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Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 days (Part 3)

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Dwight was itching to leave the lab with his new borrowed body for the first time, but the scientists insisted on another hour of observation before letting him go. They also gave him a run down about who he had swapped with. Her name was Katrina. She attended the University with Dwight, but she wasn’t nearly as smart. She had to pay her way with no scholarship. She wasn’t rich either, which meant she really had to work for it. She had only agreed to the experiment for the money, enough to finish paying off her semester.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Costume Party (Part 2)

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Subconsciously, Leo started standing in a more feminine manner. As the curse of the venue was explained, he put his hand on his hip with a certain indignation.

“So,” Leo asked, “How long are we going to be stuck like this? How long does the curse last?”

“Well,” a fellow attendee responded, “No one knows for sure. We discovered the curse two decades ago. Those who wish to try a new form return year after year. There were a few people happy with their changes--but not a single one has ever transformed back, so as far as we know, it’s forever.”


Friday, July 29, 2011

Convincing evidence

“This is incredible!” Roger exclaimed while looking in a mirror, “I look just like Denise!”

“You don’t just look like her; according to this book, you ARE her...and she is you.” Vince paused a moment, “And I’m Betsy, and Betsy is me.”

Roger touched his lips, “It’s so weird hearing her voice coming from my words and so strange to see her lips moving when I speak.”

“Believe me, I know! I’ve been trying to get used to this for the past couple days since I found this book with all this wild spells! I knew I had to share it with someone, but I didn’t think you’d believe me without some pretty convincing evidence.”

“Oh, I believe you!”

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ted saw a woman running down the street. He tried his best to avoid her, but ended up bumping into her head on. Within an instant, he saw his own face smiling back at him. But then he saw his own body start running itself. He looked down to realize he had swapped bodies with the woman! And it wasn’t long before he realized that apparently she was being chased--and now they were chasing Ted! It was very difficult to run in this woman’s high heels, but he quickly hid behind a brick wall, hoping that he had evaded his the pursuers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


“Alright, Caitlin, you just stay here. First, I’ll find my body, which ran off on all fours barking. Next, I’ll find that crazy witch that did this to us. She did this to us, and she’ll got to be able to switch us all back. I don’t want to be you any more than you want to be your own dog, and I certainly don’t want your dog making a fool out of me in my body.” Warren paused for a moment. Why didn’t he want Caitlin’s life? Caitlin wouldn’t be able to say a word about in the dog’s body, and his own body would probably be locked up for being crazy. If he just pretended to be Caitlin, no one would ever know...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It looks like a lot of older photos got deleted off of this site! I think it was totally my fault! I am working on going and fixing the ones I can, but will post some of my older favorites over at Alicia's Archive!

In the corner

Every since the Great Shift, Jeffery had been a little bit uncomfortable about how people looked at him. All he wanted to do was to be left alone and play video games. No one would’ve ever noticed his old shy body in the corner. Of course, now he had an incredibly sexy body that caught everyone’s attention. The clothes the woman who he swapped with that she had given him after the Shift didn’t help matters. They were all so skimpy and revealing, but Jeffery wasn’t really comfortable shopping for women’s clothes yet either. He tried his best to ignore it and went back to playing his video game.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New relations (Part 1)

Gregory was jolted out of his body and thrusted into a new one. It was weird when he suddenly found himself sitting on the floor in an unfamiliar place. He looked down at his hand to see dark skin, a bit shocking for the pale man. However, checking out the rest of his body, he was in for a bigger shock--he was now in the body of a rather fashionable female! His first thought was about how this happened (he would eventually learn that he and the rest of the world was just caught up in an event which would be known as the Great Shift). His next thought was to contact his girlfriend somehow. If he was stuck in someone else’s body, she was sure to be in a similar situation.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The wish

When Mary threw a coin into the fountain and wished her husband was a little more like her, she certainly didn’t expect what happened. Upon arriving home, she found her exact double waiting for her, wearing one of her dresses--it was her husband! He had become a little more like her, a lot more like her actually, at least physically. She sighed as she looked out the window, distressed by the situation. She was just hoping for a little empathy, she hadn’t expected her wish would do this to her husband!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My New Life As a Woman

I have started a new blog over at Below is a taste of the first "Chapter."

