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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I may have freaked out a little pre-maturely yesterday

Despite freaking out yesterday, I may not be done captioning after all. HOWEVER, there will probably be a lot of broken images and sort of dead pages on this site for a while (probably well into the future, as I had many, many scheduled for the future to take a much needed break), but I am going to try to insert some new ones in from time to time. Anything new is going to be tagged with "active." (See The Return, for instance.) Bear with me here; it's going to be messy.

Halloween costume

TG Costume Halloween
It was the annual Halloween party and just about everyone was dressed up in costume. However, one woman no one recognized drew attention from many of the men at the event. She had large breasts contained in a tight PVC dress. It wasn’t much of a costume, per se, but she sure did look hot. But it seemed that no one at the party knew who she was. Despite many guys wanting to take her home, it was hard to flirt with her since she didn’t seem to have any friends there, and she was quick to fight off advances. A man named Tom finally go the courage by the end of the night to just flat out ask her out. She laughed before her voice dropped in tone suddenly.

“Tom,” Her deep, masculine whispered, “It’s me, Brad! I can’t believe I’ve fooled everyone tonight!”

“Brad!?” Tom asked, “That’s you? You have the best costume ever! You look like an actual woman!”

“That’s because the Spells R Us store I went to promised a bit more than your average costume. For the night, I am an actual woman!”

The Return (Part 1)

When Jack woke up, something was very wrong. Having no proof of health insurance, he rushed to the free clinic. After a very long wait, he was finally in to see a nurse. She took his weight and checked his blood pressure. She took a few notes before she finally asked Jack why he was at the clinic today.

Jack paused, not wanting to answer. He told the nurse that it was private, and he wished to speak with the doctor directly.

He honestly just didn’t know what to tell her. He didn’t really know what he was going to tell the doctor. In fact, even Jack couldn’t believe what had happened to him. He had gone to sleep as a man, but woke up as a woman. As the nurse left, he prepared himself. He knew the doctor would be in soon. At this point, he was just hoping the doctor took him seriously and didn’t get him locked up in the looney bin or a mental hospital.

Panda! (Part 3)

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The panda ate a leaf and then another and continued to eat more. People were starting to notice the odd sight of a woman eating leaves, and a small crowd was beginning to gather. Irving realized he should have done something a little sooner. He tried taking Maggie’s body by the arm to lead her away, but the panda had other ideas. Soon, Irving found himself struggling with the panda. The crowd started yelling at Irving. From their perspective, it looked like an bothersome incident between an aggressive guy and an attractive young woman. As the commotion grew louder, the struggle intensified. Then, without much warning, Irving blacked out.

The next thing he knew, people were asking him if he was okay. He was puzzled by their sudden concern for him, but the realization of why soon became quite apparent. Someone had activated the device -- either the panda or a person in the crowd coming to try to help. He was now in Maggie’s body, which meant the panda was in his body! He quickly looked around to see if the device had been dropped. Not only was the panda in his body, it also had the device!

He asked where the man with him had gone. A few shook their heads in frustration, but one person told him that security had escorted him out. Irving ran as fast as he could towards the gate. While he certainly didn’t have time to appreciate everything about being in a beautiful woman’s body, the bouncing breasts while running were certainly an unintentional bonus.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hard times (Part 2)

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TG Swapping Body Caption
Stuart couldn’t believe the feeling of the afterglow. He had just done it with his neighbor Jack. Of course, Jack had no clue. All he saw was his beautiful wife Leah. He had no clue Stuart had swapped bodies with her. She was tied up next door in his body while Stuart was happy to live her life with Jack. Judging from Jack’s reaction to their romp in the sack, he guessed Jack didn’t really mind it either, but he certainly wasn’t ready to tell Jack the truth either.

Far from coincidence (Part 6)

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Kamal watched very closely as Leah walked away and turned a corner. Only a few moments after she was out of his view, another familiar figure started walking towards Kamal. The man had white hair, a bushy beard, and a glass eye that appeared to be yellowed. As the man approached, he removed the white haired wig, ripped off the beard glued to his face, and took out contact lenses revealing two blue eyes.

“It all went according to plan,” Kamal told the man.

“Of course it did! My magic is flawless. I trust the money is deposited in my account?” The man asked, “Because I can and will reverse this body swap if it’s not there.”

“It’s there.” Kamal confirmed, “All ten million of it.”

“Just one more question, why did you enlist my services to swap bodies with this woman? Why her? What was it about her?”

