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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Weaponized Bimbofication

The Army had started to experiment with a device that they hoped could be developed into a powerful weapon, but they needed test subjects. The lead researchers asked for volunteers among a elite unit known for excellent discipline. Officer First Class Josh Riggs agreed to the experiment, insisting his determination was stronger than anything they could test on him.

Josh was shocked when the test transformed him into a gorgeous woman, but he quickly retained his composure as an attentive soldier. However, the researchers informed him this was just the start of the test and observations would be continuing on a regular basis. He was instructed to go on a short leave and report back in two weeks.

“Yes, Sir,” Josh replied with a salute.

Except two weeks passed, and Josh didn’t return. Researchers had to track him down. He seemed quite as ease with his female body with high heels and full make up, with the only hint of his military self were the camouflage pants he wore. They asked why he hadn’t reported back, and Josh seemed genuinely confused.

“I guess I like forgot and junk,” He said, “I had like a SUPER important appointment to get my nails done.”

The researchers seemed pleased. Josh Riggs had been one of the toughest, hardest troops in the unit. Yet with one treatment of their test, he was reduced to a vapid bimbo in less than two weeks. Further funding for additional research would be quickly approved.

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