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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hours Later (Part 1)

While most people only lost consciousness for a mere moment during the Great Shift, Adam had completely passed out for several hours. Emergency services were mostly useless in that time as streets were jammed with cars that had been driven by people surprised to suddenly find themselves behind the wheels.

Luckily, several kind people had gathered around Adam to care for him as best they could until help could arrive or he awoke. The latter happened first.

Much like they had been a few hours earlier, Adam was confused to find himself in a new body. Those around him were able to explain the Shift as best they understood at this time. No one really knew why Adam had been passed out much longer than everyone else, but it didn’t seem to have harmed him in any way.

Adam asked plenty of questions about his new body, such as who is belonged to, but no one seemed to have any answers for him in this regard.

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