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Monday, December 9, 2019

Physics (Part 2)

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After class, Howard made his way back to Anne’s dorm (the entire class seemed to be in agreement on keeping the body swapping a secret for now). He arrived to find Anne’s roommate Kelly inside. Howard asked for a few beauty tips, and Kelly got a burst of excitement. She called in a few other girls from down the hall, and the group became giddy as they thought about they were going to spruce up Anne’s mousy appearance.

One girl did Howard’s makeup, another got him a pushup bra from her room, one more offered to give Howard a dress or two. It was a lot to take in, but the by the end of it, he admitted that Anne’s body was looking pretty hot. The only thing that was bugging him was her long hair. He insisted on pulling it back, to a few groans from the girls. He asked if they’d continue to help until he got the hang of it himself; they all quickly agreed.

As he walked back out onto the quad, he did feel a bit more confident -- even though the short skirt was tough with the cool fall air. He knew he had transformed himself into the woman Anne could’ve always been, yet a nagging feeling told him he could still do more...

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