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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Physics (Part 3)

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As the weeks passed, Howard became more comfortable being in Anne’s body, and his outfits slowly became more and more revealing as well; he depended much less on the other girls in Anne’s dorm for advice; and he finally let his hair down. In between classes, he’d hit up a salon or the mall. At night, he’d go out to the clubs. He wasn’t crushing on Anne anymore; now he was hoping a guy would crush on him as Anne. It was all so totally different from what he would’ve imagined when he first swapped.

There didn’t seem to be much hope in swapping back. The teacher didn’t have any answers about the malfunctioning demonstration, and some of the students started to think about revealing the truth about who they were and what happened. Howard didn’t want this. Part of the fun of being Anne was actually being Anne; if people knew he was actually simply Howard in Anne’s body, it would ruin everything...

1 comment:

  1. funny,great ironic twist. Iagree with Howard if the truth wouldbe revealed they'd be thought of as freaks