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Friday, December 13, 2019

No Reason

It honestly made no sense to Adam. As a middle aged man, he knew he was a few pounds overweight and so he started to go for walks in the park. On one such instance, a female jogger bumped into him, and something about the impact caused them to swap bodies. She smiled devilishly at him with his former body before sprinting away. Knowing the body he was now in must have been much more athletic than his original one, he knew he could catch up. However, after a few steps, he got an incredible cramp in his leg. He needed to sit down to tend to it. He could feel that it would pass, but, wow, did it immobilize him in the short term, allowing his body to get away. But what could she possibly want with his body that was worse than this one in every way Adam could imagine. In fact, the only reason he even wanted it back was because it was HIS!

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