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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It started out as a typical call to investigate paranormal activity. The four Ghostbusters split up in search of the ghost. It was Peter Venkman who found the spirit. He had been attacked by numerous ghosts in the past; he’d certainly been slimed more times than he could count. But this ghost was different. It’s slime changed Peter. Instead of being covered with a goo, he was transformed into a gorgeous woman, the type Peter would usually hit on. As he checked out his new body, he wondered if the ghost had some sort of psychic power to read his mind, to know that he was a womanizer, and if this was intended as some type of paranormal punishment. He refused to let his thoughts or his new body distract him too much, and a short zap with his proton pack and the ghost was busted. This caught the attention of Winston, Ray, and Egon, who quickly rushed to find the now female Peter. He tried to explain what had happened to his colleagues, but they just stood there drooling, distracted by Peter’s new appearance. He soon realized the transformation might be more than just physical. He seemed to now have complete control over men! This was an interesting development!

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