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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Raymond had been minding his own business when he was drugged and kidnapped off the street. He was now reading a ransom note into a camera off a teleprompter.

“Dear Mister and Misses Haven,” Raymond began, “As you can see, your daughter’s body is fine, but there’s a catch. Her ransomer is nothing less than a genius and has invented a body swapper. He has placed the mind of an innocent person inside her body. My name is Raymond, and I don’t want to be inside your daughter’s body anymore than you want her harmed. Time is running out. You have already been given instructions on what to do with the money.

”Any attempt to have the police try to rescue her is foolish. The man who is holding me hostage has a device that switches brains. If you try to kill or arrest him, it might actually be your daughter inside that body. Even if you free me, you won’t really have your daughter back. You’ll have me, Raymond. Please do as the ransomer demands. For your daughter’s safety, for her husband, for her small child.”

The camera clicked off. Raymond looked to see his own body with an evil grin; it was really the man who kidnapped him and this woman. Raymond knew he needed to find a way to escape, but it was going to be difficult...

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