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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cold Outside

Whenever winter came around, Hal had to admit that he got a little jealous of his wife. While he had to work outside in the cold, she worked inside where it was nice and warm. He often complained about this fact loudly.

But one morning right before they both left for work, the oddest thing happened when the couple swapped bodies. Hal was elated, but his wife worried. How would they be able to do each other’s jobs?

Luckily, it seemed with a little bit of testing, they figured out that they not only swapped bodies but also skill sets. Of course, once Hal arrives at his wife’s work, he began to wonder if that even mattered. She seemed to spend so much of her day sitting around and not really doing anything. This was so much better than his own job! Not only was it warm, but he wasn’t having to lug around anything heavy or worrying about anything dangerous. While he certainly has misgivings about being a woman, he was starting to think that he could really get used to this!

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