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Monday, December 16, 2019

Sister's Date (Part 1)

The fact that he had swapped bodies was bad enough, but the fact that William now had to go on a date in her body seemed absolutely nightmarish. After swapping bodies, she told him about the date, and he initially refused. But she kept begging more and more, explaining that it hadn’t been easy for her to get this date. William eventually relented.

In preparation, William’s sister made sure he was dressed perfect, that his hair and makeup were perfect too. Even before leaving the house, he regretted agreeing to this.

When William arrived at the restaurant for the date, he was nervous. It wasn’t the kind of nervous he usually was for a date...more like that he would discovered for who he really was. When the guy finally came, William stood up and introduced himself. He almost said his own name instead of his sister’s! He knew things could get awkward very easily...

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