I woke up this morning, and I just couldn't believe it--I was no longer myself! The night before I had gone to bed as an average man in his late-20s and today I wake up as this totally hot woman! I mean, if I still had my penis, I would fuck myself (if that even makes any sense). I immediately thought I must be dreaming, but I pinched myself until it hurt; I did NOT wake up.

Not only was my body unfamiliar, but so were my surroundings. I needed to do so many things to prove to myself that this is real. I found a mirror in a closet, and a phone on the nightstand. I took a picture of myself, uploaded it, and started this blog. I wasn't quite sure how else to deal with figuring out my new life.

I haven't even been outside yet. I'm a little nervous to be seen in public for some reason--though no one looking would probably think there is anything amiss. I didn't know if I was close to home or far away. And what would I do about my job? No matter what, bills would need to be paid sooner or later, no matter who I was now!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The prude (Part 1)

Ryan had been assisting Dr. Kelly Wong for three years. She had always seemed so stuffy in her lab coat--a real prude. Of course, there was a lot he didn’t know about the doctor. However, he would soon find out after an experiment in the lab swapped their bodies. Dr. Wong estimated that it would be a week before she could fix everything. Until then, they would be stuck in each other’s bodies. Ryan sat down and unbuttoned the lab coat. He was a little surprised to see that underneath it, Dr. Wong was actually dressed sexy with a blouse with the top button undone and a short skirt!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The ransom

Tyler couldn't believe how afraid he felt to walk around this part of the City. Of course, the last time he was in this hood, he was a three-hundred pound black man. And now he was a much smaller white woman. Still, this was where he grew up, where he had lived. Why should he be so afraid? Why did he feel so vulnerable? But what choice did he have? His body had been stolen, and his only hope of getting it back was to meet with the ransomer in this part of town. He felt his heart beat faster as he heard footsteps approach...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unregistered (Part 3)

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Heather continued to yell at Mark as he walked away from the vehicle. He knew that this body’s attractiveness could open a world of opportunities for him that he could only hope to have as his old self. The screams continued, but he just tuned them out and started his new life.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Alex had found the spell that swapped his body with his girlfriend’s. She insisted that he search through the library to find a reversal while she went home. After several hours of searching, he still hadn’t found anything in any books that would get him and his girlfriend back to their proper bodies. He sighed and rested his head on as his hand before searching the second floor of books.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Proven (Part 1)

Tyrone felt he had a lot to prove since the Great Shift. As a football player, he attended university on an athletic scholarship, but he buckled down since the Shift gave him a woman’s body to earn a merit one. Now he had something else he needed to prove. Not to the school, not to the team, but to himself. He stood on the library steps and got ready.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

One hot babe

Larry sat in his favorite bar downing a beer to forget his troubles--and he certainly had a lot of troubles. Most of those troubles were related to the Great Shift. He got stuck in the body of a super hot chick, but he was still a dude at heart. He sat like a dude, drank like a dude, and thought like a dude. However, he know everyone looking at him would only see one hot babe.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The school project (Part 2)

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Two days after the swap, Zach and Ayumi returned to the research department, ready to beg to be swapped back. No one appeared to be in the office, so they buzzed for a receptionist. The lead professor emerged, asking how he could help. They made their request, and saw the professor get a puzzled looked on his face. He told them to hold on for a moment as he returned to the back office. A moment later, a young burnette woman emerged. Ayumi recognized her from one of her classes--this girl must do work-study here.

“We’ve accident with the machine,” the woman stated, “It overloaded. As you may have guessed. I am Dr. Leroy Bennett, and I swapped with my student receptionist, Melanie Burdoch. Until we can get it repaired, everyone is going to be stuck in the bodies they are currently in. I am terribly sorry. We hope to get it fixed as soon as possible.”

Zach and Ayumi were horrified. They didn’t want to be stuck as each other!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Every day Bill would run in park hoping to shed some of the extra 30 pounds on his frame. After six months there will still no results. He would run by men half his age, who looked like they didn’t even need to work out. He wished he could be a person like that, someone who worked out for fun instead of working out to try to get into shape. He wished to be a person in great shape. It seemed that a force above heard Bill’s wish, but decided to grant it with a certain sense of humor. Bill found himself in a body that was working out for fun, but it was one of the women lifting small weights instead of one of the men jogging! He was completely stunned to look over and see his new feminine arms!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magic typewriter

