours at most, and now he was going to stuck as someone he didn’t even pick for over a week!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 2)

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Next, Jason called up the customer service department to report the problem of being downloaded into the wrong body. He figured he wasn’t the only one with a problem when the automated message said that wait times were up to three hours. He selected the option to leave his number in order to get a call back. In the interim, he had to wait with a body he hadn’t wanted.

He opened the woman’s closet and drawers and luckily found some sweats that looked comfortable. They were a much better option to spend the time in compared to the frilly dress he had been wearing when he was first swapped. Getting undressed and dressed again made him a little uncomfortable, so he tried to do it as quick as possible without really taking too much time peaking as his new attractive body.

And now it was just a boring waiting game.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Bug Fix (Part 1)

Jason had followed the instructions exactly. He installed the software on his computer, plugged in the external device and placed it on his head. Then he ran the program that should’ve swapped him into his selected body. But when he went to the mirror, he realized his brain had been downloaded into the wrong body. He was someone else completely! There must have been a mix-up or a crossed wire! He didn’t want to be a woman at all! He needed to figure out how to sort this out. He was amazed by body swapping technology, but he had so far never experienced such a strange error. There had to be a fix!

Saturday, November 23, 2019


After the bright light blinded Todd for a minute, he blinked several times in order to restore his vision. Things were blurry and objects were leaving visual trails behind them. He was sure he just needed a minute to focus, but things felt weird. He rubbed his eyes hoping it would help, but as he did he swore their was something weird about his fingernails. With his vision still being off, it was hard to keep them still enough to properly see them, but he was pretty sure these fingers weren’t his.

In fact, as his vision slowly cleared, he became very aware that his entire body was not his own. Judging from reactions of a few people nearby, he could tell he probably wasn’t the only one. However, he had to admit that his own situation was quite extreme. He had completely changed genders! He was now a woman! Judging from what he could see, he had quite an attractive body that was dressed rather provocatively. The whole thing raised so many questions, but right now he didn’t have a lot of answers.

Friday, November 22, 2019


Kevin often considered revealing the truth about who he really was. He thought about telling people that he wasn’t the wealthy heiress he appeared to be, but he knew it would mean giving up her riches, her private jet, her luxurious lifestyle. It did seem like a fair tradeoff; for a working class average guy to pretend to be a fashionable woman in exchange for having the world at his fingertips. He decided to keep the secret a little longer.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 4)

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Ted yelled at Laura nonstop, and the argument continued when the couple returned to their room.

“What the hell, Laura?! What the hell?” Ted demanded.

“You told me to have fun and enjoy myself!” Laura retorted.

“But cheating on me?”

“Technically, YOU’RE cheating on ME. At least as far as anyone who saw it is concerned.”

“Not if we never swap back.”

The room became silent. They both had hope, but it was suddenly a real possibility that swapping back might never happen. In fact, Ted didn’t even want to now. He wanted to stay in Laura’s body, keep her life, and never see his own body ever again.

“I want a divorce, Laura.” Ted stated, “And I know what that may mean, but frankly I don’t care. I’d rather stay stuck in your body for the rest of my life instead of being stuck for the rest of my life with you as my spouse.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 3)

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The next few days weren’t easy, but Ted tried his best. He wore many of Laura’s favorite outfits, he went down to the beach or pool often. Laura seemed a bit more sullen. She often refused to leave the room; she mostly laid in bed lamenting. Ted would try to comfort her, but he really wanted her to get out. If they were stuck like this, she was going to have to adapt. There were many times Ted left the room without her, hoping it would encourage her.

On one of these instances, Ted had an awkward encounter where a guy flirting with him. The guy was pretty aggressive, but Ted manages to ward off his advances. Afterward, Ted couldn’t imagine feeling more vulnerable or disgusted. But then the next time he was out, as he wandered about the resort, his heart sank even lower than he ever could have imagined.

He saw Laura in his body. It would’ve made him so happy to see her out and about under most circumstances. However, he spied her making out with another guest. His head was spinning, and he thought he was imagining things. But when he stormed closer, he knew he wasn’t. He demanded answers.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 2)

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For the rest of the day, Ted and Laura were too in shock to speak. It wasn’t until the next morning when Ted got up early and left a note for Laura to meet him by the shed at the resort where the rubber rafts, surf boards, and snorkel equipment were kept. She arrived hours later with a frown.

But Ted was smiling, “We have to look on the bright side.”

“Bright side?” Laura grumbled.

“What couples get a chance like this? We literally get to see life from behind the eyes of the person we love the most. If I’m not myself, there’s no other person I’d rather be but you. I love you, Laura. Let’s have fun like this. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

Monday, November 18, 2019

Honeymoon (Part 1)

Ted and Laura were enjoying their honeymoon in paradise. After several days of just lounging on the beach, the couple decided to go for a hike. The scenery was gorgeous with plants neither had seen before in their life. They ventured along narrow paths for hours. Deep in the exotic wilderness, a strange light began to glow that soon enveloped them both. The light completely decimated all the trees and wildlife around them. Ted immediately became worried if Laura was alright. He looked around but didn’t see her. He only saw...himself?

