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Wednesday, December 4, 2019


While Nicholas was happy to have a job right after graduating college, it didn’t pay a lot. When it came time for a vacation, he needed to do everything he could to save. He downloaded an app that paired his available dates and desires with a destination. He simply picked his week off and selected “tropical island resort.” He picked the cheapest option and booked the trip.

He probably should’ve paid attention to the details.

The app had booked him on a trip to Exchange Island, and when he arrived he immediately swapped with a woman around his age. He didn’t expect to be spending his time off in the body of a woman. Mostly, he just tried to kill time at the bar. He had booked the trip because he wanted to spend time on the beach, but the last thing he could imagine doing right now was prancing along the sand wearing some sort of bikini. It all felt so weird. He cursed his limited vacation time and that stupid app.

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