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Heeled workout

Daniel had been a 300 pounds man before the Great Shift swapped his body with a very svelte woman. He wasn’t about to let himself go like before. The next morning, he hit the gym in a sexy workout outfit. But curiously enough, he also had high heeled shoes on his feet. His argument for doing so was quite simple. He needed to keep his new body in shape, but he also needed to learn about being a woman. If he could figure out exercising in high heels, he figured he could do just about anything wearing women’s clothing. Sure, he tumbled quite a few times, but after about a month, he was a pure pro in heels. He had adapted to his new female body quite well. In fact, he was thinking his body might be even more toned now than when he first got it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paradise (Part 9)

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Altered Fates TG Caption
Jerry couldn’t help but feel a sense of frustration as he searched the beach for the medallion knowing he wouldn’t find it. It was an effort in futility, and he could be spending his time doing a number of better things with his time. As time wore on, he decided to have a little fun with his search. He dunked his head underwater; sometimes he went into deeper waters to examine the way his new breasts floated. However, much of the time was still just spent wading, more often than not simply pretending to look and not taking it at all seriously.


Cameron had been looking for a story to make a name for himself as an undercover journalist for a while. Catching wind of Bikini Beach seemed like the perfect story. Water that turned men into women? It seemed like something that was begging to be exposed. Hiding a camera with him on his first visit, he was shocked at his own transformation. He was now a completely beautiful woman, and was luckily more covered than some of the other more scantily clad guests. However, looking at his footage just showed a beach full of women, nothing to reveal the transformation. He kept going back day after day, getting slightly better footage each day, but he still needed the nail in the coffin. He was sure one more day would do it, but was told he could no longer get in unless he bought a lifetime pass. He shrugged; he probably wouldn’t use it again, but what harm could it do?

Monday, October 7, 2013


Jason took a big whiff, inhaling the scent that still lingered on his fingers. Considering he had recently swapped into the body of a gorgeous women, they’d smelled exactly as one might expect after repeated bouts of curiosity. He wondered if others could smell it on him. He wasn’t sure he really cared. He couldn’t imagine any guy approaching the experience of being in a woman’s body any differently.

Salon (Part 1)

Altered Fates TG
Kelly had to do some major convincing to get Roger to agree to switching bodies with her for a while using the Medallion of Zulu. Tossing $200 into the deal finally got him to agree. Not quite knowing what to do while he was in Kelly’s body, he decided he might as well do something feminine that he’d never get away with in his male body. With the cash in hand, he headed to a beauty salon. He was going to get his haircut, a facial, his nails done...the works! As he sat down, the woman taking care of him suggested removing all jewelry, as it could potentially be ruined. He was hesitant. He really didn’t want to take off the Medallion of Zulu, but he certainly didn’t want it to get ruined either. Reluctantly, he took it off and started his treatment.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


TG Magic
Seth returned the book to the shelf in the library. It had done him quite well in the past few weeks. The first spell he cast from the ancient book allowed him to steal Tiffany’s body. He had hoped she would accept her new fate in his body, but she would not stop complaining, so he looked up a second spell. This one made her forget who she really was. She now thought she has always been Seth, which left the real Seth to live in Tiffany’s body without anyone to nag him. Of course, all of that was only in the first volume of magic spells. He couldn’t help but wonder what secrets the other books on the shelf held.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Tg Body Swap Caption Great Shift
Jenna hadn’t exactly been enjoying life since the Great Shift. She felt terribly uncomfortable now that she was in a man’s body. It felt weird having something swinging between her legs and having hair in all sorts of places was even stranger. She still tried to keep up much of her girlie routine. Today, she was visiting the salon. Her gay hairdresser Saul had actually ended up in Jenna’s former body. He had been so elated that he offer her gratis visits for life. She shrugged. It wasn’t like she had anything to do with him getting her body in the Shift, but she couldn’t resist the free haircut either. The entire time he yammered on and on about how great it was to be a woman now. He just loved having breasts and wearing low cut dresses. Before the Shift, he had thought he was simply gay, but now he wondered if he had actually been transsexual this entire time. Jenna was starting to get a little annoyed by how he went on and on. It felt like he was rubbing it in her face. She may have a fre trip to the salon anytime she wanted, but if she had to listen to that each time, she wondered if it was worth it!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Nursed (Part 1)

TG Body Swap
Diagnosed with a terminal disease, Mark had been taken to the hospital to suffer his final days. His friends pooled some cash to get him a stripper to say goodbye. When she arrived in a skimpy nurse’s outfit, Mark was nothing short of confused. The illness was taking its toll, and he was in and out of delirious states. As she undressed, all he could do was ask about what test was next or if they had discovered any treatment. Once she got down to her underwear things got really weird. Mark’s mind got foggier, and it felt like he was now no longer in his bed. It felt like he was standing above his bed and looking down at his own body. Was he having an out of body experience? Was he dead? Where did the nurse go? He was having such trouble figuring it all out. Then he looked down to see his body, the body of the stripper. He began to wonder if he was completely losing his mind. He was in such disbelief at the swap that he told himself he must be delusional at this point. But why let a good delusion go to waste? But the first step was obvious, he needed to get out of the hospital and enjoy the outside world for a while, even if he was convinced it was only in his mind!


