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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

New Aisle

“Ugh, carrots,” Deshawn groaned as his picked up a bag from the produce section.

He had never bought carrots in his life. In fact, vegetables in general weren’t his thing. But they were on his list; the list of groceries that Marcia was allowing him to buy. He had swapped into her body as a result of the Great Shift, and she was doing her best to control him. She was already giving him grief for dressing in a way that she called “too trashy.” That was an argument Deshawn won, but he did promise to buy things from the grocery store as she had instructed.

But he began to think about it. It’s not like she was here looking over his shoulder. She couldn’t really tell him what he could and couldn’t eat; it wasn’t her body anymore anyway. He gentle placed the carrots back and opted for some thick steaks instead. Then he really started going wild in the snack aisle...

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