When Charlie returned home from his vacation, he found that his apartment had been robbed. They had taken everything, but left a lone typewriter on a small table. It had a long sheet of paper in it with one sentence on it, “I am a magic typewriter; any wish you type on me will be granted.” Charlie almost chuckled, as he thought about the robber’s sick humor leaving this thing. But something compelled him to type. He sat down and wrote, “I wish I had been born female.” He had no idea why he wrote that; there was no way this thing granted wishes! But as he leaned in to type a second sentence, he noticed his nails were now pained! He looked down to see his body changed--he was now a woman! His wish had been granted!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roommates (Part 2)

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Over the next twelve hours, things only got crazier. Will’s roommate, Norm, swapped himself with Carol’s roommate, Diane. Soon enough, Norm and Carol told Diane and Will that they had no intentions of swapping back. Will and Diane quickly went searching for the Medallion, but it seemed that it was nowhere to be found. They pleaded with their roommates--and even tried to compromise by suggesting Will become Norm and Diane become Carol. Norm slapped his head--he wished he would’ve thought about that for the swapped roommates before he threw the Medallion away!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Thomas had first found the strange clearing a few months ago. He was hiking alone when a voice boomed out, “I know your deepest desire. Bring a woman to me, and I shall grant it.” At first Thomas thought someone was playing a trick on him. But who could possibly be way out here in the middle of nowhere, and who could know that he had a secret fantasy to be a woman? He knew he’d have to return with one of his female friends to see if the strange voice was truthful. None of his female friends would want to go on a day-long hike (at least none of the ones he would want to swap bodies with), so he had to come up with a grander scheme. He had spent the time taking helicopter lessons, eventually earning his license, and asking his friend, Renee, to take his a flight with him. She was honored; she had no idea of his scheme. He flew her to the clearing and landed. The voice boomed again, “God job.” Before Thomas knew it, he was in Renee’s body, and his own body was nowhere to be found. Eventually, he might feel guilty, but for now, he was pleased with his new body.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Isaac combed the beach carefully looking for the Medallion of Zulu. He was sure that he and his wife must have dropped it here shortly after having sex here last night. They had intended to use the Medallion to swap for a short time, have a little fun as each other, and then swap back. But if they couldn’t find it again, he’d be stuck in her body, and she’d be stuck in his! While he had to admit that the female orgasm he had on this beach last night was great, he still wanted to be himself again.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

7 days (Part 2)

Clcik here for Part 1.

As Dwight twisted and turned to try his best to check out his new body, he still was completely befuddled by why this woman would agree to give up this body for a week! After all, the statistical odds of getting a better body seemed quite unlikely. He was sure just about every other person signing up for the experiment had to be in the science and engineering schools, and he had never seen a looker like this in any of his classes!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sidelined (Part 12)

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Michael had no way to warn Keiko about the addition people present. She arrived trying to get everyone back to their own body, but Michael found himself miles away. He recognized the surroundings--he was back at the bleachers of his old high school, and he was once again in a new body. She was one of the underclassmen--well, he supposed she was now a senior. Fishing through a nearby purse, he dug around to find a freshly minted license. This girl’s name was Sarah Jenkins. She had just turned 18 last week. He sighed. He should probably try to figure out if anyone got back to their own body in that mess. But who should he try to contact? There was no way for him to know who was who or who he could trust. Keiko had found him once before; maybe she’d find him again. Until then, he’d just have to go through senior of high school...yet again!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Neither Paul nor Stacey could have known that two stalls in the unisex bathroom were not what they seemed. While they looked like ordinary stalls, they were in fact transformation chambers. While they would enter the bathroom as themselves, they would leave as each other. Strangely, neither would notice the change immediate. Stacey walked out in Paul’s body, fully clothed in his outfit and holding his wine. Meanwhile, Paul in Stacey’s body wouldn’t notice the fact that he now wore her skimpy bikini or had a mass of hair on his head now. But the slow realization was all part of the chambers’ abilities...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not fun

It was Ryan’s first spring break back after leaving for college. He should’ve been someplace fun, but instead he was hanging out at his friend’s house and the two were pondering things to do. As his buddy Mike bounced a basketball against the wall, a sudden burst of light came in through the window. Ryan found himself downstairs--and in Mike’s mom’s body! After a few minutes, Ryan say his own body come down the stairs.

“Mom,” Ryan’s body asked, “Are you okay?”

“Mike?” Ryan asked, “It’s me. Ryan!”

“Dude,” Mike responded, “You’re in my mom’s body? That’s totally weird!”