Saturday, July 23, 2011

My New Life As a Woman

I have started a new blog over at Below is a taste of the first "Chapter."

I woke up this morning, and I just couldn't believe it--I was no longer myself! The night before I had gone to bed as an average man in his late-20s and today I wake up as this totally hot woman! I mean, if I still had my penis, I would fuck myself (if that even makes any sense). I immediately thought I must be dreaming, but I pinched myself until it hurt; I did NOT wake up.

Not only was my body unfamiliar, but so were my surroundings. I needed to do so many things to prove to myself that this is real. I found a mirror in a closet, and a phone on the nightstand. I took a picture of myself, uploaded it, and started this blog. I wasn't quite sure how else to deal with figuring out my new life.

I haven't even been outside yet. I'm a little nervous to be seen in public for some reason--though no one looking would probably think there is anything amiss. I didn't know if I was close to home or far away. And what would I do about my job? No matter what, bills would need to be paid sooner or later, no matter who I was now!