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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Dog Day Afternoon

Henry was always tinkering around with something in the garage, and his latest invention of a body swapper was quite impressive. His girlfriend Angelica begged to be allowed to use it. She wanted to experience being in the body of an animal for a while and suggested swapping with Henry’s dog, Rex. It took a few days to talk Henry into the idea, but he ultimately just couldn’t say no to Angelica.

As soon as she got into Rex’s body, Angelica wanted to run around the neighborhood, to feel what it would be like to be wild and free. Rex, on the other hand, just continued to do weird dog stuff despite his now human body. When he saw his girlfriend’s body licking just about everything, he got concerned. He knew this would probably make her sick and decided it might be best for him to swap himself into Angelica’s body and Rex into his own body. If anyone was going to get sick, it was going to be Henry’s body.

So sure enough, he did just that. Henry then waited, feeling the uncomfortable weight of breasts on his chest and heels on his feet. He did his best to keep Rex from doing anything too bad with his body, but he really hoped Angelica got home soon...