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Sunday, December 15, 2019


It had been ten years now since Theodore made the biggest discovery of his career. With the proper electrical stimulus, it appeared to be possible for two subjects to completely transfer thoughts. Essentially, he could build a rudimentary device to hit just the right frequency and two people would be able to swap brains. The potential seemed promising, and he worked to develop it with his young research assistant, Melinda.

Both Theodore and Melinda were eager to test out the theory, so they agreed to use the device on themselves. They simply put their hands on the device and turned it on. It began to buzz and the next thing Theodore knew, he had Melinda’s body. His amazement was short lived as he saw his own 70 year old body having a seizure on the floor.

After watching his own body die (and feeling guilty about Melinda being inside it at the time), he destroyed the device and burned his notes. And each month for the past ten years, he came by where his body was buried to place flowers. All that he had accomplished and all he gained had come at such a great price that he knew he nothing could ever be enough to say sorry...

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