TG Body Swap bikini
It was Kevin’s third day of vacation, and he decided today he was just relax at the hotel. He took his swim trunks and went straight to the hot tub. He paused briefly before going in; something had caught his eye. It must have been an optical illusion, as there was a figure that looked just like him standing there! He reached out with a finger to touch it.

Ai couldn’t believe this idiot was poking her! Then again, she never could believe how dumb some of these tourists were. This one didn’t even realized she had swapped bodies with him! Sure, he noticed his own body seemed to be standing around, but how had he not noticed that he now had her body? She laughed. He was in for a shock when he finally realized it!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Police and Criminal Swap Bodies
Officer Carl Fricke was off duty when he heard the screams. He went to investigate and found a man passed out and a woman fleeing the scene with a gun in her hand. He pursued until he caught up with her and a struggle ensued. Carl had expected to overpower her handily, but it proved to be not so easy. Then she shocked him with some sort of taser. He reacted quickly, using the gun in his hand to fire back, but to his horror, he soon saw that the body he shot was his own. He looked down to discover a very odd sight -- breasts! He hadn’t been struck with a taser at all; it must have been some sort of body swapper. Though such things didn’t exist, did they? Yet, all the evidence was right in front of him. He was a woman now...a criminal one at that! Worse still, he realized he was a cop killer for shooting his own body! They’d lock him away for life...


He looked at the taser-like device. He could escape it by stealing someone else’s body. But whose? He figured he should act fast, not risking being in this body any longer than necessary.


Mother Son TG Caption
Ever since Joel swapped bodies with his mom, he had been slowly gaining a new appreciation for her. He didn’t even have to manage much of the tough parts. He’d go to her job, let the inbox pile up, bring it home, have her do it, and then bring it back the next morning. The sheet volume seemed overwhelming.He filled up a spare bad and still had a large pile on top of that to give her. He was certainly glad he could wear sneakers for the commute! When his mom told him that he had to wear heels at the office, he nearly freaked out, but she soon explained her secret. She kept a pair under her desk and only wore them around the office. Anytime she went home, she changed into more comfortable shoes. Joel was glad for the small bit of relieve, but he still hoped they would swap back soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shoe store (Part 1)

Magic Shoes TG Part 1
Edgar had worked at the shoe store for many years. He didn’t need the money, but he was using the job to scout. And if his suspicions were correct, his scouting could finally come to a close today as he spied Julia Evans walk into the store. She had come in every week over the course of a year, and each week she always bought an expensive pair of shoes. Edgar knew she was young, and he was convinced at this point she had to be rich. She was perfect.

“Hello, Miss Evans! I believe I have the perfect pair for you to try on today,” He said with a smile as he handed her a shoebox.

Julia returned the smile and placed the shoes on her feet. In an instant, Edgar now found he was the one sitting down staring back into his own face. The body swap had worked!

“Not today, Edgar,” He laughed with Julia’s sweet voice, “I’ll think I’ll just look around a bit today.

Improbable (Part 6)

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TG bodyswap caption
Jason rushed in and out of the store to make his purchase. Part of him still felt like someone may know who he really was, and the other part was simply anxious to try it on. When he got to Jessica’s apartment, he ripped off his clothes to change into his new purchase. The black wig and skin tight purple body suit was perfect. He had fantasies about women dressing like this, but it’s not like he could ever ask a woman to do it. Of course, now that he had Jessica’s body, he didn’t need to ask anyone to do anything if he wanted a woman to dress in a certain way. He could just do it and be able to see it! It was thrilling!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It started out as a typical call to investigate paranormal activity. The four Ghostbusters split up in search of the ghost. It was Peter Venkman who found the spirit. He had been attacked by numerous ghosts in the past; he’d certainly been slimed more times than he could count. But this ghost was different. It’s slime changed Peter. Instead of being covered with a goo, he was transformed into a gorgeous woman, the type Peter would usually hit on. As he checked out his new body, he wondered if the ghost had some sort of psychic power to read his mind, to know that he was a womanizer, and if this was intended as some type of paranormal punishment. He refused to let his thoughts or his new body distract him too much, and a short zap with his proton pack and the ghost was busted. This caught the attention of Winston, Ray, and Egon, who quickly rushed to find the now female Peter. He tried to explain what had happened to his colleagues, but they just stood there drooling, distracted by Peter’s new appearance. He soon realized the transformation might be more than just physical. He seemed to now have complete control over men! This was an interesting development!

7 days (Part 10)

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TG Body Swap
Dwight came in the next day and had the male researchers floored. Their jaws dropped when they saw him saunter in wearing tight leather pants. Dwight was even moving in a sexier way this morning. After the tense session yesterday, the scientists opted for an easier line of questions today. They asked about his haircut and where he bought the pants. Dwight had never felt so excited and engaged for his observation; they were finally covering interesting topics! They asked how school was going, and he paused. He had been skipping Katrina’s classes. They asked what he had been doing. He told them he went to a lot of bars. He wasn’t much of a drinker before, but he was amazed at all the free drinks he got now!