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Monday, October 7, 2013

Salon (Part 1)

Altered Fates TG
Kelly had to do some major convincing to get Roger to agree to switching bodies with her for a while using the Medallion of Zulu. Tossing $200 into the deal finally got him to agree. Not quite knowing what to do while he was in Kelly’s body, he decided he might as well do something feminine that he’d never get away with in his male body. With the cash in hand, he headed to a beauty salon. He was going to get his haircut, a facial, his nails done...the works! As he sat down, the woman taking care of him suggested removing all jewelry, as it could potentially be ruined. He was hesitant. He really didn’t want to take off the Medallion of Zulu, but he certainly didn’t want it to get ruined either. Reluctantly, he took it off and started his treatment.


  1. He definitely made the right choice in swapping with her :)

  2. WOW! what a start. Goof use of pic. Takibng off Zulo & pitting it down unseccured is a major chanc for a disaster.