He stood silent and dumbstruck for several minutes until he realized he wasn’t actually looking at himself. It was his body sure, but it was Laura; it had to be. And that meant...

When he looked at himself he knew what he would see. He was wearing Laura’s jean shorts, her white top, and her hiking boots. He was inside of her body and she was inside of his. Considering the nature of the surrounding forest, he supposed he was lucky to be alive, but this was really weird. The two spoke no words as they returned on the narrow path back to the resort.

Sunday, November 17, 2019


Don was starting to wonder if his plan was brilliant or stupid. He had been dating Cindy ever since he got to college. He was a football player and she was a cheerleader. It seemed like a match made in heaven, but recently he began to suspect she was cheating on him. He needed to spy on her, but he needed to do it without being noticed. When he overheard a nerdy girl on campus talk about an invention she was making, he saw an opportunity.

He approached her and said he overheard her talk about the body swapper she had made. He offered to help test it on one condition. And so Don swapped bodies with the nerdy girl. She got to successfully test her invention, and he got to spy on Cindy unnoticed. This had gone on several days now, but so far Don had no solid evidence. The closest he came was pretending to read a book while spying Cindy at the library with another guy. It turned out they were just study partners for an assignment, but could there be more? Don wasn’t sure he wanted to swap back until he knew for sure...

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Miles slumped down into the chair. He knew he was inside the body of a supermodel, but he was still slouching. He awkwardly adjusted himself, because he was afraid he was flashing anyone who happened to look in his direction. Wearing a dress was just very weird. The heels on his feet prevented him from putting them flat on the floor as well. He wanted to reach down to undo them and take them off, but once again he felt like he may expose himself to the world. He couldn’t believe he ended up in this body! It all seemed much too unbelievable, yet the news reports were all saying he wasn’t alone. Everyone had been affected by something called “The Great Shift.” ‘Yeah,’ He thought, ‘But not everyone is now a hot model!’

Friday, November 15, 2019


Daniel had been affected much like the rest of the world. He found himself in a woman’s body, but he tried his best to keep a cool head. He assessed the situation fairly calmly. He was young, attractive, and in shape; being a different gender wasn’t the biggest deal. But after a few weeks, he felt like his body was getting fat. It was a no brainer to start going to the gym. But a few more weeks went by, and he was still gaining weight. He complained about this to the other people in the locker room.

Another woman looked as Daniel as he showed off his body.

“You’re not getting fat; you’re pregnant.” The woman explained.

“I’m WHAT!?” Daniel said shocked.

“Have you gotten a period since the Shift?”

“Ew, gross! No! I thought I was just lucky.”

“Well, your body probably ‘got lucky’ just before the Shift, because you are positively pregnant.”

Daniel’s jaw dropped. Being a woman he could handle, but being a mother? The shock of the Shift finally set in for him...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Buying Online

Alex could remember being young and buying stuff off the internet. You often didn’t know quite what to expect. Things didn’t look like the picture or something might be larger or smaller than it appeared in the pictures. When body swapping technology started to be offered online, it was kind of like that.

So when Alex agreed on his first online swap, he was a little apprehensive. He knew he might not quite get the image he saw on the screen. Still, he was excited enough about the idea of being a woman that he didn’t hesitate. When the program took effect, he was zapped into the body of a woman in a different part of the world.

Much to his surprise, he actually looked almost exactly like her picture...from the waist up. The only awkward thing was how big her hips and butt were! She must have taken her pictures from a certain angle...or maybe he didn’t even ever see a full body shot. This was something he would have to remember next time. This swap was just for this an experiment. But he wanted to try something longer. Though he certainly wasn’t unhappy with this body, he was still aiming for the perfect picture in his head...

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


“And where exactly have you been all night?” A frustrated Kylie asked her boyfriend as he stumbled in at 5am.

“Drinkin’ with friend,” Jack slurred, “Did you know your body cannot seem to handle liquor? I passed out on Mark’s couch after like two beers!”

“Come on, Jack! You know that! I don’t know how long we are going to have our bodies swapped, but you need to take better care of my body as long as you have it!”

“Me? What about you? You prance around the apartment in your old clothes! I’m sure those tights and jean shorts are crushing my balls right now!”

“My clothes are a little tight on you, but it makes me feel better. Besides, you’re flaunting my body around in that short leather miniskirt!”

“I got it from your closet, Kylie! That seems like it should be fair game!”

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Adam felt a little weird about hanging up a flyer with his own face. It wasn’t quite a “missing” poster, but it was pretty close. Ever since the Great Shift, he wondered what happened to his former body. In the six months since the event, everyone he knew had located their original body and knew something about the person currently inside of it. Everyone but Adam. He decided to hang the flyers in the hopes someone had seen his body, and that they’d contact him. He knew there was no reversing the effects of the Great Shift; he was just curious. Were they happy with his body? Could he help them in any way? He was certainly happy with his own new body. He never expected to one day wake up in the body of a beautiful woman, but that’s exactly what happened.