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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Break In

Officer Harvey Cullen had seen a man break into a window on Fifth Street. He drew his gun and entered the premises. Someone inside turned on the light, but the brightness was like nothing Harvey had ever seen. The next thing he knew, his own gun wasn’t even in his hands. He saw it on the floor, and he reached down and grabbed it. However, when he looked up to aim it, he realized he was aiming his own body? He noticed his own hands holding the gun and realized the skin was dark. He wondered if he had swapped bodies with the man he had seen breaking in, but the hands were too slender. They were like women’s hands, complete with painted nails. He hadn’t swapped bodies with the intruder; he must have swapped bodies with the owner, a young woman. Who was in his body? The criminal? The owner? Or someone else? And where was the body of the guy who broke in?

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