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Friday, December 20, 2019

Hours Later (Part 2)

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It was all still so baffling to Adam, and even though he was just a few hours behind everyone else on adjusting to a new body, he felt like they had all come to a place of acceptance so much faster. As the helpful crowd dispersed, one woman stayed behind.

“Do you live around here?” The woman asked.

“I’m not even sure where here is.” He replied.

“Well, if you need or want someplace inside to figure this all out, you’re more than welcome to stay for as long as you need. I’m sure my girlfriend won’t mind us wearing her clothes.”

“Yeah, okay,” Adam said flatly.

It was dawning on him that he was now a woman, and it was likely this woman talking to him hadn’t been a woman a few hours ago either. In fact, the idea of no one actually being who they appeared to be was really messing with his mind. It was hard to take this all in, and he was feeling like he had to do it all by himself even though he knew everyone else went through it as well...

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