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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Police and Criminal Swap Bodies
Officer Carl Fricke was off duty when he heard the screams. He went to investigate and found a man passed out and a woman fleeing the scene with a gun in her hand. He pursued until he caught up with her and a struggle ensued. Carl had expected to overpower her handily, but it proved to be not so easy. Then she shocked him with some sort of taser. He reacted quickly, using the gun in his hand to fire back, but to his horror, he soon saw that the body he shot was his own. He looked down to discover a very odd sight -- breasts! He hadn’t been struck with a taser at all; it must have been some sort of body swapper. Though such things didn’t exist, did they? Yet, all the evidence was right in front of him. He was a woman now...a criminal one at that! Worse still, he realized he was a cop killer for shooting his own body! They’d lock him away for life...


He looked at the taser-like device. He could escape it by stealing someone else’s body. But whose? He figured he should act fast, not risking being in this body any longer than necessary.